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Recruiting Tools To Save You Thousands

Slides from a Dean Da Costa sourcing tools webinar. See the recruiting tools Dean is using to find great candidates.

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Recruiting Tools To Save You Thousands

  1. 1. #RDaily@RecruitingBlogs @DeanDaCosta@RecruitingDaily @RecruitingBlogs Sourcing Tools
  2. 2. #RDaily@RecruitingBlogs @DeanDaCosta HOUSEKEEPING  Grab Tab  Audio Mode  How to ask a Question This program is being recorded. You can download the recording at TIPS FOR USING YOUR CONTROL PANEL.
  3. 3. #RDaily@RecruitingBlogs @DeanDaCosta
  4. 4. #RDaily@RecruitingBlogs @DeanDaCosta
  5. 5. #RDaily@RecruitingBlogs @DeanDaCosta MATT CHARNEY SPEAKERS Strategic Sourcing & Research Technologist Search Authority @DeanDaCosta DEAN DA COSTA
  6. 6. #RDaily@RecruitingBlogs @DeanDaCosta Tips, Tricks and Tools
  7. 7. #RDaily@RecruitingBlogs @DeanDaCosta Prospectify
  8. 8. #RDaily@RecruitingBlogs @DeanDaCosta Hiretual
  9. 9. #RDaily@RecruitingBlogs @DeanDaCosta Hiretual  Will soon show contact info  Has boolean tool  Likely hood of leaving and more  Will soon be working on other social sites like Favebook, G+, Twitter, Github, and stackoverflow
  10. 10. #RDaily@RecruitingBlogs @DeanDaCosta Github Gitdiscovered GitHub emails reveal Github email revealer Sourcing Lab Hikido Dataminer/Scraper updated
  11. 11. #RDaily@RecruitingBlogs @DeanDaCosta CopyLead  Works in Linkedin, Facebook, and others  Saves to CRM, Google sheets or Excel
  12. 12. #RDaily@RecruitingBlogs @DeanDaCosta ClearBit Clearbit Gmail Clearbit Connect Prospector Clearbit Google sheets Clearbit Blockspring Email Hunter Email Hunter Email Hunter Ext Email Hunter Blockspring Zenprospect URL to Tool
  13. 13. #RDaily@RecruitingBlogs @DeanDaCosta Extra LinkedIn Connector URL to Tool Connect with all search results at once Talent Sonar URL to Tool Boolean builder, boolean string, and more
  14. 14. #RDaily@RecruitingBlogs @DeanDaCosta Wholi Wholi URL to Tool Search Recruit URL to Tool Search and contact candidates Rocket Reach URL TO TOOL
  15. 15. #RDaily@RecruitingBlogs @DeanDaCosta Q&AYOU’VE GOT QUESTIONS. WE’VE GOT ANSWERS.
  16. 16. #RDaily@RecruitingBlogs @DeanDaCosta @DeanDaCostaDEAN DA COSTA RECRUITINGBLO GS @RecruitingBlogs 48 HOURS