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Dialogue for Global Happiness 2018 Update

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ISQOLS webinar featuring Happiness Alliance's Laura Musikanski speaking about the Global Dialogue for Happiness held in 2018 in Dubai.

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Dialogue for Global Happiness 2018 Update

  1. 1. What is the: Convened by UAE’s Minster of the State for Happiness & Well-being HM Ohood Bint Khalfan Al Roumi 2nd Annual meeting convening policy makers, researchers and thought leaders in the happiness and well-being movement.
  2. 2. SPEAKERS
  3. 3. Heard it on the grapevine. Next we will see: Happiness Roles In the UAE Government Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of the Emirate of Dubai HM Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Minister of The State for Happiness and Well-being HM Ohood Bint Khalfan Al Roumi - Sits in the PM office - Integration into all aspects of government - Engagement in the community - Develop national happiness and wellbeing measurements Director General of the Smart Dubai Office Dr. Aisha Bin Bishr - Develop policies, strategic directions and plans to integrate digital tech, data and smart government - Supervise and guide smart transformation process - Develop and maintain internal and external partnerships Happiness Councils within each ministry & governmental department - Ensure alignment across the federal government Dubai Electricity and Water Authority Dubai Municipality Dubai Police Dubai Courts Roads and Transport Authority Dubai Culture Dubai Airport Free Zone Dubai Statistics Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation Finance Department Dubai Smart Government Islamic Affairs Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) Dubai Civil Aviation Authority. 60 CEOs of Happiness and Positivity appointed from among federal staff “Chief Happiness and Positivity Officers” - Undergo Happiness and Positivity Training Programme - Steward organizational cultural shift - Implement national programs Happiness Ministers within each ministry and governmental department - Implement ministry or departmental programs 43 Happiness Champions in city governments and other entities - Lead city initiatives Corporate happiness professional diploma program to aid in development of Happiness Strategy Plan
  4. 4. Happiness and Well-being Activities in the UAE government Issues Global Happiness Policy Report. World Happiness Council National Direction Setting for all Governmental Cabinets and Departments National Charter for Happiness Integrate Positive Psychology into Organizations & Communities in the private sector for positive work environment Happiness and Positivity Program International forum for sharing and learning Dialogue for Global Happiness Agreement with Costa Rica, Portugal, Slovenia & 3 other countries to learn and share. Global Happiness Coalition Guidance for happiness policy development and decisions Happiness Policy Manual Raise awareness and crowdsource ideas for happiness from locals Online Engagement Friends of Happiness Developing a wider measure of well- being. Goal to be among top 5 happies counties in World Happiness Report Happiness Metric Coming Soon – Happiness Science Research and Development of Happiness Indices Happiness Research Institute
  5. 5. Global Happiness Policy Report 2018 Good Governance: happiness at the center of governance Policy Synthesis 1) break down silos 2) happiness agenda central to cross govn’t collaboration 3) focus on policies with greatest potential for happier outcomes Mental Illness Cost Benefit analysis of treatment Call for all nations to have mental health plans. Societal Well-being Policies to support Social Connectedness urban design & zoning, anti- corruption & family support Work & Well-being Analysis of Pay, Working Hours, Skills Match, Job Security, Stress, Advancement, Independence, Interest, Relationships, Usefulness Positive Education Survey of Positive Education programs around the world self perception, motivation, perseverance, resilience and coping, and creativity Happy Cites in a Smart World Case studies for Data collection, Entrepreneurial activities, Open government… Countries Experience with wellbeing & happiness metrics Analysis of 11 nations Inventory of policy ideas
  6. 6. 2018 Policy Highlight: PLANNING FOR HAPPINESS IN INDONESIA National Development of Planning Department Spiritual SDG goals of Peace, justice and strong institutions & Partnerships Core Indonesian Muslim Values: harmony of people with people, people with nature and, people with the spiritual. Improving employment, household income and self development through education and skill training. "Happiness will bring economic growth ultimately" "Nothing makes us happier more than making others happy around us." Satisfaction with Life • Personal Relationships • Social Relationships Affect • Worry • Happiness • Absence of depression Eudaimonia Meaning of Life • Interdependency • Self acceptance • Self development • Positive relationships with others Indonesia Happiness Index
  7. 7. 2017 Policy Highlight: BHUTAN’S GNH AND 5 YEAR PLAN 1.Define happiness broadly to encompass the many condition of life. 2. Measure happiness with surveys and objective indicators. 3.Once you have measured happiness, use the data to inform proposed policies. 4. Make Happiness the goal of all your government offices. 5. Together with all government officers, screen all policies against a Happiness screening tool. 6. Use the data to inform your long term plan and use the indicators to measure progress. PM Tobgay’s Recipe for Happiness
  9. 9. Discussion, Sharing, Questions Soon to be issued: piece in Solutions Journal on why we should care & what we can learn from the UAE is doing for the happiness movement. Join happiness newsletter to get notice (go to and scroll to join newsletter)