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Face-to-Face qualitative research in 2021

Conversation with Ray Poynter and Bob Qureshi, joined by Holly O’Neill, Patrice Wooldridge, and Chris Hauck

Bob Qureshi, founder and co-owner of award-winning UK viewing facility i-view, will share (in discussion with Ray Poynter) his perception of how face-to-face qual will look and function in 2021 and the near future.

The pandemic has had a particularly chilling impact on face-to-face qual, and as the owner of two facilities (in London and Leeds), Bob is in the frontline of helping researchers navigate what comes next – dealing with what he terms the coronacoaster.

In the latter part of this talk, the other experts who presented in this Qualitative-focussed event, join the discussion to share their thoughts.

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Face-to-Face qualitative research in 2021

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