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Five Question to Coach

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My presentation at the World Coaching Congress in Mumbai, on Feb 15, 2019.
People loved the experience and the interaction.
Content stolen from my book, the HeART of the CLOSE.


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Five Question to Coach

  1. 1.  Think of place you are at in life. Current State  Dream of a place you want to be. Future State  Write it down in a sentence or two.  Time: Not more than 2 minutes.
  2. 2. ================== design, copyright and facilitation by Raju Mandhyan 4
  3. 3. • Examples; – How are you? – How is work/life? – What’s on your mind?
  4. 4. • Examples: –How was your experience? –What lessons have you learned? –What do you want now?
  5. 5. • Examples – What can you/ need to do? – What support will you need? – How soon will you start?
  6. 6. • Evoke action, accountability to a plan. • Examples: – What has been useful for you? – What steps will we take? – How will we know we are progressing?
  7. 7. Create powerful and positive tension between what is and what will be? • Examples: – How will you know you are done? – Paint me a picture of how success will look? – Describe what you will feel?
  8. 8.  Break up teams of 3, Count 1 upto ….N  A….youngest is Client  B….eldest in the triad is Coach  C….mid-level age is Observer.  Coach runs client through 5 questions, Observer takes notes and provides feedback.  Maximum time: Five minutes.
  9. 9. All titles available on Amazon/Raju Mandhyan 13