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Tree plantation by rakib


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Tree plantation by rakib

  2. 2. Tree Plantation & Forest Present Scenario Of World
  3. 3. Presented By Name ID Israt Jahan Eva 2017100000007 Md. Belal Hossain Akash 2017100000020 Md. Rakibul Islam 2017100000025 Program: CSE Southeast University Organized By Eram Mehrin Southeast University Department of English Group-3
  4. 4. Aim To highlight importance of plantation for healthy environment
  5. 5. What is Plantation? Environmental policy Benefits of Plantation Deforestation and its causes Measures to stop deforestation 3 4 2 1 Sequence of Presentation 5
  6. 6. What is Plantation? A group of plants that have been planted together.
  7. 7. Why to plant a tree? • Trees Produce Oxygen • Trees Clean the Soil • Trees Control Noise Pollution • Trees Shade and Cool • Trees Fight Soil Erosion
  8. 8. What happened when there is no plantation? • Increase Global Warming • Reduce Oxygen • Unclean the Soil • Increase in Noise Pollution
  9. 9. • Decrease Global Warming • Produce Oxygen • Clean the Soil • Control Noise Pollution What happened when there is plantation?
  10. 10. Different types of plantation 1.Farm or home plantation
  11. 11. 2.Environmental plantation
  12. 12. 3.Industrial plantation
  13. 13. IMPORTANCE • The importance of trees cannot be overlooked. • Trees as called the lungs of nature are important part of our life. • One cannot imagine the existence of life on Earth without trees.
  14. 14. Trees and plants are the prime source of environmental purification and beautification. Benefits of trees
  15. 15. PLANTING TREES is a Sunnah of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who said: “If a Muslim plants a tree, or sows a field and men and beasts and birds eat from it, all of it is charity from him”. [Muslim] Benefits of trees
  16. 16. Benefits of trees Tree Provide us Food and Oxygen
  17. 17. Tree provides us additional necessities Shelter, Medicine and Tools. Benefits of trees
  18. 18. Tree combat climate change Benefits of trees
  19. 19. Trees Provide Habitat for Wildlife Benefits of trees
  20. 20. Trees Fight Soil Erosion Benefits of trees
  21. 21. Forests are the only natural industry which produces oxygen. International Standards area under forests should form at least 25% of the total land Bangladesh area covered by forests is only 10.95% of the total land
  22. 22. Bangladesh
  23. 23. Deforestation is clearing Earth's forests on a massive scale. The world’s rain forests could completely vanish in a hundred years at the current rate of deforestation. Deforestation
  24. 24. • Increase in population • Forests are cut for burning, planting crops or grazing livestock by farmers • Source of money Few Causes of Deforestation
  25. 25. Environmental Problems Ozone depletion Global warming
  26. 26. Environmental Problems Pollution Floods
  27. 27. Future Generation
  28. 28. How to stop deforestation? 51 3 4 2 Creating public awareness for more plantation Balance growth of urbanization Strict laws against defaulters of deforestation . Establishment of more forestry institutions Use Recycled Items
  29. 29. Who can plant a tree? EVERYONE • Every age group. • Every gender. • Each income group. • Students, employees, house wives, young, elders etc.
  30. 30. Where can we plant trees ? Everywhere • Plant trees in your yard and around your home. • Plant trees in your community • Plant trees on your farm or rural property. • Plant trees in our national forests
  31. 31. Conclusion • Love plants and Trees . Respect them. Plant them, and care for them, and see for Your Self, the positive effect you can create, for the environment, and for yourself.
  32. 32. Does Anyone Have any Question To Bother Us???????
  33. 33. Thank You

Notas del editor

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere is a greenhouse gas. 
  • roots of the trees drink water from the soil which lessen the probability to have floods.