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  1. To register your interest, please email us : 4 Theme: Smart City Partnering with the 7th China (Shanghai) international technology fair, to showcase UK & European cutting-edge innovations and technologies @ Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center A national level professional fair especially for international trade NEW MARKET NEW PLATFORM NEW TECHNOLOGY Intellectual property protection Technology trade promotion Innovation-driven development Hosted by China Ministry of Commerce China Ministry of Science and Technology State Intellectual Property Office Shanghai Municipality CAMBRIDGE ENVIRONMENT & TECHNOLOGY LTD 剑桥环保科技有限公司
  2. CAMBRIDGE ENVIRONMENT & TECHNOLOGY LTD 剑桥环保科技有限公司 Overview As China's first national-level , global-oriented and professional fair integrating technology display and trade service, China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair (CSITF) is a key platform for undertaking China's technological and trade development since 2013. The theme of CSITF is Innovation-driven Development, Intellectual Property Protection, Technology Trade Promotion. And with Shanghai accelerating the construction of innovation and technology centre of global influence, It has always been CET's mission to promote UK’s technology across the globe. We hope to set up a platform for the international supplier and demander to display technical strength, cooperate in technology trading, and seek financing through technology demonstrations, transaction services and forums.
  3. CAMBRIDGE ENVIRONMENT & TECHNOLOGY LTD 剑桥环保科技有限公司 Characteristics and Innovation "Bringing in+ Going out", exploring the new Honorary Guest Country mechanism One of the global scientific and technological powers where "One Belt" meets "One Road" will be invited as the Honorary Guest Country. The Guest Country will send a technology, economy and trade delegation to the Fair, set up a theme pavilion, and conducted serial activities such as the theme day and the technological exchange. This year's overseas exhibition of China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair is held in the previous Honorary Guest Country Italy and Greece to explore the new Honorary Guest Country mechanism of combining "bringing in" and "going out". "Display + Release", highlighting achievements of technology innovation New future-leading technologies and products are comprehensively displayed with a focus on multiple technologies relating to the unmanned aerial vehicle, clean energy, virtual reality, intelligent robot and construction of smart cities. Shanghai Scientific Innovation Map was released for the first time, sharing innovation resources and serving open economic development with the country's first "live map" of scientific innovation exosphere. Technological Trade Development Report 2016 was compiled to provide theoretical references and intelligence support for the country's technological trade study. (Ill) "Interaction + Experience", building the new mass entrepreneurship and innovation (E&I) platform "E&I exhibition area" was set up organizing E&I activities of various forms, and disseminating and exchanging multi-faceted ideas and concepts relating to innovation, entrepreneurship, culture and arts. An emphasis was put on improving visitors' interactive experience, and interpreting the E&I spirit through rich knowledge and information activities.
  4. CAMBRIDGE ENVIRONMENT & TECHNOLOGY LTD 剑桥环保科技有限公司 Characteristics and Innovation "Technology+ Capital", accelerating new trade development As the link between innovation and market, technological trade is an important channel for achieving innovation-driven development, which also needs the strong support of financial capital. This year's CSTIF focused on projects and exhibitor service, and organized multiple project matching sessions between Chinese and foreign exhibitors as well as investment and financing selection activities based on the appraisal and sorting of technological projects, further improving the conversion results of technological achievements. "Government+ Market", innovating the new exhibition mechanism Adhering to government guidance, actively exploring a market-oriented exhibition mechanism, and enhancing cooperation with trade associations , intermediate organizations, service agencies and overseas technological innovation organizations, a joint-in novation mechanism led by the organizer and featured by collaboration with domestic and overseas organizations as well as results sharing was gradually formed to seek breakthroughs in expanding social participation, further improving the international, professional and marketization level of the CSTIF exhibition and meetings.
  5. CAMBRIDGE ENVIRONMENT & TECHNOLOGY LTD 剑桥环保科技有限公司 Exhibition Area for Technology Innovation Focuses on the most advanced scientific achievements and transformable projects, showcases revolutionary new lifestyles and trade models. Exhibition Area for Specialized Technologies Highlights The 13th Five-year Plan, composed by four pavilions: Intelligent Manufacturing: Intelligent Robot, Drones, New Anti-counterfeiting & Label Printing; New-Generation Information Technology: VR, AR, MR, Internet of Things; Energy saving and environmental protection: Big City Solution, Intelligent Green Building, Intelligent Transportation, Liquefied Natural Gas, Resource Recycling; Biological Medicine: Genetic Test, Molecular Diagnosis , Biological Safety, Food Safety. Exhibition Area for Innovation Ecosystem With Limitless International Innovation as its theme, this zone encourages technology innovation, industry innovation, and business mode innovation. By multiple forms of activities, ideas and thoughts on innovation, business starting, culture and art are continusely spread and exchanged, visitors' experience will be improved, global innovation resources will be connected by innovation capital, and an era of innovation will come. Exhibition Area for Trade Service Technology trading service is an important function of CSITF which makes it distinctive from other fairs. To provide diversified, pertinent and interactive services for the trade activities of exhibitors, this area will introduce a supporting service system that covers the whole industrial chain of technology trade, including the protection, transfer and licensing of intellectual property rights, financing, legal services and the recruitment of professionals from all over the world.
  6. CAMBRIDGE ENVIRONMENT & TECHNOLOGY LTD 剑桥环保科技有限公司 Forum Activities The 7th CSTIF forum activities adhered to Smart city themed pavilion& global smart city development forum Smart Mobility, smart health, smart wear, smart home, smart energy, smart digital entertainment, smart security, smart transportation, smart logistics, smart tourism, smart education, smart food&agriculture Technology Industries AI, Robotics, drones, AR/VR, IoT, Cloud, Computing, big Data, Hardware