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Shutterstock / 35694751
AMC, The Walking Dead (Fair Use Doctrine)
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Wikimedia Commons
Flickr / “South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa, 1980s" 

by Orange County Archives
Flickr / "(Formerly) My Drive Home" by SteevzStuff

Flickr / "Northpark Center" by Terrance Gilbert
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Atlantic Station / North American Properties

Flickr / “The Grove in Los Angeles” by Eric E. Johnson

Angie Mosier
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Atlantic Station / North American Properties

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Lululemon / Media Assets
Flickr / “Anthropologie" by Dave Pinter
Wikimedia Commons
Kendra Scott Blog
Flickr / “Vineyard Vines Hingham in-Store" by Jeff Cutler
Flickr / "The Grove (Los Angeles)" by Prayitno Photography

Flickr / "LA Farmers Market" by Prayitno Photography
Flickr / "The Americana at Brand" by Chris Yarzab
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  • Hey guys! Who wants to chat with me? More photos with me here 👉
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  • I don´t think this...for a lot of reasons. But I see a new places turning into a different experience to visit and buy. And we need to considereta for this places the weather!! If it´s hot, snowing.etc..
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  • For a long time we have been preaching to our clients about creating a experiences for their customers that provide those emotional 'attractions' I call the 'Disneyland experience.' - Good illustrations to what we believe is essential in retail marketing.
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  • The presentation applies to the USA... where each person has close to 20 square feet of retail space to himself. The situation is triggered/worsened by the low population density and the high presence of world top retailers. In places like Dubai, malls are still on the increase and are heavily patronized.
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