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Sucuri Webinar: How To Know For Sure You Can Trust A Plugin

There are more than 40 thousand plugins out there. How can you be sure that you're making the right decision in choosing a safe option?

This webinar will help develop a strategy that minimizes that risk and keeps you secure when downloading WordPress plugins.

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Sucuri Webinar: How To Know For Sure You Can Trust A Plugin

  1. 1. How to know for sure you can trust a plugin +
  2. 2. - We want to hear from you! - Q&A tab in Zoom. - Tweet @SucuriSecurity using #AskSucuri. - Many questions will be answered at the end. - All questions will receive a response post webinar. - Video and slides coming in a few days! - Please share this content with other website owners! Housekeeping Items +Tweet #AskSucuri to @SucuriSecurity
  3. 3. Why am I qualified to talk about this topic? +Tweet #AskSucuri to @SucuriSecurity
  4. 4. You may be wondering … +Tweet #AskSucuri to @SucuriSecurity
  5. 5. Remkus de Vries Manager Partnerships at Yoast So really, how can you know for sure you can trust a plugin? +Tweet #AskSucuri to @SucuriSecurity
  6. 6. - Dutch WordPress forum lead and admin for Dutch WordPress site since 2008 - Co-founder WordCamp Netherlands and WordCamp Europe since 2009 Active in WordPress Community +Tweet #AskSucuri to @SucuriSecurity
  7. 7. And I’ve seen and worked with a lot of plugins over the years. A lot. +Tweet #AskSucuri to @SucuriSecurity
  8. 8. So, really, how to know for sure you can trust a plugin? +Tweet #AskSucuri to @SucuriSecurity
  9. 9. +Tweet #AskSucuri to @SucuriSecurity
  10. 10. • Look at the feature descriptions • Look at the last time the plugin was updated • Check the number of active installations • Read the reviews When researching a plugin: +Tweet #AskSucuri to @SucuriSecurity
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  13. 13. +Tweet #AskSucuri to @SucuriSecurity
  14. 14. +Tweet #AskSucuri to @SucuriSecurity
  15. 15. • How are they responding? • How fast are they responding? • Is there a Read This First? • How long do topics stay unresolved? Check Out the Plugin Support +Tweet #AskSucuri to @SucuriSecurity
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  20. 20. Satisfied so far? Next up, testing! +
  21. 21. • Who is the author of the plugin? • Have they published more plugins? • Is there a premium version? • Search for plugin name + reviews Put Yourself in Detective Mode +Tweet #AskSucuri to @SucuriSecurity
  22. 22. • Set up a local development site • Install the plugin • Test it, play around with it. • Install the Query Monitor plugin and test Adventurous Mode +Tweet #AskSucuri to @SucuriSecurity
  23. 23. • Export your site and import into local dev • Install the plugin, see if it brakes anything • Test with an older version and update • Again, test with Query Monitor plugin Adventurous Detective Mode +Tweet #AskSucuri to @SucuriSecurity
  24. 24. All Systems Go? +Tweet #AskSucuri to @SucuriSecurity
  25. 25. Congratulations! You are now in a committed relationship! +Tweet #AskSucuri to @SucuriSecurity
  26. 26. Remkus de Vries Manager Partnerships at Yoast Find me here: @remkusdevries @yoast +Tweet #AskSucuri to @SucuriSecurity
  27. 27. +Tweet #AskSucuri to @SucuriSecurity