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TNS Conversion Model casestudy: Hoe kun je het groeipotentieel uitnutten?

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In deze case kunt u zien hoe groot het groeipotentieel is voor Waitrose (een retailer in de UK), van wie zij kunnen winnen en welke concrete stappen zij moeten nemen om potentie om te zetten in werkelijke groei. Deze inzichten en handvatten voor groei worden inzichtelijk gemaakt dankzij het TNS Conversion Model.

Voor meer informatie over deze aanpak om uw strategische groei vorm te geven, kunt u contact opnemen met Vincent Kuipers ( of Martijn de Groote (

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TNS Conversion Model casestudy: Hoe kun je het groeipotentieel uitnutten?

  1. 1. WaitroseCase Study © TNS
  2. 2. Growth opportunity for Waitrose Waitrose could increase its market share by as much as 4.9 percent Most of the potential group are £7.1bn currently shopping at the ‘Big Four’ © TNS
  3. 3. Waitrose could gain as much as £7.1bn of new businessComparison between Commitment and Market Share +4.9% Waitrose 2.5% Growth map Current market share Projected market share n. 585 [weighted] © TNS 3
  4. 4. Waitrose has a lot more to gain than to lose Acquisition Share gained from New Users 2% 3.4% Current market share Opportunity 4.8% 7% Implicit market share Increase spend from existing users Decreased spend by Gains are most likely to 1.5% existing users At risk come from new users Defection -0.3% -0.5% Share lost due to defections Steady -0.2% 2.0% Decrease Increase Growth map At Risk Steady Opportunity n. 332 [weighted] Female © TNS 4
  5. 5. Waitrose stands to gain most from the big four Potential Market Share Flows (Net gain) Waitrose Sainsbury’s Tesco Asda Morrisons +4.9% 0.6% 1.2% 1.2% 0.8% 2.5% © TNS 5
  6. 6. Convenience and affordability are the main barriers = £5.1bn If it were more affordable to shop there (Net gain) Proximity to Offered Good Other factors Waitrose Affordability Convenience other shops Specials measured +4.9% 0.3% 0.3% 0.6% 1.3% 1.5% 2.5% © TNS 6
  7. 7. ‘Freshness’ and ‘Worth paying more’ among the key levers Your Your Business Competitors Attributes Waitrose Tesco Asda Sainsbury’s Morrisons M&S Produce is fresh and good quality Stocks the brands/products I like Prices are reasonable Excellent customer service Stores are clean and hygienic A place I enjoy browsing Cares about the environment Worth paying a bit more to shop there Growth map Strong Average Weak n. 585 [weighted] © TNS 7