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SearchCon 2016 | How to Lift Landing Page Conversions with Greg Ahern

Conversion Optimization with Greg Ahern, Ometrics

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SearchCon 2016 | How to Lift Landing Page Conversions with Greg Ahern

  1. 1. May 12 & 13, 2016 | Breckenridge, Colorado
  2. 2. May 12 & 13, 2016 | Breckenridge, Colorado How To Lift Landing Page Conversions By Greg Ahern Founder of Ometrics
  3. 3. Benefits of CRO • Google likes pages that align with the ad and convert. This creates a higher quality score, reduced cost per click and better cost per acquisition. • Revitalizes paid advertising and organic campaigns that are stalled out. • Reduces conflicts between client and agency and the internal company politics by offer unbiased factual testing
  4. 4. Benefits of CRO Example: Increasing the value of paid advertising campaign $1k per month ad spend A good B2B site gets 20 leads = $50 a lead 25% lift = 24 leads at $41.60 a lead Google may give you a better quality score reducing CPC
  5. 5. Which Test Won?
  6. 6. Test Labels in Call-To-Action “Try It Free” won, 11.9% lift in conversions @ 94% Statistical Confidence
  7. 7. Which Test Won? Sale! vs Deals! vs Clearance!
  8. 8. Test Navigation Labels Sale! vs Deals! vs Clearance! Control -7.89% Drop 19.87% Lift @ 93.87% S.C.
  9. 9. Which Test Won? Which version had more Winter Activities clicks?
  10. 10. Which Test Won? Big font text links won Winter Activities Text had 221.84% lift @ 100% S.C compared to buttons with image
  11. 11. Which Test Won? Carousel vs Four Static Images
  12. 12. Carousels Suck for Conversions Static images won: lifts ranged from 45.7% to 344.4%
  13. 13. A/B Testing – Statistical Confidence Statistical Confidence or Statistical Significance is: “The probability of how accurate a test result is.” i.e. I am 97.50% sure the variation had a lift of 23.79% There are many algorithms to calculate P (probability) such as: CHI Squared, Z-Score, Bayesian…. Bottom Line: • Always test to 90% or greater • Test for longer that a week even if you have winner • Test at least 100 users for each variation, ideally over 1000 • Enough conversions so one more does not make a difference.
  14. 14. Lifting Conversions Throughout The Sales Funnel Awareness – User is interested but has no immediate need and will often file the information away for a later time. Good for email nurturing campaigns. Very short attention span. Research / Education - Want to learn more – May not have a need at this time. Evaluation – Trial / Demo – User is interested and will spend time now or in near future. Most likely has an application or problem to solve. Buy - Ready to buy – user has a problem to solve and is looking for a solution to be implemented right away. Awareness Research Education Evaluation Trial / Demo Buy
  15. 15. Landing Page Basic Layout
  16. 16. Landing Page Basic Layout
  17. 17. Landing Page Basic Layout
  18. 18. Landing Page Basic Layout
  19. 19. Landing Page Basic Layout
  20. 20. Landing Page Basic Layout
  21. 21. Landing Page Basic Layout 14.71% Conversion Rate
  22. 22. A/B Testing – No Form / Gate 41.56% Conversion Rate 182% Lift @ 100% Statistical Confidence (S.C.) But… no contact data was collected
  23. 23. A/B Testing 14.56% Conversion Rate
  24. 24. A/B Testing – Email Only Form 18.04% Conversion Rate 23.90% lift @ 98.90% S.C. 3% to 5% lift per field is common
  25. 25. A/B Testing - Image 19.98% Conversion Rate 10.79% lift @ 91.41 S.C.
  26. 26. A/B Testing - Image But 80.02% are leaving the page!
  27. 27. Exit Popup 25.43% conversion rate of users that were exiting the landing page
  28. 28. Exit Popup – A/B Test Image Always test…. This image had a 15.87% conversion rate. A 37.59% drop in conversions!
  29. 29. Exit Popup – A/B Test Image Possible issues are: • Eye contact is direct instead of at the CTA • Multiple sports • Different CTA background design
  30. 30. Thank You Page Offers 9.51% lift in engagement driving users to shop 50% of the users clicked the Shop Now buttons. Some viewed catalog and clicked shop.
  31. 31. Thank You Page Heat Map The online catalog had more clicks than the PDF download. Users are still interested in getting mail.
  32. 32. Lifting Conversions Throughout The Sales Funnel Exit Popup to site 25.43% Download of catalog 19.98% (Got contact info) Total conversions plus engagement 45.41% Awareness Consideration Learn Evaluation Trial / Demo Buy
  33. 33. Exit Popup
  34. 34. Exit Popup • Header is same as ad copy • Image is looking at benefits and CTA
  35. 35. Exit Popup – Ask Twice 9.09 % lift in conversions Note: Combined name field simplifying the form
  36. 36. Exit Popup The main offer is for users to get the 2 for 1 coupon.
  37. 37. Exit Popup – Ask Twice 10.69% lift in conversions
  38. 38. Lead Popup vs Exit Popup Lead Popups are unobtrusive allowing the user to read the page. Lead Popups are mobile friendly Triggers include: • Scrolling • Time on page • Second visit to site • Exit of page
  39. 39. Lead Popup vs Exit Popup Unlike full page popup overlays, Lead Popups can be re-opened to be used later in a users session.
  40. 40. Lead Popup On Desktop
  41. 41. Lead Popups On Mobile This Lead Popup had a conversion rate of 29.78%. Three times that of the exit popup. Target: Users in Maui on vacation Traffic breakout 54% desktop 29% mobile 17% tablet
  42. 42. Take Aways • Design the landing page such that your eyes track to the CTA • For mobile use larger buttons and large font text links • Align your ad copy and ad image to the landing page headline and image • A/B test to at least 90% S.C., more than a week, over 100 visitor per variation, enough conversions so one more does not make a difference. • A/B test images, form fields, titles, CTA buttons, benefit bullets • Simplify pages focusing on one call-to-action • Increase engagement with thank you page offers • Use exit popups for desktop users – Try the same CTA or an offer with less commitment. For Example no phone number or a free download. • Use Lead Popups when users are exploring the site and for mobile conversions • Convert users in all stages of the funnel
  43. 43. Questions? Greg Ahern 800-700-8077 @gregahern Today From 2:30 PM to 4:00 PM Conversion Rate Optimization site /landing page audits Free CRO eBook