corporate governance research corporate governance board of directors executive compensation ceo compensation risk management ceo succession leadership succession planning compensation proxy voting governance quality executive pay proxy advisors pay for performance esg ceo turnover chief executive officer incentives governance structure stakeholder perspective stakeholder boards of directors oversight chief executive officers corporate governance research. shareholders proxy advisory services shareholder activism risk ceo ceos transparency shareholder corporate social responsibility scandal activism tone at the top culture ceo pay independent chairman diversity equity compensation say-on-pay disclosure long-term investing corporate sustainability sustainable investing environment startups independent directors board culture controls reputational risk board evaluations board performance talent development coaching labor market fraud proxy advisory firms staggered boards compensation committees succession independent chair ceo labor market activist hedge funds board of directors evaluation golden parachutes governance board diversity antitakeover protections insider trading hedging david larcker brian tayan board structure board quality dual-class shares pre-ipo companies esg investing ceo activism compensation choices compensation design classified boards audit history of compensation bonuses long-term incentive plans stock options equity performance measurement boardroom dynamics ceo recruitment incentive systems executives ceo performance performance audit and risk leadership and succession planning director qualifications unethical behavior correlation of pay to performance metrics dual chairman/ceo ethics independence standards poison pills ceo succession planning agency problems principles of corporate governance agency costs global governance systems capital market impact impact of legal tradition global accounting standards board of directors compensation board of directors recruitment equity incentives staggered board internal controls financial restatements takeover premiums acquisition premiums gaap and non-gaap earnings nonprofit organizations nonprofit boards institutional investors def14a annual proxy statement board committees directors women on boards corporate culture high-trust organizations organizational trust ceo coaching fcpa shareholder proposals general counsel fixed or contingent pay shareholder voting social media pay-for-performance ipo stanford graduate school of business berkshire hathaway financial reporting 10-q 10-k 8-k accounting sec filings public companies coronavirus covid-19 punishment new directorships turnover resignation professional directors board skills labor market for directors ceo directors expertise outside directors advising companies scaling companies growing companies entrepreneurship director recruitment first outside director first director board recruitment executive diversity racial diversity glass ceiling diversity pipeline fortune 100 c-suite suspicious general counsel approval blackout window approval of executive stock transactions 10b5-1 plans insider trading policy and proxy advisory. general principles pay and size survey data american view on pay us demographical survey break up of technology companies us government tax spend tax policies proposed tax policies universal basic income personal wealth limits wealth tax personal wealth high income earners us taxation us corporate tax rates us individual tax rates board evaluation powerful directors board oversight good corporate governance blackrock advocacy investment horizons leadership decision making sustainability and the environment stakeholder interests and long term value stakeholder initiatives valueact stock classes war for talent human capital management strategic hr strategic human resources human resources financial systems setting up a governance system implementing a governance system 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shareholder pressure glass lewis iss institutional shareholder services strategic decisions board books board presentations independence netflix open access information flow information gap activism settlements proxy contests hostile takeover gadflies proxy proposals corporate control data theft cyber threats cybersecurity socially responsible investing pension activism union activism compensation consultants ceo transitions internal vs external ceo candidates visionary founders professional ceos ceo talent grooming ceo talent development ceo talent internal talent development proxy contest securities class action concealment tips bribery bankruptcy foreign corrupt practices act government whistleblower programs sec whistleblower program unethical activities class action control mechanisms whistleblower black scholes compensation risk incentive risk earned versus realized pay ceo termination ceo departure restricted stock stock ownership guidelines performance units performance shares realizable pay interim ceo emergency ceo ceo pay levels immoral or unethical executive acts fair punishment public perception of ceos that misbehave unethical or immoral executive behavior eo newly hired ceos ceo attributes outside ceos inside ceos board effectiveness board skills and expertise board survey external ceo inside ceo internal ceo outside ceo personal lifestyle personal attributes military training work style leadership style background executive training risk tolerance personality activists annual meeting rule 14a-8 shareholder resolutions shareholders and proxy advisory director backgrounds busy directors abusive language hubris conflicts of interest sexual relations recidivism ceo misconduct arrogance ceo bad behavior corporate governance researh shareholder proxy voting say on pay independent board ceos and directors on pay ceo pay ratio ceo compensation and pay decentralization autonomy trust indemnification director liability classified board director interlocks independent director staggered or classified boards e-index scores merger activity takeover bids tobin's q management entrenchment shareholder rights antitakeover protection supermajority provisions venturebacked companies founder ceo alternative models of corporate governance tax exempt organizations venture capital funds professionalization of startups private equityowned companies familycontrolled businesses newly appointed ceos models of succession planning role of board of directors board liability board independence board legal and fiduciary duties board functions social responsibility funds freerider problem institutional shareholers blockholders annual proxy shareholder primacy pension funds onesizedoesnotfitall agency issues equity incentive risk change in ownership poison pill empire building restricted rights to call a special meeting dual class shares market for corporate control shareholders cannot vote by written consent n onaudit services audit manipulation audit committee accounting quality auditor rotation expected and realized pay ceo pay package executive compensation; ceo pay earned golden parachute pro forma compensation compensation disclosures pay for performance disclosures realized and realizable pay corporate governance book ceo risk taking nonfinancial metrics for profit firms nonprofit perfvormance measurement performance measures strategy implementation corporate strategy organizational structure competitive advantage instituitional shareholders board committees and shared knowledge board committee overlap handpicked successors shareholder composition managing the shareholder base long-term or short-term shareholders shareholder base shareholder investment horizon shareholder influence corporate decision-making investment horizon social media monitoring corporate risk management reputational risks succession planning myths succession planning ceo succession c-suite talent development keywords: corporate governance systems incentives and control role of trust in governance institutional investors proxy votes proxy advisory firms. proxy advisors executive divorce ceo divorce disclosure and transparency corporate boards gender women executive coaching personality factors separation and control board of directors oversight agency theory performance evaluations ceo anddirector survey results ceo personality ceo and executive leadership ceo-chairman duality retirement assets proxy process union pensions funds strategy business models shareholder lawsuits shareholder litigation power dynamics power governance monitors reputation strategy & risk pay equity corporate governance practices corporate governance regulations corporate governance best practices tesla david sokol warren buffet : proxy advisory firms; stock option exchanges; in disclosure & transparency enterprise risk equity pledging equity hedging pledging financial statements gaap non-gaap accounting interlocking directorates board networks accounting restatements david f. larcker; b linguistic studies hewlett packard merrill lynch shareholder democracy proxy access : succession planning proxy statements regulatory oversight charlie munger warren buffett management integrity educational material on corporate governance free educational material activist investors external audit equity ownership
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