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Zest 2014 Sports Quiz at COEP - Mains

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Zest Sports Quiz conducted in January 2014 by Rohan Danait.

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Zest 2014 Sports Quiz at COEP - Mains

  1. 1. Zest Sports Quiz 2014 Rohan Danait
  2. 2. Acknowledgements Many thanks to Vibhav “Buzzer” Bhave and Chinmay Tadwalkar for helping me out in setting the quiz. Thanks to Ranajeet “Virat” Soman and Aniket Khasgiwale for moderating the quiz.
  3. 3. Mains
  4. 4. 4 Rounds •IR Clockwise •List It •IR Counter clockwise •LVC (Rules of each round will be explained at the start)
  5. 5. IR Clockwise
  6. 6. Rules •18 questions on Infinite Rebounds •+10/-0 on direct or passing •+15/-10 on pounce •6 pounces for each team
  7. 7. Q. 1 This sporting event is held in 3 cities in India. The first edition took place in 2012 in Mumbai, Srinagar & Delhi, while in 2013 it took place in Mumbai, Jaipur and Delhi. The year 2013 marks the debut of John Abraham as the brand ambassador. It is in affiliation with the world governing body of the sport and is sponsored by Godrej Eon. The categories of the event are Full, Half, Green, Champions and International. Which event?
  8. 8. Answer
  9. 9. Q. 2 His uncles were: Jack Milburn (Leeds United, Bradford City), George Milburn (Leeds United, Chesterfield), Jim Milburn (Leeds United, Bradford City) and Stan Milburn (Chesterfield, Leicester City, Rochdale), Jackie Milburn (Newcastle United, England) However, this footballing legend credits much of the early development of his career to his grandfather Tanner and his mother Cissie. His elder brother, Jack, initially went to work applying to the Police Service before also becoming a professional footballer with Leeds United. Who?
  10. 10. Answer Bobby Charlton
  11. 11. Q. 3 In the 2012 Asian Olympic Qualifiers held in Astana, Kazakhstan, this boxer defeated Syria's Wessam Salamana 18–11 to clinch the gold medal and qualified for 2012 London Olympics in the 56 kg category, thus becoming the youngest Indian boxer to qualify for Olympics. He, however, lost in the first round of the London Olympics. Who?
  12. 12. Answer Shiv Thapa
  13. 13. Q. 4 The following have been the previous venues for which competition? HQ of the London Scottish Rifles Crystal Palace Central Transept London Rifles Brigade's City Headquarters Horticultural Hall behind the Army and Navy Stores Harringay Arena, North London Stadium Empress Hall Wembley Arena
  14. 14. Answer All England Open Badminton Championships
  15. 15. Q. 5 There are two rules that govern this sport: The player's back toe cannot leave the ground until the heel of the front foot has touched. Violation of this rule is known as loss of contact. The player‟s supporting leg must straighten from the point of contact with the ground and remain straightened until the body passes directly over it. These rules are judged by the human eye. Players regularly lose contact for a few milliseconds per stride which can be caught on film, but such a short flight phase is said to be undetectable to the human eye. Which sport?
  16. 16. Answer Racewalking
  17. 17. Q. 6 The first of these occured in 1979 in Agadez, Niger involving Patrice Dodin when he lost control of his Yamaha. The latest one was Eric Palante in the fifth stage in Northern Argentina on 10 Jan, 2014. Most of the people part of this list have been motorcyclists while the rest have been automobile drivers. List of what?
  18. 18. Answer Deaths in the Dakar Rally
  19. 19. Q. 7 During the Big Ten meet at Ferry Field in Ann Arbor, Michigan, this athlete set three world records and tied a fourth within the space of 45 minutes. He equaled the world record for the 100 yard dash; and set world records in the long jump; 220-yard sprint and 220-yard low hurdles. In 2005, University of Central Florida professor of sports history Richard C. Crepeau chose these wins on one day as the most impressive athletic achievement since 1850. He entered the Guinness Book of World Records for this achievement. Who?
  20. 20. Answer Jesse Owens
  21. 21. Q. 8 The 1956 Sports Photograph of the Year features England legend Tom Finney beating two defenders at a waterlogged Stamford Bridge while playing for his club against Chelsea. This photo served as the inspiration for "The Splash" sculpture which stands outside The National Football Museum, which was situated at the home ground of this club. The location was chosen as the club were the first-ever winners of The Football League, thereby recognising it as the first home of English football. Which club? (Pic on the next slide)
  22. 22. Q. 8
  23. 23. Answer Preston North End
  24. 24. Q. 9 Bhausaheb Babasaheb Nimbalkar was an Indian cricketer, best known for his score of 443 not out during the 1948–49 Ranji Trophy, which remains the highest score, and the only quadruple century, in Indian first-class cricket. He had an impressive batting average of 56.72 in Ranji Trophy matches and also kept wickets and bowled fast medium pace during a first-class career that stretched from 1939 to 1965. What other record does Nimbalkar's innings of 443 hold?
  25. 25. Answer Highest score by a cricketer not to have played Test matches
  26. 26. Q. 10 Normally made of technologically advanced lycra-based fabrics designed to hug the body tightly and provide increased speed and decreased drag resistance, this sporting apparel was banned from international competitions from the start of 2010 after many national federations demanded the action, and leading athletes in the sport criticised the suits. Athletes reported that they improved buoyancy. Which sporting apparel?
  27. 27. Answer Bodyskin Swimsuits
  28. 28. Q. 11 Bobby Deerfield is a 1977 film in which Al Pacino plays a famous American race car driver on the European circuit who falls in love with an enigmatic Swiss woman who is terminally ill. The car used by Al Pacino in the movie was a Brabham Alfa Romeo BT-45, which belonged to X, who actually drove it during the race (South African F1 Grand Prix, in 1976) scenes, doubling for Al Pacino. He participated in the 1973 Formula One World Championship Grands Prix during which he won one race and achieved six podiums finishes. Tragically, X was killed in a plane crash, just after the beginning of the 1977 season at the age of 32. This film was dedicated to him. Identify X.
  29. 29. Answer Jose Carlos Pace
  30. 30. Q. 12 The Summer Olympic games had competitions not related to sports between 1912 Stockholm and 1948 London. These competitions were named the „Pentathlon of the Muses‟. But the non-sporting categories were discontinued due to concerns about amateurism and professionalism. The first Gold medallist for the competition of Literature was X who won it for his work titled Ode to Sport. He actually entered the competition under the pseudonyms of Georges Hohrod and Martin Eschbach from Germany. Who is X?
  31. 31. Answer Pierre de Coubertin
  32. 32. Q. 13 Splash! is a British television series that follows celebrities as they try to master the art of diving. The celebrities perform each week in front of a panel of judges and a live audience in an Olympic-size diving pool with the result each week partly determined by public vote. It is filmed at the Inspire: Luton Sports Village, which is based in Stopsley, Luton. Who features in this show as the "expert mentor" for the celebrities on the show?
  33. 33. Answer Tom Daley
  34. 34. Q. 14 The Unified Team was the name used for the sports team of the former Soviet Union (except the Baltic states) at the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville and the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona. The IOC country code was EUN, after the French name, Équipe Unifiée. The team finished first at Barcelona with 45 golds, 38 silvers, and 29 bronzes; 112 medals in total. The flag bearer of EUN was X, a Hero of the Russian Federation and universally considered the best in his sport. X officially retired in 2000 and started a career in politics. Identify X.
  35. 35. Answer Aleksandr Karelin
  36. 36. Q. 15 Herbert Lee Washington was a four-time all-American sprinter and won one NCAA title, seven Big Ten titles, and tied or broke the world record in the 50- and 60-yard dashes several times. This talent was tapped by a gentleman called Charlie Finley. Finley was the owner of a middling team in a sport which was not related to sprinting in any way. Washington had last played this sport in high school, but was still signed for the 1974 season which the team won in typical underdog fashion. Although the way Washington 'contributed' to the win was not exactly new, he was the first one to be exclusively labelled ______ _______. He is the only person on the sport's official cards to have his position specified as _____ ___________. FITB/Put Funda.
  37. 37. Answer Pinch Runner in Baseball. Blanks: Designated Runner
  38. 38. Q. 16 Suleyman Abusaidovich Kerimov is a controversial businessman, investor and a Russian politician. Since 2008, Kerimov has represented the Republic of Dagestan in the Federation Council of Russia. He is often referred to as “Russia‟s Richest Civil Servant", with an estimated fortune of $7.1 billion as of March 2013. On January 17, 2011, what move from Kerimov garnered international attention?
  39. 39. Answer Purchase of FC Anzhi Makhachkala
  40. 40. Q. 17 At the 1996 Augusta Masters, X trailed Y, nicknamed the Great White Shark, by six shots, but was the beneficiary of an infamous collapse by Y and emerged as the victor. After X finished, he hugged Y and whispered something in his ear, which years later Y confirmed to have included the line "Don't let the bastards get you down," a reference to the media, which X assumed would aggressively hound Y for the loss. Y said in an interview after the defeat that "He (X) had gone way, way up in my estimations." Since then they have become friends and fishing partners, a passion they both share. X and Y?
  41. 41. Answer X: Nick Faldo Y: Greg Norman
  42. 42. Q. 18 X made a mark on his debut in 1988 by equalling a feat only one player had achieved before in 1972. His popularity peaked and banking on that one performance, he got featured in 'Mile Sur Mera Tumhara' alongside some of India's iconic figures, singing the Sindhi lines of the song. Identify X.
  43. 43. Answer Narendra Hirwani
  44. 44. List It
  45. 45. Rules – List It •+5 for each correct answer •No negatives •+5 bonus if a team gets all correct answers
  46. 46. List It List all winners of the Laureus World Sports Award for Sportsman of the Year List all double winners of the Laureus World Sports Award for Sportswoman of the Year
  47. 47. Answers Tiger Woods (2000, 2001) Michael Schumacher (2002, 2004) Lance Armstrong (2003) Roger Federer (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008) Usain Bolt (2009, 2010, 2013) Rafael Nadal (2011) Novak Djokovic (2012) Serena Williams (2003, 2010) Yelena Isinbayeva (2007, 2009)
  48. 48. IR Counter clockwise
  49. 49. Rules •18 questions on Infinite Rebounds •+10/-0 on direct or passing •+15/-10 on pounce •6 pounces for each team
  50. 50. Q. 1 The 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics were boycotted by 65 countries because of the Soviet war in Afghanistan, though some athletes from some of the boycotting countries participated in the games, under the Olympic Flag. One such athlete, Austrian horsewoman Elisabeth Theurer, despite the decision of the federation of equestrian sports of Austria of not participating in the Olympics, decided to participated in the Olympics and won the gold medal in the dressage competition. Which aviation entrepreneur, primarily known for his feats in another field, flew Theurer to Moscow for the games?
  51. 51. Answer Niki Lauda
  52. 52. Q. 2 A libero (Italian=free) is a player specialized in defensive skills usually used in volleyball and football. In football, an alternative term is the sweeper. Apart from the respective rules of the sports which the libero player must follow, what is the one major rule which is applicable only in volleyball and not in football?
  53. 53. Answer In volleyball, the libero must wear a contrasting jersey color from his or her teammates.
  54. 54. Q. 3 "In light of the slight to my name that has been perpetrated by your savage act, I am bound by the ancient Pashtunwali tribal code of my elders to avenge my honour," said a statement read out by a mysterious messenger who arrived outside X's hotel room on horseback at dawn, dressed in traditional Pashtun dress and headgear. "It may happen in a few days, a few months, or even years down the road, but I will take back my record," the statement continued, before adding ominously, "and if I cannot take my record, I will be forced to adopt more direct means of revenge." Identify X and put funda.
  55. 55. Answer Corey Anderson breaking Shahid Afridi's record of the fastest international century
  56. 56. Q. 4 In 1905, Horween Leather Company was founded in Chicago by Isador Horween - a Ukranian immigrant. Business was slow and steady for the next twenty years. In 1926, his son, Ralph Haroween went to Harvard for undergraduate studies. At Harvard, his son became acquainted with a very well connected individual named George Hallas. This connection led to a business deal due to which the Horween Leather Company grew by leaps and bounds, and is now one of the major players in the US leather market today. What deal?
  57. 57. Answer Horween Leather Company is responsible for supplying the leather/making all the official NFL footballs
  58. 58. Q. 5 On July 31, 2012, when Michael Phelps won a silver medal in the 200- meter butterfly and a gold medal in the 4×200-meter freestyle relay, X who was present at the race, asked to be the presenter of X's medal, but was told that Olympic rules would not allow it. Why did X want to present Phelps with the medal?
  59. 59. Answer X: Larisa Latynina. Michael Phelps equalled and surpassed Larisa Latynina to become the all-time record holder for most Olympic medals won.
  60. 60. Q. 6 X had just returned to his hotel from the Wanderers in Johannesburg after the one-day match between South Africa and India in December 2013 when he was informed of a news to which he reacted by saying, “I never imagined that I would be so emotional. You think you will be prepared but it turns out you are not. I turned off the phone and switched on my TV and just watched and watched these tributes pouring in from all over the globe. Of course, we knew this day was coming. But it does not make it any easier to take." Identify X and what he is talking about.
  61. 61. Answer X: Francois Pienaar speaking about the death of Nelson Mandela
  62. 62. Q. 7 In 1999, the FIVB standardized beach volleyball uniforms, with the swimsuit becoming the required uniform both for men and women. Some players supported the FIVB's claims that the uniforms are practical for a sport played on sand during the heat of summer, but some others claimed that the regulation uniform is intended to be "sexy" and to draw attention. During the 2004 Summer Olympic Games, a study was conducted during the beach volleyball games which implied that the look of the players is having a greater impact on fans than their actual athleticism. What did the observations of the study show?
  63. 63. Answer Focus of the camera on the chest and buttock area The study showed that 20% of the camera angles were focused on the chest area and 17% of the angles were focused on the buttock area
  64. 64. Q. 8 Association in Defence of the Wrongly Convicted or AIDWYC, is a Toronto- based non-profit organization founded in 1993 that is dedicated to the prevention of wrongful convictions and the reversal of cases that have already occurred. It is the direct successor to the Justice for Guy Paul Morin Committee, a grass-roots, community-based organization that supported Guy Paul Morin following his wrongful conviction. From 1993 to 2005, who served as the executive director of AIDWYC?
  65. 65. Answer Rubin “Hurricane” Carter
  66. 66. Q. 9 Barcelona have signed up with X, who will have their logo in an unusual place - on the inside of the shirts to make it the first-ever placement inside the clubs' shirts. Spain stars Carles Puyol and Gerard Pique showed off the new shirts at a launch event, along with Barcelona president Sandro Rosell. The new partnership will also see X produce groundbreaking technology for the club's La Masia academy. This new innovative product-placement is said to symbolize X's famous tagline. A common way of celebrating a goal is a footballer putting his jersey over his head, and that‟s when X‟s logo will be visible during a Barcelona match. Which company?
  67. 67. Answer Intel (Inside)
  68. 68. Q. 10 Dan Gable is a retired American amateur wrestler and head coach. He is best known for his tenure as head coach at the University of Iowa where he won 16 NCAA team titles from 1976–1997. He is also famous for having only lost one match in his entire Iowa State University collegiate career – his last. His birthday, October 25, 2013, was recognized as Dan Gable Day in Iowa. His career highlight was winning gold (Men's freestyle 68 kg) at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, Germany. What was so fascinating about Gable's gold that Iowans consider him to be the greatest Olympics wrestler ever?
  69. 69. Answer He did not surrender even a single point
  70. 70. Q. 11 In one of the most controversial incidents in cricketing history, Shakoor Rana notably came face-to-face with Mike Gatting in the finger-wagging incident that stopped the Faisalabad Test in 1987. On the second day, Rana stopped the game and controversially accused Gatting of cheating. Rana had already upset the English by wearing a Pakistan sweater and placing Mudassar Nazar's cap on his own head. Rana and Gatting were both accused of using foul language, much of which was heard by a worldwide TV audience via the stump camera. Shakoor refused to stand again in that Test until he received an unconditional apology from Gatting for the language used in the dispute. Gatting was threatened with being stripped of the England captaincy and was forced into issuing a written apology to Rana. What change in policy, in international cricket, was brought about after this incident? (Pic on next slide)
  71. 71. Q. 11
  72. 72. Answer Appointment of a Neutral Umpires for a match
  73. 73. Q. 12 Which 2 nations have been highlighted? Why?
  74. 74. Answer Soviet Union and East Germany. Past nations in the all-time Olympic medals tally.
  75. 75. Q. 13 X was an event contested at the 1908 Summer Olympics. This was the only Summer Olympic Games to contain this sport as a medal event. An outdoor version with a slightly different name was a demonstration sport at the 1900 Summer Olympics. It was an exhibition event at the 1924 Summer Olympics. In the Official Report of the 1908 Olympic Games, the sport is referred to as "Y" while Y is named "Z". The competition venue was the Queen's Club in West Kensington, London. Identify X, Y and Z.
  76. 76. Answer X: Jeu de paume Y: Tennis Z: Lawn tennis
  77. 77. Q. 14 Henry "Harry" King was a footballer who scored the very first hat-trick at X against Grimsby Town on November 14, 1914. On the final day of the 2005-2006 Premier League season, Y scored a hat-trick against Wigan Athletic in the last ever match played at X and completed the season as the league's top goal-scorer. Identify X and Y.
  78. 78. Answer X: Highbury Y: Thierry “King” Henry
  79. 79. Q. 15 Identify the athlete.
  80. 80. Answer Girisha Nagarajegowda India‟s only medal at the 2012 London Paralympics
  81. 81. Q. 16 Around the time of the 2000 Sydney Olympics, table tennis players had begun increasing the thickness of the fast sponge layer on their rackets, which made the game excessively fast and difficult to watch on television. The International Table Tennis Federation instituted several rules changes aimed at making table tennis more viable as a televised spectator sport. What major change did IITF bring about in the rules which effectively slowed down the game and made it better for television viewing?
  82. 82. Answer Decreased the size of the table tennis balls The older 38 mm balls were officially replaced by 40 mm balls. This increased the ball's air resistance and effectively slowed down the game.
  83. 83. Q. 17 On 20 May 2007, Romário scored from a penalty against Sport Recife, playing for Vasco da Gama. That led the Brazilian press to claim him as one of few players in professional football history to achieve a feat, like Pelé and Puskás. The moment drew much attention from both Brazilian and international press, with the game being stopped for over 20 minutes to allow for celebrations from his fans. Following this, Vasco da Gama unveiled a statue of Romário at the Estádio São Januário. What feat did Romario achieve?
  84. 84. Answer 1000th goal
  85. 85. Q. 18 On 23rd October 2011, all Serie A football matches in Italy held one minute of silence as instructed by the Italian National Olympic Committee President Gianni Petrucci. As a follow up, AC Milan, on 23 October 2013, posted on their Google+ profile, a photo of their jersey in their dressing room. These two actions were a tribute to whom?
  86. 86. Answer Marco Simoncelli He died after an accident during the 2011 Malaysian Grand Prix at Sepang on 23 October 2011.
  87. 87. Long Visual Connect
  88. 88. Rules – LVC •6 slides with 3 images on each slide •Points for identifying each image •If a team correctly identifies 9 or less, +2 points for each image •If a team correctly identifies more than 9, first 9 images get +2 points each and +4 points for each further image •Points for guessing the correct theme indicated on each slide
  89. 89. +30/ no negs
  90. 90. +25/-12
  91. 91. +20/-10
  92. 92. +15/-7
  93. 93. +10/-5
  94. 94. +5/ no negs
  95. 95. Final Attempts
  96. 96. Exchange Sheets
  97. 97. Answers Joe di Maggio Hemu Adhikari David Robinson
  98. 98. Answers Yogi Berra Rocky Marciano Kelly Holmes
  99. 99. Answers Wang ki Chun Jack Dempsey Arthur Ashe
  100. 100. Answers Don Bradman Norman Pritchard Arnold Palmer
  101. 101. Answers George Patton North Korea, 2010 Pat Tillman
  102. 102. Answers RS Rathore Vijay Kumar Dhyan Chand
  103. 103. Answer All of them hold Active Military Ranks
  104. 104. Thank You