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3 Magazine Comparisons

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3 Magazine Comparisons

  1. 1. Differnces: The “PlayStation” magazine only has 1 main colour, black. The background is plain black, perhaps because it is associated with power and also is well known for the colour of their console. “XBOX 360” use black, green and white also ascociated with their console colours. However “PC GAMER” uses general, attractive colours instantly attractng their potential customers but not using any recognizable console coluring. The “PlayStation” cover only reveals two inside stories and lacks in left and right thirds, whereas the other two magazine covers are packed with stories and coverlines. The console magazines insert use age ratings onto the cover, unlike the “PC GAMER” cover that perhaps doesn’t want to turn away its customers before buying the magazine. XBOX 360 PC GAMER Playstation The XBOX magazine features 2 characters Lifelike charcters Plugg Main coverline Streaks of light Barcode PC GAMER only has 1 main character. Cartoon character 2 main attractive colours – Red and Yellow 1 stand out cover line, many little cover lines (“how to”, “Hands-on reviews”) Plugg Barcode PlayStation has 1 main character at the centere of the cover. Celebrity character Lacking in Left/Right thirds Only revealing 2 inside stories 1 main coverline – no other eye catching coverlines Plain black background colour Plugg Barcode
  2. 2. I have decided to choose this magazine better than the other two that I have compared. Although the other competitive magazines have more attractive and original magazine designs, this cover is simple and different and there is a high possibility that I also choose to re-create this. I am into gaming, football and I play PlayStation so this magazine is a perfect choice. I believe it will simple to re-create and therefore it will be easier to make an identical copy.