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Proactive v reactive slide share

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Your HR department has a wide range of responsibilities including many strategically important initiatives. However, most HR departments are bogged down in paperwork.
With changing business demands, many employers are focusing on employee retention and providing retraining and recertification to retool the workforce. All of this revamping is driving even more paperwork into HR.

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Proactive v reactive slide share

  1. 1. Proactive Compliance vs. Reacting to Audits
  2. 2. The year for Human Resources
  3. 3. Workforce Planning Big Data Recruitment Employee Engagement REVAMPING
  4. 4. Baby boomers vs Millennials
  5. 5. HR Time Allocation Pyramid Strategic Key Programs Administrative 10% 30% 60% Leadership, Development Staffing, Education, Compensation Benefit Processing, Communication, Personal Information, Policy Acknowledgements Figure: Watson Wyatt, Katherine Yates, Global Director Communication, Benefit Commerce Group
  6. 6. 6%
  7. 7. The before: Reacting to audits, a client story.
  8. 8. The After: Being proactively compliant.
  9. 9. Free from paperwork!