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Connected Confessions - discover the Amplified Individual

A new breed of hyper-connected employee has emerged. We call them the Amplified Individual. Technology is revolutionising the way they live, work and play – resulting in a whole range of new experiences. These are their #ConnectedConfessions.

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Connected Confessions - discover the Amplified Individual

  1. 1. Ideas for Work Connected Confessions
  2. 2. A new breed of employee has emerged. Hyper-connected and always on, they finely balance all elements of their work, life and play. Technology is revolutionising the way they live, in and outside of the workplace. To find out about theirexperiences – some good, some bad and some downright odd – check out their #ConnectedConfessions.
  3. 3. I lost my phone and my dignity at the Christmas party – but none of our company data. #ConnectedConfession
  4. 4. Lost data can cost yourbusiness dearly – in fact, to the tune of €142 (and rising) foreach lost orstolen record containing sensitive company information. So howeverhard you work and playthis festive season – protect yourdevices, and data, with Samsung Knox. Watch the Samsung Knox video Source Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Analysis, Ponemon Institute study-reveals-average-cost-of-data-breach-reaches-record-levels-300089057.html Share your own #ConnectedConfession
  5. 5. Don’t tell my husband, but I turned a dinner party guest into a potential customer by downloading our pitch deck onto my phone via the cloud. #ConnectedConfession
  6. 6. Whenyouwant to growyourbusiness, it’s great to have everythingyou need to impress potential customers just a click away.With the industry’s most powerful hardware, pre-loaded productivitytools, and one of the most advanced mobile securitysolutions, find out howthe GalaxyS6 can redefine thewayyouwork. Watch the Samsung Galaxy S6 video Share your own #ConnectedConfession
  7. 7. I downloaded an app for free on my tablet that does a way better job than our scheduling system. Even our IT guy agreed. #ConnectedConfession
  8. 8. CRM Over1 in 3 frustrated employees are finding smartworkarounds to companysystems. Embrace or ignore it. You choose. Download our report on getting the most from the modern workforce Share your ownt #ConnectedConfession
  9. 9. Laughing at the guys trying to sell us an €80k videoconferencing suite when I showed them what my mobile phone can do now. #ConnectedConfession Online
  10. 10. Online The lines between consumerand enterprise tech are blurring. What happenswhen newmobile technologycan giveyou the edge? Check out our range of mobile tech Share your own #ConnectedConfession
  11. 11. My boss forwarded me a voicemail from a Chinese client. She thinks I speak Mandarin. I don’t. My smartwatch does. #ConnectedConfession
  12. 12. 54% of firms are embracing a bring-your-own-wearable strategy. Find outwhythere’s a place for wearables atwork. Take a look at our wearable devices Source: 你好 Share your own #ConnectedConfession
  13. 13. Last year, while the others sIept off their Christmas lunch, I cleared the plates then my email backlog – and it felt good. #ConnectedConfession 98
  14. 14. 68% of employees saytheylike to keep track ofworkwhile on holiday. Healthyornot? You choose. Work/Life Blend SlideShare 0 Share your own #ConnectedConfession
  15. 15. I know I shouldn’t have, but who else can claim they turned on their washing machine at home while in a board meeting? #ModernDad #ConnectedConfession
  16. 16. According to Samsung research, 75% of people arework-life blending, doing personal tasks inwork time. As connected devices growin popularity, they’re helping to make balancing work and life that little bit easier. Areyou in sync? Share your own #ConnectedConfession Take a look at our wearable devices
  17. 17. The real reason I bought that bucket of popcorn at the cinema was so I could update my accounts online without you seeing. #ConnectedConfession
  18. 18. The right apps can helpyou run yourbusiness atyourconvenience – without the drama. Always be on it, with the best productivityapps on Android. Share your own #ConnectedConfession Take a look at our smart devices
  19. 19. Report nailed. Xmas shopping completed online. All before lunchtime. That’s what I call work/life balance ;) #ConnectedConfession TO DO LIST
  20. 20. TO DO LIST Download our report on getting the most from the modern workforce Share your own #ConnectedConfession The lines betweenwork and life are blurring fora newbreed of employee. Highlyproductive and firmlyin control of theirlives – theyeffortlesslyhop betweenwork and personal activities, even out of hours. Time to understand howyou can get the best from these Amplified Individuals?
  21. 21. I frequently join videoconference calls in my pyjama bottoms. Home comforts at work and all that. #ConnectedConfession Online
  22. 22. Working from home makes forhappier, more productive employees – especially when they’ve got the right technology at theirdisposal. Make sure they’re head and shoulders above the rest. Download our report on getting the most from the modern workforce Share your own #ConnectedConfession
  23. 23. Heavy like a brick and extremely slow! The only thing my work laptop is good for is… updating my CV! #ConnectedConfession LOADING
  24. 24. LOADING Only1 in 3 people saytheirtechnology atwork fullymeets theirneeds. What’s more,15% of C-Suite Execs saythey’ll leave theircompanyif the technologyisn’t up to scratch. Doyou riskyouremployees going elsewhere? Share your own #ConnectedConfession Download our report on getting the most from the modern workforce
  25. 25. The only reason I actually go over and chat to our accounts department is to hit the step goal on my smartwatch. #ConnectedConfession
  26. 26. More and more firms are embracing wearables to look afterthe health andwell-being of theirworkforce. Time to step up? Share your own #ConnectedConfession Take a look at our wearable devices
  27. 27. Any of our #Connected Confessions seem a little familiar? Ifyou have anyofyourown,we’d love to hearthem.We promisewewon’t tell anyone. Tweet @SamsungBizEU oruse the hashtag #ConnectedConfessions. Share your own #ConnectedConfession