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How to Improve Communication Skills, Effective Communication Skills, Soft Skills

  1. Effective Communication Skills Training With Tim Stokes
  2. Effective Communication Skills Training Webinar Contents  The 6 Steps to Effective Delegation  The No.1 Profit Strategy in Business - DISC Profiles  How to Convert More Leads into Sales  The Critical Requirement for Hiring Great Staff  How to Motivate Your Staff to Work as Hard as You WARNING: This content may press your buttons!
  3. Effective Communication Skills Training Where Did This Information Come From? 7 different businesses Paid for education from top entrepreneurs Dozens of employees 17 years training 1,200+ business owners 25 years of personal development 4 personal mentors/advisors
  4. Effective Communication Skills Training Case Study Example  Working 80 hours/week  5 vans in front yard  No family time or holidays Clint’s history – electrical contracting business Outcome: complete control of his life & business
  5. Effective Communication Skills Training How Well Do You Communicate? Do people often frustrate you? Do you get angry with people? Do people listen & act on what you say? Do you trust people or what they say? Do you think people are very predictable? How did you go with your answers?
  6. Effective Communication Skills Training What Holds all Businesses Back? The owner’s under developed People skills
  7. Effective Communication Skills Training The Best Way to Learn about People Learn a lot about… Yourself We all have blind spots (i.e. a personality) and the true cost in a business is a FORTUNE! Being aware of your personality is the first step of improving it and your people skills
  8. Effective Communication Skills Training Effective Delegation 2 Essential Background Facts about People… 1. People naturally err on the side of pessimism 2. People do what they feel right in doing, & the ego creates evidence to support it Business owners miss out on a LOT by not developing people knowledge, like these facts
  9. Effective Communication Skills Training The 6 Steps to Effective Delegation 1. Create a basic system for the task to delegate 2. Test it with only one variable (person) 3. Monitor/review & correct it (don’t assume) 4. Promote it to get “ownership” 5. Give the task a KPI or performance standard 6. Update your system Registrar with changes made
  10. Effective Communication Skills Training The BEST People Skill – DISC Profiles Dominant Influence SteadyCompliant
  11. Effective Communication Skills Training The Dominant D Profile Very straight with people, often seen as arrogant Put staff under constant pressure Often intimidate staff so they don’t speak up Goal orientated, can’t say no to a challenge Lack patience, so end up doing what others should
  12. Effective Communication Skills Training The Influence I Profile Great talkers, can be talked into buying from mates Make friends, like to be liked, can be a bit soft Like variety, adapt to change, but can be inconsistent Great with spontaneity, follow through often lacking Talk easily, but can forget what they said
  13. Effective Communication Skills Training The Steady – S Profile Very caring, sometimes too much for bad staff Team orientated, rarely criticise staff who need it Like others to initiate new challenges, then follow Very caring, but others often don’t see it Lack of assertiveness leads to low cash flow issues
  14. Effective Communication Skills Training The Compliant C Profile Like attention to detail, can miss the ‘BIG picture’ Love schedules, routines, but not so much people Like to do the same work over and over Like to plan and work their plan, not spontaneous Work to high standards, sometimes too high
  15. Effective Communication Skills Training Understanding DISC Profile Graphs         Work/Adapted Home/Pressure
  16. Effective Communication Skills Training Tips on Converting More Leads into Sales Learn DISC Profiles (Sales W’shop + 1 month study) Be first to quote, not last Be on time, do everything you say (integrity) Put a LOT in writing, if you say it, write it! Follow up, don’t assume they don’t have questions
  17. Effective Communication Skills Training The No. 1 Recruitment Criteria A Positive Attitude • A willingness to engage people in a positive way (so ask them tricky questions in the interview), e.g. ‘What’s your greatest success in life?’ • They say “sure” when asked to do something extra. And apologise for mistakes made (once only).
  18. Effective Communication Skills Training How to Motivate Your Staff DISC Profile all your team Talk about it in a team meeting with all staff Keep running weekly team meetings Have everyone talk, not just you Bring numbers into team meetings to discuss
  19. Effective Communication Skills Training Regular staff turnover Low profit margins or poor cash flow (increasing these requires a change of mindset) Few and very short holidays (the business doesn’t have systems and/or good staff) A mediocre personal salary (& hourly rate?) The Cost of Unmotivated Staff
  20. Effective Communication Skills Training In Summary Success in life is a choice, as are; your salary, your happiness, hours you work, holidays etc. Choosing to learn about people, and stretching your ‘comfort zone’ leads to greater success Your ability to get along with people determines how happy, wealthy and fulfilled your life is
  21. Effective Communication Skills Training Want to Change Some Things in Your Life? The biggest (client) successes came through Mindset change They now work less hours, while their business profits increased faster (e.g. accountant in Penrith) Working SMARTER means working less!
  22. Effective Communication Skills Training The Communication Skills Training Workshop A very special 4½ hour online training event to;  Expand your mind, entrepreneurially  Greatly enhance your people skills  Show you the specific areas you need to grow in  Free up your time &  Make you & your staff happier & more productive All for only… $497!
  23. Effective Communication Skills Training What the Workshop Includes  FREE DISC Profile tool to profile you and all your staff  What your DISC Profile reveals (‘blind spots’)  What weaknesses are in your business (DISC Profile)  Entrepreneur Mindset Secrets to end your busyness  The “4 Ingredients of Super Success” & how to apply them  How to use Napoleon Hill’s Think & Grow Rich secret  How to identify & overcome any mindset limitations  What matters most to concentrate on for your success
  24. Effective Communication Skills Training Special Workshop BONUSES A Personal Development Plan Containing the BEST personal growth books, with a schedule of learning Plus The Brain Programming System – how to train your brain to think positive towards any goal!
  25. Effective Communication Skills Training Workshop Date & Times The Workshop are delivered online (with everyone on video & audio in discussion) The are held from 1:00pm to 5:30pm or from 8.30am to 1pm (in multiple time zones) A digital workbook will be provided (to print out & write in, or to type in)
  26. Effective Communication Skills Training How to Register  Open a browser and go to:  Fill in your details and hit ‘Register my place’  An invoice will arrive in your Inbox  Reply with your preferred payment option  May payment 3 days prior to the workshop
  27. Effective Communication Skills Training This Information WORKS! In less than 12 months, clients have… Added $300,000 to their net profit Gone from working 80 hours to zero Tripled their sales income in months Added up to $8.5 Million in sales in 12 months Become completely de-stressed & happy From a change of mindset (i.e. personal growth)
  28. Effective Communication Skills Training Finishing up Any questions? Contact us through the website or emails received All the best with your communication success!