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Sri Padmaharini Raghunathan
Master of Science in Computer Science, Dec 2015
Northern ...
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Resume of an aspiring graduate student with a never give up attitude.

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I would like to thank you for your valuable time in reviewing my resume. Feel free to drop me a message if needed.


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Resume of an aspiring graduate student with a never give up attitude.

  1. 1. Sri Padmaharini Raghunathan EDUCATION Master of Science in Computer Science, Dec 2015 Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science, May 2011 Maamallan Institute of Technology, Anna University, Chennai, India SKILLS Languages: C, C++, Java, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, UML, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Go, NoSQL Networking Protocol: TCPIP, Wireless LAN Scripting languages: PHP, Python, Perl, Shell Scripting, JavaScript Operating Systems: UNIX, Windows, Mac OS X, Ubuntu Other: Data Structure and Algorithms, Network Security, Tableau, Git WORK EXPERIENCE Associate Developer: Automated Design Corporation, Romeoville, IL February 2016 – April 2016  Developed APIs using C and PostgreSQL to access data from the server.  Designed and developed single page web applications using JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS and Bootstrap.  Experienced creating GUI application for various operating system using WxWidgets.  Created customized blockly and embedded them as a part of the user interface. Environment: C, C++, Git, JavaScript, JQuery, JSON, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Blockly, WxWidgets Graduate Research Assistant: NIU Digital Convergence Lab, DeKalb, IL March 2015 – December 2015 Project: Unified English Braille Online Training  Generated scripts using Python to evaluate assignments submitted in braille format, which involved framing patterns, pattern match, displaying the position of error and calculating the score.  Exported data to PDF file formats using Django and PyfPDF. Project: SmartFAQ  Redesigned the database schema for effective updating and retrieving of table data.  Developed 6 interactive web pages using AJAX, JavaScript HTML and CSS in the front end and worked in PHP scripts to communicate between web pages and the database. Consultant (Project Engineer), Brocade Communications, Chennai, India May 2011-July 2014 Project: NetIron IP Sustaining and Development  Addressed 35-38 system level bugs in the Traffic Management (TM) and Switch Fabric Modules (SFM).  Actively participated in live maintenance windows and fixed the high priority Customer Escalations on the field.  Independently worked on enhancements by collecting customer and client requirements, preparing feature document with design specification and unit tested with several test cases to ensure its performance, functionality and scalability before final release.  Accounted for developing the Auto Tuning feature, an automated error correcting mechanism that constantly monitors the system for any possible link errors, CRC errors and fixes those errors by altering the serdes (serializer-deserializer) values. Correcting these errors during the run time saved several links from going down and reduced the links getting congested to a greater extent.  Devised a NP-TM packet loss monitoring feature to debug the frequent packet loss between the network processor (NP) and traffic manager(TM) and manual debugging of the same is time consuming. This feature would monitor both the NP and the TM sides at the same time and generates syslog with error information.  Developed Fabric Error Interrupt Monitoring feature which constantly monitors around 500-1000 registers both on the TM and the SFM side. When it senses an issuelike bit flip, packet drop it collects the register dumps of all registers and checks for the problem and handles the error efficiently. Environment: C, RTOS (mucho), Source Insight, ClearCase, IXIA, SDS Debugger ACADEMIC PROJECTS Iterative Book Search Server  Designed Book Search iterativeserver which handles multipleclientrequest for a given book name and returns the author if available which was developed using socket programming in C language, where a client request is taken from standard input and sent to the server, the server searches in the underlying database and fetches the author. AWARDS AND ACHIEVEMENTS  Winner, Master the Mainframe Contest Part 2. CERTIFICATION  SQL Server Implementation and Maintenance  .NET Framework 2.0 Web based clientDevelopment