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Infographic: Do Your Business Apps Play Well Together?

Like many businesses today, your company may already be using the cloud to handle its phone service and other communication duties. But what about critical business functions such as email, customer relationship management (CRM), collaboration, and more? Unfortunately, apps like Google for Work, Office 365, Salesforce, and others likely remain in their own silos, offering little to no integration with your cloud communications system.

But imagine if you could get your communication and business apps working better together. Think of the productivity gains if employees could access voice and video capabilities right from within the business tools they’re already using every day.

See why more businesses today are saying that one is better than many, and discover ways to maximize the power of the cloud with the infographic below.

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Infographic: Do Your Business Apps Play Well Together?

  1. 1. YOU WANT BUSINESS APPS THAT PLAY WELL TOGETHER 3 REASONS of enterprises say integrating voice with business apps is “very important.” Infusing live communications into your business apps makes disparate applications work more efficiently as a single unit. More companies than ever are using cloud communications and business apps to support their distributed workforces. But stand-alone apps can actually stifle the productivity gains made by going to the cloud. of enterprises say the most important driver for adopting cloud services is gaining the flexibility to support a mobile workforce. 2WORKINGAS12WORKINGAS1 79%79%79% 86%86% Businesses are recognizing that Isn’t that why you started using cloud services? HAVING APPS WORK TOGETHER CREATES GREATER WORKFLOW EFFICIENCIES. READ WHITE PAPER: Maximizing the Power of the Cloud