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Tips to create an Effective Presentation

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With the help of the powerpoint, you can create an impressive presentation. You can spread out your message across the audience in more creatively. We are here sharing some tips, that will help you make your presentation more impressive. Let me know in the comments section if you've any query or suggestion.

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Tips to create an Effective Presentation

  1. 1. 1 M A S T E R S L I D E S Save the master separately as a template before you start adding content to your PowerPoint. This way, you can use it as a base for future presentations. 2 A U D I E N C E If you're creating a new ppt to market your company's products or college students. Consider the questions, when creating the content. It will help to create their interest in it. 3 S T A N D A R D I Z A T I O N Keep in mind always use the same font face and sizes on all slides, especially the title, sub-headings and also colors especially the background colors and text. 4 A V O I D D U P L I C A T I O N Talk naturally and in your own words because the slide is a visual element that supports your speech. If there is a duplication, your audience will tend to be distracted. 5 I M A G E S Images help drive home the message faster and your audience can visualize the impact of what you are saying. If you don't have your images, browse free images sites. If you're creating a new presentation you need to be sure focus their attention on your message, without you wasting hours in PowerPoint. So, follow these tips to make your slides. A N I M A T I O N As you experiment with more presentation formats, you can even use animation and voice-overs to get your point across. But perhaps, at the beginner's level, you can avoid them. B R I E F A N D V I S U A L Skip the lengthy paragraphs and use headers, bullets, and—most of all—images. Adding visual structure to your slides can also make sure your colleague's eyes focus on the right things without adding too much text. C O N C L U D I N G If want to make your presentation more effective you need to be express a conclusion. It will help you to summarise key findings and propose a plan of action. For more visit - 6 7 8 HOW TO CREATE AN IMPRESSIVE PRESENTATION