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Times Jobs _Times Internet Limited

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Online Recruitment Solution which will help recruiter to recruit right candidates at lesser TAT in turn will get maximum ROI

Online Recruitment Solution which will help recruiter to recruit right candidates at lesser TAT in turn will get maximum ROI


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Times Jobs _Times Internet Limited

  1. 1. Presented By:- Designation:- Engage With The Right Talent
  2. 2.  Portfolio Overview  TimesJobs, The Job Portal with Best Incremental Reach  TECHGIG  JobBuzz  Our Esteemed Clients
  3. 3. Traditional Recruitment Process… Source Screen Hire • Immediate Fulfilment • Largely Technical Evaluation • Limited Information about Candidate Employer Apply Interview Join • Limited Awareness About Self • Limited Information About Employer • Focus on Position/Salary Candidate Challenges for Employer • Limited Reach to Right Talent • Dissatisfied Employees • Further Attrition Challenges for the Candidate • Dissatisfaction • Loss of Performance • Limited Career Growth And in the Process…
  4. 4. Meet the Evolved Candidate... Researches the Right Sector, Company & Skills needed for Career Growth Assesses Self, Aspirations. Evaluates the Right Role and Company for himself Consumes wide variety of information to arrive at career choices and path Applies to Carefully Selected and Most Suitable Jobs
  5. 5. The Evolved Candidate Behaviour … Causing the Change in what Employers need to do… • Strengthen Employer Brand for attracting and retaining top talent, through variety of interventions • Focus on Continuous Candidate Engagement through creative hiring practices • Leverage Social networks for maximizing reach
  6. 6. Rich content medium for skills enhancement Attract & develop the skills of finest techies Engages & empowers jobseekers to make informed career decisions Addressing the Needs of the Evolved Candidate through our portfolio of Products
  7. 7. Needs Guest Page My TJ Page Search Result Page Explore •Segment Specific Top Companies for Jobs •Top Companies with details on Company Page •Industry News •Skills Trends •Career Enhancement tools •Best Consultant Zone •Campus Direct •Potential Employers (customized Recommendation) •Customized Job Recommendations basis role & similar profiles •Job Results (from Guest Page/My TJ Page) •Potential Employers (customized recommendation) •Featured Companies (customized recommendation) •Profile Update Status Research •Rating/ Review/ Interview •Expert speak •Connection •Blog/ White papers •Other knowledge resources •Rating/ Review/ Interview •Expert speak •Connection •Blog/ White papers •Other knowledge resources •Rating/ Review/ Interview •Expert speak •Connection •Blog/ White papers •Other knowledge resources Assess •Compare Salaries •Skills Certification •Courses •Job Details •Compare Salary •Skill Gap •Compare Salary Apply N.A •Apply to selected and most suitable jobs •Apply to selected and most suitable jobs
  8. 8. ALL NEW TIMESJOBS GUEST HOME PAGE • Explore More on Company Page…. • Research • Assess
  9. 9. ALL NEW MY TIMESJOBS PAGE • Explore • Assess • Apply More on Company Page….
  10. 10. ALL NEW MY SEARCH RESULT PAGE • Explore • Assess • Apply More on Company Page….
  11. 11.  Print Media Advertisements on leading national dailies – Times Of India, Economic Times, Ascent, Mirror etc  Digital Media Campaigns across leading web portals – Yahoo, Google, Rediff, MSN, indiatimes, Money Control etc  Radio Promotions over leading Radio Station – Radio Mirchi DigitalPromotion over Radio and Mobile Print Our Rich Portfolio is supported by an equally compelling Outreach Program
  12. 12. Rich Portfolio Addressing Candidates’ Career Needs Effective Outreach Program Competent Aspiring Candidates So, at TimesJobs we help you “Engage with the Right Talent”
  13. 13. TimesJobs User Journey
  14. 14. 14 TimesJobs is Transformed Helping Competent Professionals make Smarter Career
  15. 15. 15 TimesJobs is Transformed Helping Competent Professionals make Smarter Career Decisions Insights • Solution to Diverse Needs (>>> Jobs) • Powerful and seamless integration • Helps candidates with Information, Insights, and Jobs Let’s look at how TimesJobs addresses the needs of Sameer Arora, an experienced tech professional
  16. 16. Sameer Arora, 32 years, Delhi Sr. Software Engineer, TCS Work Exp. 8 Years Sameer’s realized and latent needs - Market worth? - Best Employers? - Trending Skills? - Benchmarking prowess - Skills Enhancement - Passive still keen to discover the right opportunity He lands on transformed TimesJobs, what all could he do? What Sameer wants/needs?
  17. 17. Sameer lands on transformed TimesJobs
  18. 18. He finds largest selection of Jobs at one place
  19. 19. Sameer checks his market worth
  20. 20. Finds out the best employers in his category
  21. 21. Sameer’s interested, Registers!
  22. 22. Gets his personalize d homepage
  23. 23. Views his career path till date and relevant jobs
  24. 24. Sets his aspirations & goals
  25. 25. Figures our skills gap and benchmarks himself
  26. 26. Is able to follow employers of his choice & gets updates
  27. 27. Explores the company of his choice
  28. 28. Consumes Reviews
  29. 29. Prepares for Interviews
  30. 30. Benchmarks his salary
  31. 31. Assesses behavioral strengths & competencies (HA)
  32. 32. Gets skills certification & enhances knowledge
  33. 33. Sameer Arora, 32 years, Delhi Sr. Software Engineer, TCS Work Exp. 8 Years The Transformed TimesJobs helps him Make smarter career decisions Sameer has found a solution
  34. 34.  Portfolio Overview  TimesJobs, The Job Portal with Best Incremental Reach  TECHGIG  JobBuzz  Our Esteemed Clients
  35. 35. Hire The Best Talent Quickly, Conveniently & Economically
  36. 36. Total Candidates Across Functional Areas 6.8 Lac+ Active IT candidates 3.90 Lac+ Active Finance candidates 2.6 lac+ Active Sales & Marketing candidates 6.5 Lac+ Active Engineering candidates Versatile Database 2.4 crore+ resume database Candidates across all functional areas 12 million + visits monthly on TimesJobs 50 million+ page views monthly on TimesJobs 60% users with 3+ years of experience Tremendous Traffic
  37. 37. Active Candidates Across Experience Level Versatile Database 0-2 years 9.6 Lac+ candidates 2-5 years 7.8 Lac+ candidates 5-10 years 6.8 Lac+ candidates 10+ years 3.7 Lac+ candidates Total Candidates Across Experience Level Candidates Across Regions North India 7.3 Lac+ candidates West India 8.35 Lac+ candidates East India 2.4 Lac+ candidates South India 8.6 Lac+ candidates Total Candidates Across Regions 0-2 years, 32% 5-10 years, 25% 2-5 years, 33% 10+ years, 10%
  38. 38. Unparalleled USPs - Large Number of Resumes amongst most sought after Functional Areas -Incremental Reach with over 33% unique resumes that aren’t available even with the largest competitor - Unmatched Relevance in Search Results with Intelligent & Intuitive Search mechanism -Significantly higher number of applications per job as compared to competitors Thus, delivering more value at highly cost effective price – you can’t afford to miss TJ vs Competitor 1 TJ vs Competitor 2 Job Applications received after 3 days of posting the job 101% 110% More than 80% applicants are over 2+ years of experience
  39. 39. • Access 2.4 crore+ resumes • Get the most relevant resumes with our Intelligent & Intuitive Search engine • Shortlist selected CVs in your own customized folders • Contact & recruit up to 100 candidates through e-mail or SMS at one go Pinpoint the Right Candidate
  40. 40. Pinpoint the Right Candidate
  41. 41. Targeting Jobs to the Right Candidates • Effortlessly post your job online and make it live within 2 minutes • Get maximum exposure for jobs as they automatically reach the inbox of thousands of candidates through targeted Job Alerts • Receive the best matched applications upfront through Intellifilters
  42. 42. Database Access Feature TimesJobs Monster Naukri Shine Search Summary Show searched parameters on result page Full Partial Partial Partial Confidential Candidate Search Confidential Resumes are premium candidates who wish to maintain their confidentiality while changing jobs. X   X Share Searches Search searches among sub user X X   Publish search criteria as job posting Helps recruiter to publish the search as job, saves time in filing the entire form again  X X  Create own search form Allow to create your own search form add & remove fields in the form  X  X Category based search & Special Ability Search Gen, SC, ST, Physical, Mental challenged candidate search X   X
  43. 43. Database Access Feature TimesJobs Monster Naukri Shine Search History Single click access to all searches done in past.   X  View candidate resume on the search result page itself This feature displays full resume on the search result page itself for the ease of short listing & contacting  X X X Passive Candidate Search Innovative search that helps you head-hunt premium & exclusive candidates from across the web  X X X Role based Search This feature allows search for predefined roles  Added as a field in the search form   X Exclusive IT Candidate Search Search candidates with specialized IT skills  Divine IT   
  44. 44. Database Access Feature TimesJobs Monster Naukri Shine Refine Search Results Search Refining Clusters let you further refine your search result Kwd, verified mobile, verified email, CTC, Exp, Industry, Location, Functional Area/ AOS, School & Graduation, Post Graduation, Top Institute Industry, Function, Role, Location, Preferred Location, Exp, Salary Kwd, employer, Designation, Exp Location, Exp, Salary, Industry, FA, Education Level, Education Stream Salary in multiple Currencies Search candidate with different currency options like INR, USD etc  X X X Exclude Candidates Exclude candidates which you don’t want to see in results X SMS Sent Mail Sent Downloaded Resume Viewed Emailed Downloaded Viewed Excel downloaded Email Sent SMS Sent
  45. 45. Resume Detail Page TimesJobs Monster Naukri Shine Candidate Social Professional Info Resume contains additional details of candidate alongwith his attached resume Web Footprint – His professional details taken from web X X X IT candidate skill details Resume contains specialized IT skills and their expertise level Skill Quotient - his skill test score on Techgig X Version, last used details are available Skill with yrs of exp Similar Profiles Candidates matching with currently viewed resume    X
  46. 46. Mass Mail TimesJobs Monster Naukri Shine Mail template sharing X X   Option to attach/dettach Apply/Reply button X    Attach recruiter professional profile  X  X Mail Campaign Manager  X X X Send Bulk Mail X X X 
  47. 47. Job Posting TimesJobs Monster Naukri Shine Type of Postings WizJob BPO Job Full time Contract Walkin Job for Disabled Hot Vacancy Classified Private Job Simple Job Posting Add Social Profile with Job  X  X Job preview option in job posting window X  X  Inventory Status in job posting window X  X  Add Photos & Presentations to jobs X X  X Auto Save of Job Draft  X  X Import JD from File X  X  Suggested Skills  X  X Add Custom Q with Job  X  Additional Service Add Auto Response for Success Job Applications  Auto response for all applications X X
  48. 48. Recent Product Launches TimesJobs Xpress Hire Premia - Xpress Hire Premia, recruiter can reach out to a larger audience in a shorter span of time thus making the recruitment process more economical. Custom Q Premia - Recruiter can ask questions related to job and set correct answer with each question to filter job applications. Send personalized auto email response to filtered applicants. Monster Talent Bin - provides recruiters access to candidate profiles aggregated from social sources across the web. Monster College - customized platform aiming to aid educational institutes with placement support and employability enhancing services. Naukri Referral Hiring – Create a referral for a job and set rewards of your choice. Share referral across multiple networks through employees to their social contacts. Track & filter referral applications. Career Site Manager - design, build and host career site. Focus on showcasing company brand, posting and sharing jobs. Easy mobile ready interface. Shine New Updates in the Advance Search Form - Search By Age - Search By Notice Period - Search By Year of Passing - Include Candidates with Zero Salary in the Search Result
  49. 49. - Employer of Choice - Top Companies - Potential Employers Addressing Evolved Candidate Behaviour On Company Page
  50. 50. • More number of Impressions: at-least 2 million impressions/month projected • Average Time Spent on Site: At-least 6 minutes • Much larger creative than a logo: Exclusive Share of Voice • One stop solution for talent engagement and hiring needs on company page
  51. 51. • More number of Impressions: at-least 2 million impressions/month projected. • Additional relevant information along with the Logo. • Average Time Spent on Site: At-least 6 minutes. • Relevant Traffic: Dynamic Top Companies Logo basis the Category Selected. • One stop solution for talent engagement and hiring needs on company page
  52. 52. • More number of Impressions: at-least 1.8 million impressions/month projected. • Average Time Spent on Site: At-least 4.5 minutes. • Premium R.H.S Position: More number of eyeballs. • Relevant Traffic: Potential Employers customized basis IT & Non-IT Segments. • One stop solution for talent engagement and hiring needs on company page
  53. 53. • More number of Impressions: at- least 1.8 million impressions/month projected. • Average Time Spent on Site: At- least 4.5 minutes. • Premium R.H.S Position: More number of eyeballs. • Relevant Traffic: Potential Employers customized basis IT & Non-IT Segments. • One stop solution for talent engagement and hiring needs on company page
  54. 54. CANDIDATE BEHAVIOUR ON COMPANY PAGE • Explore • Assess • Research • Apply
  55. 55. CANDIDATE BEHAVIOUR ON COMPANY PAGE • Awareness • Desire • Interest • Action
  56. 56. STRATEGIC ALLIANCES Strategic Tie-up with:  NHRDN (National Human Resource Development Network), one of the largest networks of HR professionals in the country  NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation), a government agency working towards skills development. Positioning ourselves as ‘Thought Leader’ in the jobs & career space.
  57. 57. Special Verticals like IT call for Specialized Recruitment Solutions due to:  Presence of multiple roles &skills which makes it hard to formulate every combination through traditional And/Or/NOT combinations  Advanced Skills pose limitations for inexperienced recruiters to churn relevant resumes Passive candidates employed with best of the employers are usually more competent, skilled, engaged & tend to stay longer in organizations Due to these reasons, employers are trying to reach this Passive Talent –the biggest challenge they face here is accessibility of these candidates as they are usually not present on job portals Presenting Divine-IT Our mind reading, dynamic semantic search that delivers 50% more number of relevant IT resumes Presenting Divine-IP Our innovative search that let you headhunt Passive & Exclusive Candidates from across the web Together they form Divine-I Now, No IT Professional Can Hide From Your Eyes Peculiarity in IT Hiring All Good Quality Candidates may not be present on Job Portals
  58. 58. Now, no IT professional can hide from your eyes Divine-I is a New Visionary Search from TimesJobs that expands your view to a larger number of relevant IT Resumes and helps you reach even Passive Candidates from beyond Job Portals. Divine-I Comes Packaged in Two Parts The dynamic semantic search that delivers more results in a snap An extra-ordinary search that delivers Premium and Exclusive profiles Together, Divine-IT & Divine-IP give you Right IT Talent with least effort. Now, no IT professional can hide from your eyes.
  59. 59. The dynamic semantic search delivers 50% more number of relevant IT resumes by: Better search formulation & Discovery of related Roles & Skills See 50% more number of relevant IT resumes with our mind reading search Churn the most relevant IT profiles in least time
  60. 60. The eyes that let you see Passive Candidates from across the web An innovative search that helps you head hunt Passive & Exclusive candidates Enter Role/Company/ Institute & Location and Divine-IP displays these candidates with whom you can connect directly with your FB Profile
  61. 61. TJ Social Prima
  62. 62. Objective • How about becoming Most Preferred Employer by • leveraging the strength of social media • creating employee engagement campaigns • gaining traction of potential candidates • hiring prospective candidates • Do all this and much more using TimesJobs Integrated Facebook App and transform your FB page into a Social Career & Engagement Platform for existing and prospective employees.
  63. 63. Features • Unleash the power of dual database: TimesJobs & Facebook • Supports multiple sections to showcase your true Employer Brand: – About your Company – Photos – Reviews – Jobs/Career – Events o Contests for o Internal Employees o All followers o Promotions o Referral o Any Specific Page
  64. 64. Features o Post and Manage Jobs with TimesJobs Job Posting Service. o Get Job Applications both from TimesJobs and FB users right in your mailbox o Reach prospective candidates instantly using Facebook notifications o Run effective employee engagement campaigns for existing employees using contests, promotions etc. o Built an active community of prospective candidates by engaging with users
  65. 65. What TimesJobs will Provide? • Facebook platform (app) having backend integrated with TimesJobs (If you already have an existing Facebook page, the app will be linked with the existing page) • Integrated Job Posting Module • Facebook App Admin Module easy control (upload images, videos, run campaigns etc.) • Access to TimesJobs vast candidate database
  66. 66. How it works?
  67. 67. What else? Through our preferred partner we would also provide customized Social Media Optimization (SMO) plans, which includes – the App and FB Community management services – effective content engagement activities with your fans/followers – gather more traffic to your App/FB Page
  68. 68. Sample App Pages To experience Live Demo, Visit: 596?sk=app_316666651864848
  69. 69.  Portfolio Overview  TimesJobs, The Job Portal with Best Incremental Reach  TECHGIG  JobBuzz  Our Esteemed Clients
  70. 70. Helps you engage with technology professionals
  71. 71. Recruiting Top Talent Talent Engagement Building Thought Leadership TECHGIG gives you specialized platforms that engage your internal and potential employees from different niches, help you reach out to them consistently & establish thought leadership with active branding and engagement
  72. 72. 1. Company Page • Premium customizable page • Showcase upcoming events, notice board, gallery, news etc. • Engage techies by allowing them to follow your company Talent Engagement Tools
  73. 73. 2. Coding Contest • Helps you attract & engage high-quality developer • Exclusive online branding of your company Talent Engagement Tools
  74. 74. Talent Engagement Tools 3. Skill Page Sponsorship Helps you engage & establish thought-leadership in a micro- community built around the chosen skills
  75. 75. Webinars Showcase your company expertise on a particular skill and domain to the entire community Building Thought Leadership
  76. 76. Code Hire The way to hire top selected developers • Merit based selection. • Participants do not feel that his application is lost. • They show great intent & commitment – as they spend 2-3 hours solving the problem. Recruitment Tool
  77. 77. TechGig User Journey
  78. 78. “If debugging is the process of removing software bugs, then programming must be the process of putting them in.” ~Edsger Dijkstra Coding Wisdom For Recruiters Most Recruiters don’t understand Technology Hiring Its Time for a new Model approach for Technology Hiring
  79. 79. What Techies Want • He wants you to be honest; never fake it • He wants to know the real job not the tasks • He wants to know the entire stack • He wants to discuss your problems – not get grilled about contrived CS 101 material • He wants a real mentor • He wants to be heard on the job • He wants to have an impact – that’s Transformation! Job Offe r From To Just
  80. 80. Our Reach in the IT community 120,00,000+> US Silicon Valley + Indian Silicon Valley combined population
  81. 81. Our Coding Platform is the Industry Benchmark Nearly 10x Times GREATER than total worldwide contestants at Google Code Jam in 2014 200,000+ Total Registered Coders using our coding platform > More than total worldwide employee strength of Facebook and Google combined!!
  82. 82. Skill Development Personal Skill Assessment Learning and Knowledge enhancement Apply Knowledge/ Skills
  83. 83. Learning & Knowledge Enhancement- Skill Pages, Tech News, Expert Speak & E-Courses Learning and Knowledge enhancement
  84. 84. Personal Skill Assessment
  85. 85. Code Contest Participated in code Contest and won and scored high Tech Quotient
  86. 86. User Got Job Offer Application with High TQ Job Offe r
  87. 87. Branding Strengthen employer brand by showcasing your company and work you do as a preferred employer to 100 M+ Users Engagement Identify and engage with top tech talent Benchmark Benchmark yourself with India’s top technology talent and identify skill gaps Talent Pipeline Opportunity for you build talent pool from India’s top professionals What we offer to Technology Employers
  88. 88. few success
  89. 89. Showcasing a few customers among many who swear by our IT solutions
  91. 91. “Code Gladiators helps in engaging the internal employees and is ideal place to attract and hire best coders in the country. It is also great for networking and benchmarking.” - Director Engineering, Akamai Technologies Code Gladiators has helped us create a strong branding buzz among the candidates and employees. Coding contests are best way to engage employees and identify the top talent.” - Talent Acquisition Leader, South Asia at Thermo Fish “Code Gladiators is a fantastic event. It gives opportunities to showcase talent. I would rate the event 8 on 10. We are taking back a lot of new learnings.” - Director-Product Development, Cvent “Code Gladiators is a great platform for us to look at the hunting ground for coders. This is definitely a good platform to look at.” - SVP-HR, Steria India
  92. 92.  Portfolio Overview  TimesJobs, The Job Portal with Best Incremental Reach  TECHGIG  JobBuzz  Our Esteemed Clients
  93. 93. Engage and create your own community of prospective employees
  94. 94. We have married the requirements of Company, Jobseekers and Employees to create JobBuzz JobBuzz for the Recruitment Industry is similar to what : TripAdvisor Holidays Travel CarWale Automobile Industry The common currency which drives engagement in all these instances is the review
  95. 95. Immense Traffic • Monthly Visitors -800,000 • Total users – 2 Million + • Total Number of followers - Over 250,000 Tremendous Coverage • Total Companies – 20000 + • Total Reviews – Over 100,000 +
  96. 96. Create your own community of prospective employees We provide a common platform that gives a balanced view of what the employer and employees have to say about the company On this platform we let you: • Showcase your employer brand • Display open positions • Publish latest company updates – photos, videos, company articles • Engage candidates by letting them become your company followers
  97. 97. Objectives  Gauges Brand Attributes considered by your prospective employees while choosing the work-place  Also gives you a comparative view with competitors Deliverables  Detailed Customized Report  Generic report for external audience.  Survey Report Amplification. Extensive promotion of survey & its findings  On TimesJobs & Jobbuzz universe. via Banners, Pop Ups, Logos, Links etc.  Customized Emails to the target audience.  Presence on relevant FB fan pages.  Presence amongst Focus Groups Promote Your Brand as The Most Preferred Employer and to amplify this through Popular Neutral Platforms Brand Perception Survey
  98. 98.  Portfolio Overview  TimesJobs, The Job Portal with Best Incremental Reach  TECHGIG  JobBuzz  Our Esteemed Clients
  99. 99. & many more…
  100. 100. "I would like to appreciate the TimesJobs team for extending the continuous cooperation and support. I am happy with the services and would like to continue with the same for fulfilling our hiring needs. " Ganesh Vijay Ingulkar, Persistent Systems Ltd. "Taking the liberty of borrowing the line from one of the fortune 500 companies which states 'Customer is God' and an extension to that thought in an Indian context - 'Atithi Devo Bhava'. Your team (TimesJobs | TECHGIG) just not believes in this but lives by it 24/7 ! “ Tanuja Gaduputi, Marketing Manager, Oracle India Private Ltd. "We are happy to confer Star Partner Trophy to TimesJobs for their remarkable performance“ Team, HCL Technologies Limited
  101. 101. "Timesjobs has been extremely prompt in their services (resume searches/ top banner up gradation/ micro site improvements) given to us.“ Deepti Raja, Manager - HR, Religare Enterprises Ltd. "It has been a great partnership and I would like to thank the entire Timesjobs team for the support you guys have always extended“ Haroon Pasha, Global Talent Acquisition Team- American Express "We are happy with its services. Recently, we sourced a candidate for a middle- management position from TimesJobs“ Rau MB V, General Manager - HR, Exide Industries Limited "From the time we have started using TimesJobs Branding Services, the visits to our site have increased exponentially“ Anup Changavalli, Staffing Program Manager COVIDIEN (CIEC) To Read More…Click Here
  102. 102. To know more about our services Please call us at 0120-6600720 (Mon-Sat, 9:30 am – 6pm) or write to us at

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