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  1. Context By Ben Brown
  2. Initial Reaction 1. I plan to make a step-by-step guide on how to survive in a slasher movie against a masked killer. This will be shot as a parody on typical slasher movie troupes. 2. I have experience in creating stories, filming and editing. I also animate and edit films on photoshop. 3. My opinion about this project is I am happy to have a second chance after having to plan and start again my FMP last year, although the revised project, The Paranoia of Edward Stanton turned out well. I feel overwhelmed being thrown right into the middle of this major project and because this FMP is the most important work of my college course but plan to do my very best work.
  3. Mood Board
  4. Mood Board Analysis Is there any repetition in the images you have collected? Repeated colours/images styles/fonts/tone/mood? All the images I have chosen are all to do with the style of a slasher/horror film. Many of the images are iconic slasher movies with gruesome deaths. Other pictures also have the slasher stereotypes like masks, isolated places and weapons. My slide also has the victims being spared or killed depending on their demographic characteristics. The tone/mood is both scary but a parody of the movies because some pictures there are of horror movies that are made to be funny and mocking the genre. How will your mood board influence your final product? My mood board will influence my project by being scary and displaying all the stereotypes of a horror/slasher movie with over-the-top kills but awareness of the recurring patterns and limitations of the genre. Given that most horror/slasher movies aren’t scary anymore and they’re becoming more self-aware, the mood board will influence me to make it a parody on how to survive a horror movie where I draw on the source material but do not take it at face value.
  5. Influence/Inspiration: Male Gaze Male Gaze is one of the four main theories in movie entertainment and this one mainly appears in slasher/horror movies. The theory is about women only being sex objects for dominant males and the movies are shot predominately from the male point of view. The belief of male gaze is that women only exist to please men (so that makes them seen as second-class citizens in society’s eyes) in sexual ways to show the dominant male patriarchy of society. This message is shown through movies (mostly slasher because they were popular in the 20th century) portraying women in that belief as people with no personality and portrayed or killed in sexualised ways. The male gaze mostly appears in the slasher franchise Friday the 13th, and the movies are produced with most of the run time with women being sex objects for males. What this theory says about the medium I’m working in is to mainly focus on dehumanising women and movies being shot from only a male perspective.
  6. Influence/Inspiration: Alfred Hitchcock Alfred Hitchcock was born on the 13th of August 1899 in London, he studied cinema and started working in in a movie theatre when he was 20 but then became a director making many cult classic films. Hitchcock believed that the horror movies he made were art and the actors who were in them were ‘cattle to be used’. Hitchcock always took the thriller approach to horror movies to make them both scary but also impactful. Hitchcock loved the medium of cinema but he believed that to make an artistic film that no care had to be given to the actors well- being.
  7. Influence/Inspiration: Tom Savini Born on November 3 1946, Tom Savini was a catholic raised ex-Vietnam soldier from Pittsburgh, all the horrible things he saw in Vietnam inspired him to make practical gory effects which eventually got him a lot of job roles in horror films. He also became a director and actor and most significantly he is the creator of Jason Voorhees. His belief is that his profession is a coping mechanism to forget the PTSD of Vietnam and he seems to see his work of art as beauty. Savini always takes an extremely realistic approach to his work to show the realism of death which he saw first hand in Vietnam. He says that he likes the medium of film but he always wants the deaths in a movie to be realistic so the grizzly events of the Vietnam war won’t be forgotten.
  8. Influence/Inspiration: Wes Craven Born on August 2 1939, Wes Craven was raised in Cleveland Ohio and pursued the career of film making at a young age. Craven tried with different genres to direct movies but eventually found success when directing A Nightmare on Elm Street. He was mocked about how he made horror movies in the early 1990s so he decided to make a self-aware horror movie, Scream, which changed the horror genre forever. His belief was that the horror genre was what he found most success in but he made Scream to improve on the problems of the horror genre. The approach to his work early on was standard horror but then he began to make his horror movies more intelligent and questioning to fix the faults of the horror genre. Craven likes the medium of film but wants movies to be more self-aware and to be truly scary to study fear in the human mind.
  9. Why are you making this project? I’m making this project for two reasons; I want a second chance to make a creative FMP of my choice and I’ve had the idea of making ‘How to survive a Slasher Movie’ for a long time so I want to bring it to life. As you well know by now, my FMP last year was too ambitious and ended with me having to make a simpler idea that was a success but not what I wanted to originally make. I’m going to make this project to have a second chance at bringing an idea to life that I have had for long time to fully fulfil my artistic vision. I’ve been wanting to make ‘How to survive a Slasher Movie’ since June and making the project out of a second FMP with so much time to make it perfect can make my project of a high standard.
  10. Strengths and Limitations 1. Strengths: One strength is filming my project entirely at home compared to my other projects filmed entirely in college. This will impact my production by giving me a lot more time and a higher budget. 2. Limitations: One limitation is the lack of actors I’ll have because its just me and my parents (that means there are only three actors). This will limit my production by having less actors to portray characters which will slow down production given that my only actors also have to do other things for the film. 3. Strengths: One strength is the gory practical effects I plan to use for my kills for the stereotypical teens in my FMP. This will impact my production by feeling like a real slasher/horror movie because they always have over the top kills and the goriness of my kills will be eye catching to anyone which will gather an audience. 4. Limitations: One limitation is I don’t have the knowledge or resources to make practical gore effects and I don’t know where to get them so I’ll have to do my best with limited resources. This will effect my production by making the project seem cheaper than what I was hoping for and it may not feel like a horror movie with low-budget practical effects that try too hard to be proper gore. 5. Strengths: One strength is I have full creative freedom over the project to make the horror film however I like. This will impact my production by making the project more imaginative and unique to stand out and get the attention of people. 6. Limitations: One limitation is I may come up with too ambitious ideas that aren’t possible with the time and budget I have. This will impact my production by causing the quality of the production to drop massively and everything will look like a low budget B movie because it lacks the proper resources and time.
  11. Potential Research Activities I will use both the internet and books to research four things; slasher movies, self-aware horror films, gory practical effects and humour in horror. I can research horror by looking at all the iconic slasher franchises on Amazon Prime to fully understand how slasher work. Self-awareness and humour in horror can be easily researched by watching more modern horror movies or watching the Scream series. I can also research movie books and articles about how horror films have developed and changed over time. I can research gory effects by taking lessons on practical effects in the make-up department and looking at all the movies Tom Savini has made gory effects for.
  12. Context Statement This FMP will require the construction of a detailed and original parody of widely known horror movie stereotypes and troupes through filming at a variety of interesting locations, excellent editing of the film, high quality acting and intelligent writing to bring to life the self-awareness of the modern slasher genre in a fun and compelling way. It will also require the inclusion of gory special effects and the use of mood and atmospheric lighting and settings to add suspense and horror. The Paranoia of Edward Stanton which I produced last year was an example of building tension and successfully using gore special effects on a limited budget. Wraith House was an example of intelligent writing and using pictures and dialogue to build horror and tension. Also, my Forgotten Heros factual project about John Snow gave me non-fiction film making skills that I hope to incorporate as I intent to use a spoof public service announcement as a narrative device. I plan to improve on these two examples in my FMP to make this project truly outstanding.

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  1. What have they said about the medium your working in?
  2. What have they said about the medium your working in?