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Save Foods Corporate Deck August 2022

  1. © 2021 All rights reserved 1 AUGUST 2022 COMPANY PRESENTATION © 2022 All rights reserved Eco crop protection that cuts waste and reduces pesticides Nasdaq: SVFD FSE: 80W 1
  2. © 2021 All rights reserved © 2022 All rights reserved This Company presentation contains forward-looking statements. Words such as “expects,” “anticipates,” “intends,” “plans,” “believes,” “seeks,” “estimates” and similar expression or variations of such words are intended to identify forward-looking statements. For example, the Company is using forward-looking statements when it discusses the potential of its products, its strategy, market potential for its products and future growth. Forward-looking statements are not historical facts, and are based upon management’s current expectations, beliefs and projections, many of which, by their nature, are inherently uncertain. Such expectations, beliefs and projections are expressed in good faith. However, there can be no assurance that management’s expectations, beliefs and projections will be achieved, and actual results may differ materially from what is expressed in or indicated by the forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual performance or results to differ materially from those expressed in the forward- looking statements. Such risks and uncertainties include, among others, risks associated with the Company’s need to raise additional capital to execute on its business plan, limited operating history and expectation to incur losses for the foreseeable future, to adequately protect the technology, dependence on several key executives and on its consultants, ability to identify, negotiate and successfully implement strategic partnering relationships, ability to obtain required regulatory approvals, competition with companies, some of which have greater resources and experience in developing software, and the limited public trading market for the Company’s common stock which may never develop into an active market. For a more detailed description of the risks and uncertainties affecting the Company, reference is made to the Company’s reports filed from time to time with the SEC, including, but not limited to, the risks detailed in the Company’s annual report on Form 10-K, quarterly reports on Form 10-Q and current reports on Form 8-K. Forward-looking statements speak only as of the date the statements are made. The Company assumes no obligation to update forward-looking statements to reflect actual results, subsequent events or circumstances, changes in assumptions or changes in other factors affecting forward-looking information except to the extent required by applicable securities laws. If the Company does update one or more forward-looking statements, no interference should be drawn that the Company will make additional updates with respect thereto or with respect to other forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements © 2022 All rights reserved 2
  4. © 2021 All rights reserved INDUSTRY STANDARD S a v e F o o d s t r e a t m e n t a l r e a d y c o m m e r c i a l l y u s e d b y l e a d i n g p a c k e r s ABOUT US © 2022 All rights reserved 4 WHICH ONE WOULD YOU CHOOSE?
  5. © 2021 All rights reserved Q1 2021 Q2 2021 © 2022 All rights reserved 5 2005 Starting R&D to develop eco-crop protection treatment 2018 Company Re-Start - New Investors & New Management team Challenge to turn technology into product 2018-2019 Turning Technology to Product for Citrus Application Manufacture optimization Improve IP Portfolio SAVE FOODS EVOLUTION 2020 – Q2 2021 Commercial Validation Of Citrus Application Testing Pricing & Business Model US and Mexico packers – From Pilot To Paying Customers
  6. © 2021 All rights reserved Q2 2021 *projections based on current discussions with packers © 2022 All rights reserved 6 SAVE FOODS EVOLUTION Q3-Q4 2021 Defining Market Penetration Strategy – Exporter to Europe first First pilots in Turkey - citrus Building team and Rep offices New commercial applications – Avocado, bell-pepper and dates New paying customers Q1-Q2 2022 Implementation of market penetration strategy More than 40 active pilots with exporters to Europe Presence in 9 countries in North and South hemisphere New commercial application – pears, mango & berries Q3-Q4 2022* Expect translation from pilots to paying customers Sales acceleration Q2 2021 Nasdaq Up-listing
  7. © 2021 All rights reserved © 2022 All rights reserved THEN & NOW – LAST 12 MONTHS Then • Pilots: 15 • Rep office: 1 • Customers: 3 • Location of active market: 3 • North hemisphere • Certifications: 1 • Employees: 2 Full time and 4 part-time • Manufacturing site: 2 • Commercial applications: 1 Now • Pilots: 40+ • Rep office: 7 • Customers: 9 (More than 90% conversion rate)* • Location of active market: 12 • North and South hemisphere • Certifications: 4 • Employees: 8 Full time and 4 part-time • Manufacturing site: 3 • Commercial applications: 7 * Customers are now using Save Foods treatment as their commercial application. © 2022 All rights reserved 7 Strong Commercial Momentum to Translate Into Rapid Business Scale Up
  8. © 2021 All rights reserved 46% OF F&V PRODUCED ARE NEVER EATEN 8% of greenhouse gas emissions FOODBORNE ILLNESS A yearly $90B* problem PESTICIDES, A CATCH-22 GLOBAL FRESH PRODUCE INDUSTRY’S CHALLENGES Health and environmental concerns © 2022 All rights reserved 8 * Global burden of foodborne illness **,production%20lost%20to%20pests3 Cost the industry ~ $220B** every year PLANT DISEASES
  9. © 2021 All rights reserved © 2022 All rights reserved © 2022 All rihts reserved countries-phasing-out-highly-hazardous-pesticides-urges EU leading global green transition fighting climate change PESTICIDES ORGANIC FARMING Reduce the overall use and risk of chemical and hazardous pesticides by 2030 Increase the percentage of organically farmed land in the EU by 2030 #EUFarm2Fork #EUGreenDeal aiming to make food systems fair, healthy and environmentally friendly EXPORTERS TO EUROPE FIRST - THE EU “FARM TO FORK” INITIATIVE, A GAME CHANGER © 2022 All rights reserved 9
  10. © 2021 All rights reserved © 2022 All rights reserved Europe is responsible for over €60 billion or 44% of the global trade value of fresh fruit and vegetables Peru and South Africa: both are typical counter- seasonal suppliers. Morocco, Egypt and Turkey: price-competitive countries with the advantage of being close to Europe. Main EU import partners for fresh fruits and vegetables © 2022 All rights reserved SAVE FOODS TREATMENT LEAVE “0” HAZARDOUS RESIDUES CAN BECOME A SAFETY NET TO EXPORTERS SHIPPING TO EU During Q1 2022 EU rejected up to 298 Shipments of fruit and vegetables owing to residues of banned pesticides. 10
  11. © 2021 All rights reserved © 2022 All rights resered Academic study – the impact of green deal if no alternative “ Farm to Fork and Biodiversity Strategies will result in a decrease of the produced volumes per crop in the entire EU on average ranging from 10 to 20%” Impacts of F2F-objectives for permanent crops such as grapes, apples, olives, citrus fruits are found to be higher than for annual crops such as oilseed, raXpeseed, wheat, maize and sugar beets. CURRENT SOLUTIONS – PESTICIDES, A CATCH-22 © 2022 All rights reserved 11
  12. © 2021 All rights reserved Seamless implementation to the existing equipment of the packing house with no additional cost and no changes in the workflow © 2022 All rights reserved 12 * Our blend of food acids are adjuvant to PAA
  13. © 2021 All rights reserved UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Target 12.3 calls for: Halving per capita global food waste at the retail and consumer levels Reducing food loss along the production and supply chain by 2030. sustainable and greener solutions 13 © 2022 All rights reserved 8% of greenhouse gas emissions FOOD SHORTAGE LEADS TO HUNGER Need to feed 10 billion people There is enough food for everyone, with SAVE FOODS it can reach our plate rather than landfills 46% OF F&V PRODUCED ARE NEVER EATEN CLIMATE CHANGE CRISIS We are using the power of fruit JOINING THE FIGHT AGAINST HUNGER
  14. © 2021 All rights reserved Israel Three Layers of Protection 1. Growing Patent Portfolio 2. Trade Secrets & Knowhow: Collection of proprietary techniques and methodologies in treatment and manufacturing extends our competitive advantage. 3. Unique marker: Save Foods` treatments leave a natural marker making any unauthorized use detectable. 9 issued 6 patents pending 7 patent families © 2022 All rights reserved STRONG INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY © 2022 All rights reserved 14 Country Type Status Application/Patent Number Priority Date Germany Patent Issued DE 602011071750.2 September 14, 2010 Spain Patent Issued 11825901.9 September 14, 2010 France Patent Issued 11825901.9 September 14, 2010 Britain Patent Issued 11825901.9 September 14, 2010 Israel Patent Issued 225247 September 14, 2010 Israel Patent Pending 254909 September 14, 2010 United States Patent Issued 10,212,956 September 14, 2010 United States Patent Pending 16/278,108 September 14, 2010 Israel Patent Issued 229724 May 30, 2011 Israel Patent Issued 227328 June 23, 2013 United States Patent Issued 9,487,350 June 23, 2013 United States Patent Pending 63/277,640 November 10, 2021 United States Patent Pending 63/277,648 November 10, 2021 International application Patent Pending PCT/IL2021/050229 March 1, 2020 International application Patent Pending PCT/IL2021/050770 June 23, 2020
  15. © 2021 All rights reserved “After running a trial with Save Foods, we received very good feedback from a leading US food retailer. They subsequently increased their next order by 25%! As a result, we are adding Save Foods’ treatment to the rest of our packing houses.” SiCar Mexican grower & packing house Case Study Mexican grower & packer CUSTOMER CASE STUDY IMMEDIATE VALUE & BENEFITS translates into an extra $126/ton for the retailers 5 DAYS EXTRA SHELF LIFE © 2022 All rights reserved 15
  16. 5M tons treated by 2023 Average sale price $3.5/ton © 2022 All rights reserved 16 Collaboration with Food Retailers ORGANIC Market BERRIES Market CANNABIS Market New Leading Market Projected $3B problem due to contamination* China & India Based On Our Current Pilot's Activity Additional Growth Catalysts GROWTH CURVE © 2022 All rights reserved 16 400,000 5,000,000 12/2022 12/2023 Tons *
  17. © 2021 All rights reserved Case Study Increase market footprint GROWTH STRATEGY © 2021 All rights reserved o Sales and marketing o Pilots o Operational support in our targeted geographies o M&A of technology to complement our product portfolio o Product research and development (new formulation) © 2022 All rights reserved © 2022 All rights resrved © 2022 All rights reserved 17
  18. © 2021 All rights reserved Highly experienced management team David Palach CEO Dan Sztybel CEO Israeli Subsidiary Neta Matis, PhD COO & Head of Science Art Dawson, PhD US Business Manager Lital Barda CFO • S.T. Sporting Ltd. • Sun Light Lightning Solutions Ltd. • Goldmed Ltd. • MyndYou Ltd. • Ernst & Young Global • MSc Molecular Biology, Bar-Ilan University • GM Decco WW • VP postharvest fungicides of Ecogen, Inc. • Sunkist Growers, Inc. • Dole Fresh, Inc. • PhD in Plant Physiology, UC Riverside • License as a pest control advisor in CA • Infimer • StoraEnso • Virdia • PhD in Chemistry, Tel Aviv University • MBA, Tel Aviv University • Certified CPA • More than 4 years working with public companies • BA in Business Management, Ono Academic College TEAM © 2022 All rights reserved 18
  19. © 2021 All rights reserved Case Study FINANCIALS © 2021 All rights reserved © 2022 All rights reserved 19 Cash and cash equivalents 4,378,434 Restricted cash 50,286 Total assets 5,389,729 Total liabilities 1,001,041 Additional paid-in capital 24,186,496 Accumulated deficit -19,684,647 Total stockholders' equity 4,388,688 Six months ended Three months ended Jun-30 Jun-30 2022 2021 2022 2021 Revenues from sales of products 118,710 177,477 31,080 54,403 Cost of sales -54,847 -14,287 -12,998 -11,354 Gross profit $63,863 $163,190 $18,082 $43,049 Research and development expenses -322,738 -296,533 -113,376 -226,742 Selling and marketing expenses -323,049 -33,409 -144,913 -18,712 General and administrative expenses -2,040,682 -1,672,707 -1,036,725 -1,419,736 Operating loss $-2,622,606 $-1,839,459 $-1,276,932 $-1,622,141 Financing income (expenses), net 18,832 -156,061 12,928 120,916 Comprehensive loss $-2,603,774 $-1,995,520 $-1,264,004 $-1,501,225 Less: net loss attributable to non- controlling interests 17,354 21,677 7,334 19,784 Net loss attributable to the Company’s stockholders’ equity $-2,586,420 $-1,973,843 $-1,256,670 $-1,481,441 Loss per share (basic and diluted) $-0.91 $-1.05 $-0.44 $-0.69 Basic and diluted weighted average number of shares of Common Stock outstanding 2,841,027 1,884,365 2,862,562 2,158,915 Common Stock Outstanding 2,882,136 Options (WAEP: $3.38) 192,576 Warrants (WAEP: $6.28) 130,960 Fully Diluted Shares Outstanding 3,205,672 Consolidated Balance Sheet Data As of June 30, 2022 Capitalization Table As of June 30, 2022 ▪ Debt: None Statement of Operations Data
  20. © 2021 All rights reserved Case Study Huge potential for growth, answers market demand WHY NOW? © 2021 All rights reserved o Over the last 12 months, increased pilot programs from 15 to more than 40 and increased paying customers converted from pilot programs from 3 to 9; Save Foods is at a key tipping point to rapid commercial scale up o Huge potential for growth: the total accessible market size is over $2B annually o Easy to implement, cost efficient and cost saving product o It’s the right time: regulation for pesticides is tightening, Save Foods may become a must have solution to address the EU market o The industry is endorsing Save Foods, industry leaders are quickly becoming commercial clients o The product is easy and cheap to produce and profit margins are high © 2022 All rights reserved 20
  21. © 2021 All rights reserved Thank you Nasdaq: SVFD FSE: 80W Nasdaq: SVFD FSE: 80W Help us make THE last wish come true THE LAST WISH WAS TO BE EATEN
  22. © 2021 All rights reserved A H OLI STI C SOLUTI ON I N TH E PACKING H OUSE Appendix - how does it work © 2022 All rights reserved © 2022 All rights reserved 22