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Ocr g324 question1

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Ocr g324 question1

  1. 1. Shushana Brennan 4106 Aquinas College: 33435
  2. 3.
  3. 8. We had a chose of whether to do a parody or stick with the conventional soap trailer. I decided that I should stick with the main conventions of existing soap operas that I had researched on earlier. Using similar conventions from Coronation Street and Eastenders I then created my soap trailer.
  4. 9. Multiple main characters which allows parallel narratives and convergence which keeps the audience interested Big close ups to show emotion On a set not on location Camera as the fourth wall Conflict and equilibrium in each episode Very little make-up and casual clothes to create realism Blue filters on lights to create a dull realistic atmosphere POV Over The Shoulder Shots makes the audience feel like they are in the room with the characters looking over what they are doing experiencing the characters emotion 3 to 4 storylines are used in trailers as it keep the audience interested and allows the multiple narratives spread across multiple episodes
  5. 10. Before planning for our Final Project I researched existing products including Eastenders, Coronation Street and Skins and to see which institution either BBC, ITV or E4 suited my soap trailer. As British soap trailers are based on where it is set. I had to take this into consideration when planning for my soap trailer.
  6. 11. The use of various shot types ranging from close up’s and long shots of the characters. Plus over the shoulder shot, point of view shots, high and low angles. The use of costumes and props shows the characters appearance and also stereotypical style. Chosen locations which my target audience can relate to: Living room, phone box, office, park bench. The pace of the track goes with the slow motion scenes and the lyrics reflect what is happening between the characters.
  7. 12. For the costumes for our characters we just decided that we should wear normal clothing to create realism The only thing that thought about for costumes is Jack wearing a suit as we see him in an office working so it shows professionalism and that combining work and family life creates conflict
  8. 13. As shown above I have used conventional camerawork with the two shot which is a common camera shot that is used in soaps as it clearly demonstrates the characters relationships on the screen By using 2 shots throughout the trailer but in a different mise en scene help show the different relationships and conflicts between the characters
  9. 14. Existing Mine Point of view shot We see what the character is seeing This could be classed as a big close up as you can see the details on the phone (you can see the caller ID is blocked makes want to know who is calling
  10. 15. Shot reverse shot The audience can engage with the conversation with out the fourth wall being broken. The characters can also be seen reacting to dialogue and the environment Existing Mine
  11. 16. Over the Shoulder shot creates a third person perspective; the viewer feels like that they are with the characters, experiencing the events Existing Mine Indoor lighting is cast through a yellow filter to create the effect of an electric bulb The lighting in mine is natural light coming from the big front window to keep the gritty, realistic atmosphere When we were shooting inside we tried to use as much natural light possible to avoid yellow tones and a happy atmosphere We did do a test with the main light on in the living room and then a lamp in the corner but we thought that it was better with natural light from the window.
  12. 17. Close up to show characters emotions and reactions Outdoor shot use blue filter to create gritty, realistic lighting. This allows the audience relate to the soap My outdoor shot just uses the natural lighting to create authentic realism and grittiness Minimal make-up on the characters to create realism Minimal make-up reflects who the character is. (Drug Addict) Existing Mine
  13. 18. As soaps are based on where they are filmed and that each setting reflects the characters actions, I thought that this was a very important convention that we should include within my soap. The office scene shows professionalism and a business attitude. This contrast the scene in the phone box which is on the other end of the conversation
  14. 19. While sticking with the conventions of soap opera, I also had to pick an institution which would broadcast my soap on, I decided that the institution would be ITV1, I personally believed that my soap trailer looked like Coronation Street with the themes and the storylines that were used, and that the grittiness of my trailer fitted with the soaps and on ITV1. As you can I tried to keep the branding of the chosen institution of my soap consistent with ITV1. (This also linked to Q2.) Mine Existing TITLE CARDS The style of the titles cards especially the last main title card was influence by the ITV1 branding.
  15. 20. For my editing techniques I decided to keep them quite conventional so that it complimented the parallel narrative structure of my trailer. With existing soap operas they are a variety a storylines to keep their audience interested and reel other people in to watch it. Using the conventional narrative structure I was able to make it easy for my audience to follow and deduct the various storylines used while implying the relationships of the different characters.
  16. 21. The song in which I used was quite conventional as in most existing soap trailers the song matches the tone of the trailer. My soap has quite a sad dramatic tone which the song that I have chose (Skylar Grey – ‘Love The Way You Lie Part2’) suits quite well. Skylar Grey was actually the basis of the name of my soap Skylar Grove. The lyrics of the song match what is going on within the trailer and I have tried to show that by not using all of the song just specific parts of the song
  17. 22. As the song that I used was quite slow paced as well as slow pacing my edits I also used Cross Dissolve to cut to some edits which fitted quite well with the song and made it more dramatic, it also made my edits flow throughout my trailer At the beginning of my trailer I made some of my edits slower than normal pace to create tension this is what I did throughout the trailer and at the end as well, I thought the slow paced editing would suit the song which I had selected for my trailer as it is quite a slow paced song . The used of cross dissolve within my trailer
  18. 23. I looked at the ITV times for soaps that are broadcasted on this institution I found that Emmerdale is on a similar time as my soap would be if it was broadcasted Demographic are home from school/work/college Watch whilst eating dinner or after dinner entertainment .