pharmaceutical pharmacy/ engineering pharma pharmaceutics physical pharmacy excipients environment physical pharmaceutics buffer capacity buffer surface free energy physical chemistry engineering introduction wetting phenomenon pharmaceutical buffer isotherms spreading coefficient interfacial tension surface tension boiling point wetting pharmaceutical suspension dlvo theory energy resources environmental legislation usp packaging moef organisation of moef and environment protection ac tsunami controlled flocculation coarse dispersion suspension dlvo 3r sustainable development ficks law diffusion dissolution accelerated stability testing biochemistry biotechnology suppository emulsion structured vehicle flocculation in structured vehicle sedimentation parameters formulation of suspensi sedimentation of flocculated particles introduction definition features desired in pharm first semester mumbai university sem cbsgs syllabys b.pharm langmuir freundlich adsorption dunouy ring capillary rise measurement of surface tension acetic acid sodium acetate pharmaceutical buffers application of buffers ph meter ph determination by electrometric method sorensen's ph scale microbiology test of cosmetics drug and cosmetics act bis cosmetics displacement value theobroma coca butter dosage form suppositories evaluation dmso penetration enhancer gel skin paste pharmaceutical semisolids: cream amorphous & polymorphism solid crystalline glassy states liquid crystals liquid complexes relative humidity aerosols – inhalers gases eutectic mixtures critical point sublimation vapour pressure latent heat ostwald ripening and crystal factors sedimentation process schulze hardy rule flocculated and deflocculated systems particle‐particle interactions liquid orals colloidal mill large scale manufacture of suspension emulsion sb desirable features and pharmaceutical dispersions advantages and disadvantages thermodynamic & kinetic stability of disperse syst gibb’s equation surface & interfacial tension critical solution temperature ideal solutions raoults real solutions. partiallymiscible liquids (binary solutions solubility of liquids in liquids solvation & association ideal solubility parameters mechanisms of solute solvent interactions solubility of drugs: solubility expressions hixion crowell noy's whitney equation permeability catalysis acid base catalysis arrhenius equation rate of reaction order of reaction applications of buffer buffer and buffer capacity adsorption on solid surface soluble monolayers hydrophilic-lipophilic balance surface active agents spreading of liquids du nuoy tensiometer method drop weight method drop number method measurement of surface and interfacial tension-cap amorphous solid crystalline solids partition coefficient phenol-water azeotropic binary mixture henry's law raoult’s law solubility solubility and distrubution bottle method wet gum dry gum method method of preparation cloud point micellization. pit phase inversion temperature griffin method davis method hlb droplet stabilization emulsifying agents instabilities in emulsion pharmaceutical emulsion digital display lcd liquid crystal application formation super critical fluid state clausius clapeyron equation equilibrium vapor pressure adiabatic expansion joule thomson effect aerosol vapor pressure of liquids liquefaction of gases liquid state van der waals equation real gas ideal gas kinetic molecular theory molar gas constant general ideal gas law gay lussac laws charles boyle hydrogen bond london forces debye forces diapole-diapole interaction keesom van der waals forces intermolecular forces states of matter phenol water system triple point three component system two component system one component system phase rule large scale manufacture of suspension constitutive colligative dielectric constant tonicity measurement of optical rotation and its applicatio abbe's refractometer specific rotation dipole moment methods to adjust isotonicity concept of tonicity in pharmacy additive formulation of suspension oswald ripening sedimentation volume sedimentation swamping hardy schulze stoke's law dialatant flow brookfield viscometer antithixotropy thixotropy pseudoplastic flow plastic flow rheogram kinematic viscosity newtonian flow viscosity rheology theories of emulsion course dispersion mitigation earthquake disaster management processes conventional sources of energy photo voltic cell wind power solar power hydel power polymers as excipients eudragit carbopol hpmc co-processed excipients novel excipients preservatives (antimicrobial) edta chelating agent antioxidants preservatives buffering agent sodium metabisulfite excipients for stabilizing / preservation of dosag permeation enhancers peg 200 excipients for solubility/dissolution and permeati additives mechanism/basic principles and examples colorant flavor flavours and sweeteners-sources sweetners organoleptive additives- colours glyceryl mono stearate wool fat arachis oil tweens and spans sodium saccharin sodium lauryl sulphate paraffins glycerol bentonite talc magnesium stearate starch lactose ministry of environment and climate change ep act environment protection act 1986 pollution control board pollution control pollution spcb cpcb lactose anhydrous harmonization dra resulatory storage pharmaceutical excipients packaging interaction excipient pharmaceutical excipient interaction disaster management carbon market carbon credit e pollution noise pollution water pollution air pollution salman baig properties of colloids gold number colloida dispersion dlvo natural resources food web food chain ecosystem environmental science qc qa stability analysis drug stability testing ich chemical kinetics pp chemistry biology pump fluid properties reynolds experiment manometer ori pharmaceutical microbiology chemical engineering distillation rectal route dosageform rectum medicine biphasic liquid dosageform dispensing pharmacy monophasic liquid dosageform: solution pharmaceutical suspensions
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