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Read about CMS and Benefits to hire Innovation industry for CMS Website Development.

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  1. 1. Welcome To Innovation Industry
  2. 2. Why Choose CMS for Website Development? ▸ First of all you need to know that what CMS is. CMS Stands for content management system. Most website owner choose CMS so in future they can change the design and content of a website. You don’t need to waste time in managing codes. ▸The best thing about CMS’s is that they give full control over the website and a beginner can also make changes. The comfort and flexibility is the reason behind its popularity.
  3. 3. What are some best Content Management Systems? ▸ There are some most popular CMS’s available and it depends on your needs to choose one of them. ▸WordPress ▸Joomla ▸Drupal ▸Text Pattern ▸ConTao ▸SilverStripe
  4. 4. WordPress ▸Benefit: It open source and has a great support of free and paid themes and plugins so you can make any website according to your requirements. ▸It has user friendly dashboard which helps beginner user to manage content. ▸Weakness: If you want to create a basic website than it will be very complex for you to make it with WordPress. ▸It is very is very vulnerable to attack. ▸ Needs additional security measures.
  5. 5. Joomla ▸Benefit: It provide facility to complete user authentication with Google, LDAP, and OpenID. ▸It provides support of 7000 extensions. ▸Weakness: It’s backend is little bit complex than other CMS and it will become very typical for creating a simple website. ▸You won’t get choice of high quality themes.
  6. 6. Drupal ▸Benefit: Drupal has great community support and 6000 modules which allows user to create high quality website with attractive design and functionalities. ▸Weakness: It’s backend is little bit complex than other CMS and it will become very typical for creating a simple website. ▸Compare to other CMS’s, it doesn’t provide a variety of quality themes. ▸Managing theme is very complicated.
  7. 7. TextPattern, ConTao and SilverStripe ▸TextPattern: It is very easy to use but doesn’t provide a wide range of plugins. ▸ConTao: It provide restriction free facilities to design a website but not much helpful because of lack of plugin support and complicated backend ▸SilverStripe: It has basic functions in the backend and useful features for designers but very less choice of themes and plugins availbale.
  8. 8. Why CMS’s Are Important? ▸ Easy Installation: You can easily install CMS to create a website. ▸ SEO: You can easily customize website and make it SEO friendly. ▸ Easy to Design: You can easily change the look and feel of website. ▸ Easy to Make website Secure: You only need to install a right plugin or just upgrade it secure your website.
  9. 9. Why Wodpress is the best? ▸ It is open source CMS and easily available. ▸ WordPress is very powerful CMS and it is being used worldwide by popular brands and businesses. ▸ You don’t need to learn coding and a beginner can also design and manage content. ▸ It has a large number of customization option compare than other CMS’s. ▸ Wide range of free and paid high quality premaid themes and templates available. ▸ You can make your website search engine friendly very easily. ▸ You can create responsive websites for handheld devices easily with Wordpress.
  10. 10. Innovation Industry is a leading CMS Website Development Company which offers affordable web solutions for small to mid sized businesses and individuals. Is the color of milk and fresh snow, the color produced by the combination of all the colors of the visible spectrum. Why Choose Innovation for CMS Website Development?
  11. 11. Address: 2nd Floor, Plot no. 34.Scheme No.53, Ratnalok colony, Near power house Vijay Nagar Sq. Website: Email: Phone: 0731-4055580 Mobile: 9644481602 Contact Us
  12. 12. THANKS! Any questions? You can find us at