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Production Log - Lauren Feeney

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Production log for our short film

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Production Log - Lauren Feeney

  1. 1. 18th March 2015 We have continued our production work and added more information into our reports. This was to fill out some blank information into our ideas so we could decide what we could do with this extra information. 22nd March 2015 From what we previously agreed, we met up once again with our actor and filmed the footage we could not get the week before. This was a success and we finished pour filming. We checked on the footage and agreed this is what we needed. 25th March 2015 At this time the group looked over all of the work we had completed to check if we needed to change, re-write or add anything into documents for our pre-production work. 14th April 2015 We have discussed and fixed our problems that we had during filming, which also showed in our short film, which was having our camera portrait instead of landscape. We have also discussed about what can hook our audience into our short film, since our production lacked a hook, so we came up with a few ideas. 15th April 2015 I and another member of the group (Stevie) met after school hours to take images that we were missing from work for the storyboard and recee. 19th April 2015 The whole group met and discussed what we needed to do to finish of relevant and missing work, as well as decide what our extra and added scenes were going to be. 21st April 2015 This is when we decide that our hook was to be in the form of a can and started to make these ideas into our short film. 22nd April 2015 We continued to finish all of our pre-production work and plan out what we were to do on the 26th so then we knew what we were doing. 26th April 2015 We met on this day so we could finish off extra footage for our short film, including extra scenes and the hook that we previously talked about. 6th May 2015 On this day we shared the footage of our short film and individually edited the short film so we had our own versions. 11th May 2015 The group has now finished editing and everyone had included effects and used every scenes we planned and put it into their short film. 12th May 2015 The group has added extra information into their production log. Project Activity Log Learner Name Lauren Feeney Learner number 14L0681 Centre Name Christ the King: St Mary’s Centre Number Unit Name Unit 22 Unit number 22 Teacher Assessor Mr Barton Proposed project title The Stairway from Hell This form should be used to record the process of your project and be submitted as evidence with the final piece of work. You may want to discuss: • what you have done (eg, from one week to the next) • if you are working in a group, what discussions you have had • any changes that you have or will need to make to your plans • what resources you have found or hope to find • what problems you are encountering and how you are solving them • what you are going to do next Date Comments 3rd March 2015 This is when the group had started to discuss ideas that we could use for a storyline for our short film. This had to be an idea that we could agree on, with the factors that we could work together and we would enjoy making the film. 4th March 2015 Out of all of the ideas we thought of, we narrowed it down to 3 ideas. We then decided on what would be the idea we used for our short film. This film had a familiar tone with us and felt the audience would understand it. 10th March 2015 Around this time we had to make a pitch for our short film, filling the audience with basic information that would be contained in our short film. We planned and divided what the group did. Stevie and I made the pitch, agreeing that Niamh would have to speak during the presentation, as well as Stevie and I. 11th March 2015 This was the day we showed our film pitch to an audience of peers and “producers”. From this we got feedback, what went well and what we could improve. Once we had the information back, we started to plan when we would start filming. 15th March 2015 We met up on this day with our actor and started to film scenes of our short film. Due to realising how many shots we needed and the time that we met, we couldn’t get all of our footage in one day, so we agreed to continue on the next Sunday, for the group and our actor were all free at this time. 17th March 2015 Due to new information given to us by our superiors and the time we had to work on pre- production work, the group started our reports. This needed the information of research and our target audience.