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3 X 3 – 9 Ways to Win with Qualitative Online Communities in 2021

Presented by Holly O’Neill, Chief Insights Curator & Lead Moderator, Talking Business

NewMR Event: Qualitative Research in 2021

Presentation Description

Successful and impactful Qualitative Online Communities research requires keen moderation, expert planning and agile implementation. In this session, we’ll focus on 9 innovative ways to advance your studies using this exciting and iterative asynchronous Qualitative methodology:

• 3 ways to up-level your online research plans and discussion guides
• 3 ways to inspire fresh learning with online projectives and exercises
• 3 ways to boost participation with online moderating and engagement tactics

This session presents and explores a variety of techniques, practical how-to’s and tips that propel deep learning in longer-term and shorter-term Online Qualitative Communities (AKA asynchronous bulletin board focus groups).

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3 X 3 – 9 Ways to Win with Qualitative Online Communities in 2021

  1. 1. 3 X 3 – 9 Ways to Win with Qualitative Online Communities in 2021 Webinar 24 March 2021 Holly M O’Neill Founder Chief Insights Curator Lead Moderator Talking Business, LLC
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  3. 3. #NewMR Webinar March 24, 2021 3 X 3 – 9 WAYS TO WIN WITH QUALITATIVE ONLINE COMMUNITIES IN 2021
  4. 4. Innovative Online Qualitative for Agile Insights Teams • Pioneering expert in Qualitative Online Communities – Since 2007 • Teaches advanced moderation • Creates customized interactive and projective exercises • Featured in 4 research text books • 10-Year reigning champion of the $100,000 Pyramid HELLO! I’M… HOLLY M. O’NEILL Founder Chief Insights Curator Lead Moderator Talking Business, LLC 4
  5. 5. AGENDA Ways to up-level research plans Ways to inspire fresh learning Ways to boost participation 3 3 3 #NewMR | Webinar | 03.24.2021
  7. 7. HOW TO – Create and assign random segments • Assign random cells when onboarding • Assign for specific activities • To ensure “evenly” populated cells, consider factoring in community participation and/or tenure equally and randomly across cells EXAMPLE – Monadic exposure testing without bias of multiple concepts • Test 2 stimuli versions • Create 2 random cells • Expose each cell to only 1 stimuli version • Analyze responses and compare across cells EXAMPLE – Testing multiple stimuli versions while mitigating respondent fatigue • Test 6 stimuli versions • Create 3 random cells • Show each cell only 4 stimuli versions • Rotate concepts across cells for equal exposure of all concepts INJECT RANDOM CELL QUALITATIVE TESTING OF STIMULI Reduce order bias and mitigate panel fatigue #NewMR | Webinar | 03.24.2021 7
  8. 8. BACKGROUND • Client category has segmentation limits at retail • Client developed 3 different segmentation hypotheses • Each hypothesis classifies brands/products differently Which specific Product cards did you find difficult to sort into a Category? How so? STIMULI OBJECTIVE: To test the comprehension and suitability of 3 pre-defined segmentation schemas SORTING INSTRUCTIONS: Move each Product card into the Category where you think it fits best KEY ANALYSES: Compare respondent-generated categorizations against hypotheses 1 Overall, was sorting Easy or Difficult for you? And why do you say that? 2 Comparing across all 3 Lists… Which approach for categorizing Products makes the most sense for you? For what reasons is that so? 3 USE SORTING TOOLS TO REVERSE TEST SEGMENTATION Works great for assessing brands, products and information hierarchy needs #NewMR | Webinar | 03.24.2021 8 OPEN-ENDS LIST # PRODUCTS # SEGMENTS G 15 8 P 15 6 Q 20 4
  9. 9. Consider easy opt-out Include different instructions for… Desktop Sites Mobile Sites Mobile Apps SEND MEMBERS “ELSEWHERE” FOR TESTING FIRST Leverage Community Members for UX testing. As easy as 1-2-3. Where is “Elsewhere”? • Client Website or App • Anonymous • In-Account (Personalized) • Link to beta functionality • Link to clickable prototype • Competitive Website or App 3 Return to Community for Qual QNS 2 Send Members “Elsewhere” 1 Introduce Activity with Very Specific How-To’s #NewMR | Webinar | 03.24.2021 9 TIPS
  11. 11. CO-CREATE WITH A VARIETY OF FUN EXERCISES! Give members permission to think bigger – Like the unique personalities of celebrities might #NewMR | Webinar | 03.24.2021 11 QN: If you were [CELEBRITY], in what ways might you create new [PRODUCT] ideas that would help [CONSUMER NEED]? PROBES: In what ways might that idea specifically help? • What does it do? • How does it do it? • When would you use it?
  12. 12. ASSESS BRAND FIT & PERMISSION W/ VISUAL METAPHORS Help respondents open their right brains – Where brand relationships are held #NewMR | Webinar | 03.24.2021 12 • How much of a leap is [NEW PRODUCT SEGMENT/CATEGORY] for [BRAND]? • What might [BRAND] need to cross to get to being in the [NEW PRODUCT SEGMENT/CATEGORY]? EXAMPLE QNS:
  13. 13. UNCOVER ATTRIBUTES MOST AT PLAY W/ VENN DIAGRAMS Push mark-up testing technology beyond Marcomm #NewMR | Webinar | 03.24.2021 13 Usage In what ways do you use [BRAND]? Imagery Which attributes do you strongly associate with [BRAND]? Users What kinds of consumers do you think regularly use [BRAND]?
  15. 15. DEDICATE AREA FOR EDUCATION & MEMBER RESOURCES Think more holistically about Community Members – What else of value can the Brand provide? #NewMR | Webinar | 03.24.2021 15 Mine members-only, “non-research” discussions for organic insights 1 2 3 4 Tips & Hacks Glossaries Expert Q&A Recipes 5 How-To Stories
  16. 16. How did I become a Moderator? Community inner-workings My category usage How am I doing during COVID? Favorite TV, Movies & Hobbies Community Members Asked Me About… FIELD “YOU BE THE MODERATOR” ACTIVITY Humanize the Moderator by inviting members to “Ask The Moderator” #NewMR | Webinar | 03.24.2021 16
  17. 17. Cross-Talking promotion Short series of add-on questions Release next week’s activity early LAUNCH FRIDAY POP-UPS For long-term communities, study participation stats by day. Test different launch days. #NewMR | Webinar | 03.24.2021 17
  18. 18. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING! In what ways can we help you make your Online Qualitative Communities more successful? #NewMR | Webinar | 03.24.2021 18 Specializing in Online Qualitative Communities, we deliver the truth behind what motivates purchase behavior. Offering much more than moderating, we specialize in innovative qualitative research, strategic brand development and creative ideation. Our category expertise includes CPG, financial, natural/organic, hospitality, technology and pharmaceuticals, with clients such as GlaxoSmithKline, Princess Cruises and Experian. Exceeding expectations for 20 years, Talking Business connects with target audiences to better understand brands - loud and clear. Holly M. O’Neill Chief Insights Curator & Lead Moderator Talking Business, LLC 620 Newport Center Drive Suite 1100 Newport Beach, CA 92660 (949) 721-4160
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  20. 20. Q & A Holly M O’Neill Talking Business Ray Poynter NewMR