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  1. Querying diamond inventory through chatbots Natural Language Processing Team ctrl-alt-Defeat Aditya Jha | Parth Shah | Tanvi Dhoka | Prathmesh Borse | Prajay Kotecha 2023 1
  2. Problem Statement 01 Our Approach 02 Pro`s & Cons 03 Demo 04 Table of contents 2 MINeD Hackathon| 05 March 2023 2022
  3. Problem Statement 3 The task was to create a conversational AI model using GoogleDialogflowthat could understand natural language queries for diamonds and generate filtering parameters for a large inventory of diamond data. The modelhad to interpret parameters expressedin ranges or with variations in wording, and generate filtering parameters optimized for accuracy and efficiency. The diamond inventory consisted of over 100,000 rows with attributes such as shape, size,weight, clarity, color, and cut. MINeD Hackathon| 05 March 2023 Sunday 01
  4. 4 1. We trained a conversational AI modelusing Google Dialogflow to understandnatural language queriesfor diamonds. 2. We extractedthe necessaryattributessuch as shape, size, weight, clarity, color, and cut from the diamond inventory consisting of over 100,000 rows. 3. We optimized the model to interpretparametersexpressed in ranges or with variations in wording, and generatefiltering parametersthat are accurateand efficient. 4. We testedthe model to ensurethat it could understanda wide range of natural language queries,including those with common typing errors, short forms, and specific shortcuts used in the diamond industry. Sunday Our Approach MINeD Hackathon| 05 March 2023
  5. Pros & Cons • Though we have trained the model enough, but it may not produce all the desirable outputs • if there are same words for many parameters, then the filter may not identify the paramter correctly 1. Rigorous testing 2. Integration Capabilities 3. Commitment to customer satisfaction Why choose our solution? Bone of contention. Maybe? 5 MINeD Hackathon| 05 March 2023 Sunday
  6. Chatbot,Much? 6 MINeD Hackathon| 05 March 2023 Sunday
  7. 7 MINeD Hackathon| 05 March 2023 Sunday We Did it!
  8. Business model 8 MINeD Hackathon| 05 March 2023 Sunday Commision Based Subscription Based Freemium Customization based The company could charge a commission fee for each diamond sale made through our model. The company could charge a monthly or yearly subscription fee for access to the conversational AI platform. The company could offer a basic version of the conversational AI platform for free, while charging a premium for access to advanced features such as customized search parameters, real-time inventory updates, and personalized recommendations. The company could offer customized solutions for clients with specific needs such as large- scale diamond inventory management, advanced data analytics, or integration with third- party software.
  9. 9 MINeD Hackathon| 05 March 2023 Sunday References
  10. Do you have any questions? 10 Team ctrl-alt-Defeat 05 March 2023 Thanks!