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Best seo software_reviews-simple_and_fast_on-page_seo_tips_you_can_implement_in_your_lunch_break

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Best seo software_reviews-simple_and_fast_on-page_seo_tips_you_can_implement_in_your_lunch_break

  1. 1. Published based on Simple and Fast On-Page SEO Tips You Can Implement in Your Lunch BreakSimple and Fast On-Page SEO TipsYou Implement in Your Lunch Can Break
  2. 2. Optimisation, optimisation, optimisation! Is that word doinglaps in your head? It should be if youļre busy trying to get your business online and to the top of Google. Now,there are many methods of optimising your website. Some are relatively quick and easy to implement and sometake a little more time and effort.Although youļre not going to be able to avoid the longer processes such as link building and content marketing,you can ensure your site is SEO friendly with a few quick-fire techniques. So, without further ado, let ļs have alook at a few fast techniques you can use -- all before your colleague has a chance to finish his sandwich.Manage your meta dataYour meta data is an important part of your on-page optimisation. It forms the <head> part of your HTML coding,and the search engines use this as their guide to your web pages. It acts as a marker to let those little search botsknow what youļre all about. When configuring your meta data, you only need to focus on the meta <title> ļ andthe meta descriptionļ.Y our meta titleThe title should have one or two keywords that relate to your page. Always put keywords at the start of your titleand only put your branding in at the end. So, for example, if your company was Marketing by Web ļ, and yourkeyword for the page was SEO services in Bristolļ, then your title should look something like this:<title>SEO Services Bristol | Marketing by Web</title>Itļs always wise to use pipes to separate your keywords from your brand. Also, a great, optimised title tag will beno longer than 60 characters in length.Your meta descriptionYouļve got a little more freedom with this section. Well, you have 160 characters instead of 60, and in SEO terms- thatļs freedom! As the name suggests, this section should describe your page. However, you should include acouple of keywords at the start of your description, including the one in your title tag. So, if we use the previousexample, then your description will look something like this:Meta name=description content=¦ SEO Services Bristol: We are a leading provider of SEO services in Bristol andthe rest of the UK, helping small businesses with SEO and online marketing.¦As you can see, the keyword appears twice near the start and the description has a good call to action (leadingproviderļ), which is always essential for any form of marketing.
  3. 3. Keeping both the title tag and description tag short and sweet is great for Google and for encouragingclick-through. As far as the rest of the meta pool of data is concerned, leave it alone! You can get penalised forspam for stuffing the meta keywords section (which isnļt even looked at by the search bots anymore), and allyouļll do is clog up your code and hinder your content to code ratio. So, if you have sense, leave the rest alone!Oh, and never use the same title tags and descriptions on separate web pages - this will just confuse the botsand can hinder your hard SEO work.Go head over heels for headlinesThe headlines are also important for those site-scouring search bots. They use the headlines like they use themeta data; to figure out what your content is all about. Therefore, you should be thinking of slipping a keyword ortwo into your headlines. However, always make the headlines naturalļ and readable to your human users;otherwise youļll just put them off of reading the rest of your amazing content, and that ļs not going to get you anysales, is it?The only headline tags that really get that much attention from the search bots are the h1 ļ and h2 ļ tags,although h3ļ can be useful for further subheadings too. Your h1ļ tag is the big boy. It is the main title tag thatshould be the heading for your page. After that, you can use the slightly smaller h2ļ tag for subheadings andh3ļ for subheading your subheadings.A great ļh1ļ title tag for the example used in this article would be this:ņSEO Services Bristol - Welcome to the home of professional SEO¦The tag has the relevant keyword, is nice and short, and provides a good indication of what the rest of yourcontent will talk about; in this case professional SEO services ļ.Finished that sandwich yet?Honestly, these SEO tips can be implemented with relative speed and relatively little effort. For a site that ļs only6-10 pages long, you could easily write new title tags for each page before your lunch break is over.Plus, these tips work, and have been used by SEOļs for many years for on-page optimisation. So far, titles,descriptions, and headline tags have all survived through Googleļs relentless algorithm updates. If you haven ļtalready, then use them for your site and see what results you get.Stuart Withers is an internet author, copywriter, and SEO pro whoļs earned his digital marketingstripes. He currently works for the professional SEO company Marketing By Web. If you need help with yourSEO, or even with your Social Media and PPC, then get in touch and let Stuart and his team help your site win thesearch engine ranking war.Related articles On Page Optimisation for Affiliate Marketers Everything You Need to Know about Using Title Tags in Content Marketing