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Interview & its types

interview and its type

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Interview & its types

  1. 1. Interview & its types Submitted by : Taskeen Siddique BBA 3rd semester
  2. 2. Outline : Interview Types of interview Component of interview Interview benefits Important skills Tips for effective interview Conclusion Interview related Question & Answer
  3. 3. Interview : An interview is a conversation between two or more people where questions are asked by the interviewer to elicit facts or statements from the interviewee. Interviews are a standard part of qualitative research.
  4. 4. A formal meeting in person, especially one arranged for the assessment of the qualifications of an applicant
  5. 5. Types of interview : There are six major type of interview Structured Interview Unstructured Interview Group Interview Individual Interview Informal Interview Formal Interview
  6. 6. Component of interview : There are two basic component of interview Interviewer interviewee
  7. 7. Important thing in Interview : Confident Well developed interpersonal communication Merit based selection Be positive Relax during interview Must be clear you concept and ideas
  8. 8. Important skills Writing skills Communication skills Listening skills High self esteem Decision making skill
  9. 9. Preparing For The Interview Research the Organization About you Tests and Presentations Being Professional Being prepared
  10. 10. Tips for effective interview Arrive in good time. Dress appropriately. Act appropriately Engage with the interviewers Answer the questions
  11. 11. Conclusion : A formal meeting in person, especially one arranged for the assessment of the qualifications of an applicant Purpose of interview : Job interview Admission interview Celebrate interview Article interview
  12. 12. Top ten interview question : What Are Your Weaknesses? Why Should We Hire You? What Are Your Goals? What Are Three Positive Things Your Last Boss Would Say About You? .Why Do You Want to Work Here?