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From Talk to Text; and What's Next

Models of communication are changing in less time than it takes to bang out a 160-character text message. This presentation examines the reasons why we're giving up the phone call in favour of a daily thumb workout.

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From Talk to Text; and What's Next

  1. 1. Changing Models ofcommunication:from talkto textand what’s nextA presentation by @sam_rosenbaum image: Chris Nixon (flickr)
  2. 2. When I texted a friend on a Saturday night back in2005, he returned the message with a phone call:"Why are you texting," he asked, "thats only for whenyoure in class." image: Oracio Alvarado (flickr)
  3. 3. image: I Am Adam (flickr)My 2005 text message plan allowed me 150 texts per month. Today, 2/3 teens sends more than 100 every day. (source: Pew Research Center)
  4. 4. And 64% still text in class. (source: Pew Research Center)image: Kendrick Constantino (flickr)
  5. 5. image: itskala (flickr) TODAY72% of all teens text. source: Defakto Group
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  7. 7. Text messaging is now oftenpreferred to cellular voicecommunication:2/3 teenage cellphone owners aremore likely to textthan to talk.(source: Defakto Group)image: krystian_o (flickr)
  8. 8. image: 3NOD.Al8EED (flickr) Other data-based text messagingplatforms like BlackBerry Messenger™ are also on the rise. For the first time, data > voice for mobile network traffic. (source: The Telegraph)
  9. 9. So WHY do we text? image: Andrea Narita (flickr)
  10. 10. It’s fast. No dial tone, no awkward small talk, no niceties. Texting gets straight to the point.image: Graham Vincent (flickr)
  11. 11. It’s convenient.No more waiting for evening and weekend calling. Texting is an anytime activity. image: !STORAX (flickr)
  12. 12. It’s unobtrusive. Phone calls are loud and imposing.Texts are silent and leave the terms of reply to the recipient. image: alexandrehuang (flickr)
  13. 13. A phone call is part of theappointment consumption media framework. image: ▶CubaGallery (flickr)
  14. 14. A ringing phonedemands yourattention.Now. image: Gabba Gabba Hey (flickr)
  15. 15. Texting falls into the on-demand consumption model of media absorption.image: Siuloon (flickr)
  16. 16. Text messaging allows individuals toset the whats, whens, and wheresof communication according topersonal preference. image: Abdulmajeed Al.mutawee (flickr)
  17. 17. Too much choice? It looks like we’re getting selfish.On 05/16/11, the No. 1 Twitter trending topic was #ignoredtextmessages#mean
  18. 18. Texting is a symptom of theage of customization. In this fast-paced world, it’s our way or the highway. image: Urbanears (flickr)
  19. 19. We all have well-definedmetrics of relevance, and shorttexts force us to exchange only what is most important. The golden rule:“Text unto others as you would have them text unto you.”
  20. 20. Text messaging satisfies our modern hungerfor quick, convenient, and personalinfosnacks.image: jayneandd (flickr)
  21. 21. image: MickWatson (flickr) In sum Texting gives uswhat we want: to-the-point information from trusted sourceswhen we want it: efficient communication right now or later
  22. 22. And many of us are certainly addicted.image: jackdog2508 (flickr)
  23. 23. image: manchai (flickr)after text: what’s next?
  24. 24. If trends toward no-frills,ultra-personal communicationcontinue, it seems thatmobile connectionswill become evenmore streamlined. image: Alf (flickr)
  25. 25. But what could bebetter than a text? image: Sam Rosenbaum Photography
  26. 26. Then again,that’s probably whatthey said about this. image: Arte ao Avesso (flickr)
  27. 27. sources:“Data bigger than voice on mobile networks.” 26 Mar. 2010.“Don’t call me, I won’t call you.” 18 Mar. 2011. http://nytimes.comFILM240X lecture material, by Sidneyeve Matrix (@sidneyeve). Fall 2010. http://film240x.com Rosenbaum is a student at Queen’s University in Kingston interested in psychology, consumerbehaviour, persuasion, and marketing strategy. He is also an avid photographer and graphic designer.Visit image: Josh Liba (flickr)