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Groovy Grammar! Interesting ways to learn grammar!

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My books- Hacking Digital Learning Strategies & Learning to Go
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Groovy Grammar! Interesting ways to learn grammar!

  1. Photo by Monica Holli, How to Teach Grammar!
  2. Photo by Monica Holli, Who climbs the Grammar-Tree; distinctly knows Where Noun, and Verb, and Participle grows... - Decimus Junius Juvenalis, Satire VI
  3. VisualGraphs
  4. Correct celebrity tweets, updates
  5. Correct & rewrite reviews
  6. Photo by Monica Holli, Use comics
  8. Comic by Carmen Soto Fernández 393220611187549952 Created with
  9. • Students chant, “Mr. Bear, Mr. Bear, how are you?” • The bear puppet answers, “I am…” if he says hungry they all run. Games!
  10. Digital games & quizzes
  11. Tiny Tap Game Creation App Features: • Add own images or from a web search • Record your own voice • Record a question, an answer, a hint • 20 different soundtracks • Track progress using the in- game scoring system • Personalize pre-made games from the TinyTap store with narration and images
  13. Character Texts
  14. • Create trivia games • Drag and drop • Students prompted to make quiz for their peers to take • Timed • Leader board
  16. Grammar in music
  18. Jokes
  19. JokeBingo
  20. Chat
  21. Fake SMS by
  22. Teacher:JohannesRojas
  23. Bookmarklet Extension Read & Write
  25. Photo by Monica Holli, Other great tools!
  29. Get a copy of Learning to Go-