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How to Create a Successful Corporate-Liable Mobility Program

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Frost & Sullivan research shows that more and more companies are going mobile - providing smart phones, tablets, and apps for their end users in record numbers. But when deploying mobile devices to their end users, many companies do not have a clear picture of the total costs or of the value of enabling a mobile workforce. This infographic explores the cost considerations and the value of a corporate-liable mobility program and examines the top mobile apps that businesses deploy as well as the top mobile app drivers. In addition, the infographic covers the key considerations for planning a mobile deployment and the capabilities to look for in a corporate-liable mobility program partner.

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How to Create a Successful Corporate-Liable Mobility Program

  1. 1. 68% of companies support BYOT Android is the top supported OS for employee-owned devices Top Android manufacturer Have implemented between one and 10 apps Plan to deploy additional mobile worker apps by the end of 2016 Deploy at least one mobile worker app How to Create a Successful Corporate-Liable Mobility Program A Roadmap to Success 80% $ 65% Frost & Sullivan research BLOG TWITTER @SamsungBizUSA WEBSITE SOURCE CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE WHITE PAPER: “A Successful Corporate-Liable Mobility Program Creates a Competitive Edge” Nearly 80% provide smartphones for at least some of their employees to use for work Corporate-liable plans may cost more initially, but they will save you money in the long run on maintenance, support, and other costs 65% offer tablets for business use More than 50% use mobile device management and/or endpoint security software Nearly 75% use network management tools MANY COMPANIES DON’T KNOW THE TOTAL COST OF MOBILE DEVICES Deploy the right devices to lower costs and increase performance THE VALUE OF ENABLING A MOBILE WORKPLACE More than half of all employees routinely work outside of a traditional corporate office IT resources, management applications and services, and security account for 1/3 of mobile expenditures Ensuring reliability, extensibility, and productivity are critical, too Satellite-office workers: 14.8% Part-time remote workers: 8.8% Full-time remote workers: 16.3% BUSINESSES DEPLOY MOBILE APPS FOR THEIR EMPLOYEES TOP MOBILE APP DRIVERS More efficient business processes: 42% More productive employees: 42% Keep up with the competition: 37% Increase revenues: 37% PUT THE POWER AND CONTROL IN YOUR COMPANY’S HANDS WITH THE CORPORATE-LIABLE APPROACH Companies should purchase, deploy, and support mobile devices and applications for all core employees PLAN EFFECTIVELY Short Term Mid Term Long Term Conduct a thorough security assessment COST Determine ongoing costs ROLLOUT DELIVE RY S U PPORT TRAINING Create a roadmap for three years out Determinehowdevices andappsaredeployed toemployees Developaplan forsupport Train end users on new hardware and software SECURITYSECURITY IDENTIFY KEY COMPONENTS FOR A CORPORATE LIABLE PARTNER. Choosing the right EMM partner can be tricky. Look for the following: ANTI-MALWARE Identifies, blocks, and removes malicious programs or applications CONTENT FILTERING Avoids traffic from known malicious Web hosts CALL AND MESSAGE FILTERING Blocks unwanted calls and texts REMOTE WIPE AND LOCK Users/Administrators can remotely erase data or lock a lost/stolen mobile device ANTI-LOSS AND ANTI-THEFT Remotely locates a lost or stolen mobile device CONTENT CONTROLS Monitors and limits user access to websites, messaging, and calls based on location, time or content type MOBILE VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK (VPN) Enables secure VPN connections and persistence over wireless and mobile networks ENCRYPTION Secures files and any data exchanged on the device SEPARATION OF CORPORATE AND PERSONAL DATA Allows users to rely on one device for both personal and professional use CLOUD-BASED MANAGEMENT Gives IT a simple, efficient way to see and manage all devices from a central console ACCESS DENIED WWW Among U.S. companies... $ $ $ $ $ $