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Various things we created for Wax Selection Recruitment.

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  5. 5. VAT Registered | GB 986118780 Registered Company: 7123027 Registered Office | Willoughby House, 2 Broad Street, Stamford, PE9 1PB | Tel: 0844 800 9021 At Wax Selection, we believe that our clients should be rewarded with something free for their ongoing support. So, we have decided that for every two retained searches we conduct on your behalf, we will do a third retained search absolutely free of charge. If your organisation regularly goes out to search this is a hefty saving on your recruitment costs. In fact, over time you could receive a number of completely free searches to engage the talent you seek. Contact us today for further information on this exciting promotion. Wax Selection - Leaders in Executive Healthcare Search and Selection. Not used Wax Selection yet? We’re so confident of delivering on your search project that we’ll conduct your first retained search with us at standard contingency rates. Ask about our Wax PSP. Advertising Wax Selection