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IOE: internet of emotions - Demetrio Migliorati

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The financial services industry is evolving. New players are challenging the incumbents with an extraordinary variety of products and services as has never happened before. Financial industry’s players must adequate strategies, products portfolio and services delivered according to the new wave of emerging customers’ behaviors. Recent analysis where showing that something very new and unexpected should be taken in great consideration. Something very “human”. In a world of digital services, ancestral humans behavior demands a service revolution.

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IOE: internet of emotions - Demetrio Migliorati

  1. 1. Heisenberg's uncertainty principle (the easy way)
  2. 2. Heisenberg's uncertainty principle (the easy way) In thermodynamics, a standard mercury-in-glass thermometer must absorb or give up some thermal energy to record a temperature, and therefore changes the temperature of the body which it is measuring.
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  5. 5.  Demetrio is a senior manager with an extensive multifunctional expertise in various industries and a solid information technology background.  Presently DW & Innovation @Banca Mediolanum, he is passionately focused on digital transformation. Redesigning work environments enabling the creation of brand new series of digital products & services. Empowering people to innovate using technology and solutions maximizing efficiency and effectiveness, while balancing their commitment to work and personal life.  Social business enthusiast, early adopter of whatever kind of new device, loves designing open & Arduino based IOT stuff.  Lecturer on “Digital & Social Enterprise” and “Digital Innovation Strategy” at Venice’s Ca’Foscari University (DEL - Digital Enterprise Lab).  Member of Lab Digital Enterprise at Milan’s Cattolica University and Milan’s Politecnico SmartWorking Advisory Board.  Business Unit Manager of the Educational Area at Venice’s Ca’Foscari University DEL.  Lecturer on Digital Transformation for Ninja Academy’s Digital Marketing Diploma and for the Digital Master Online  Keynote speaker.