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Delivering a Powerful Realtor Partner Value Proposition

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This month's webinar focuses on how you can deliver the highest value proposition to your Realtor Partners and increase your purchase business through co-marketing.

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Delivering a Powerful Realtor Partner Value Proposition

  1. 1. Total Expert Loan Officer Mastermind Deliver a Powerful Value Proposition To Grow Your Realtor Partnerships
  2. 2. Changes in MSA Regulation  Major Announcement from CFPB Bulletin  MSA’s are NOT Compliant  The way you attract Realtor Partners needs to adjust to new regulations
  3. 3. Adjust Your Value Proposition  You Can Still Co-Market  Continue to Add Value through Compliant Marketing Partnerships
  4. 4. Your Value Proposition  Know which type of agent you are working with and adjust to their unique needs  Become an Indispensable Partner at Your Top Agents Open Houses  Create a Daily Action Plan and Execute
  5. 5. Identify Your Realtor Partners  Agents Generally Fall into 4 Specific Categories with Unique Needs  The Team Member  The Solo Agent  The Developing Team Leader  The Mega Teams
  6. 6. The Team Member  Who They Are:  New to the Industry  Dream of the Big Payday  Still Learning The Ropes  Have not Considered Co-Marketing  More Receptive to New Marketing Opportunities
  7. 7. The Team Member  What They Need:  Tools to build their personal brand  Need Integration between website and CRM  One login for all marketing efforts  Ability to automate social sharing of website content
  8. 8. The Solo Agent  Who They Are:  Brand Loyal  Built their business on sphere and referrals  Don’t see value in Online Leads  Old school techniques – Less “online” more “offline
  9. 9. The Solo Agent  What They Need:  Custom branding on their Website  A platform to share their immense niche knowledge  A tool to generate print material easily  Email campaigns designed to build referrals and activate old contacts
  10. 10. Developing Team Leader  Who They Are:  Looking to grow quickly  Have an established business – want to take it to the next level  Looking to add a buyer’s agent and need help with next steps  Use multiple lending partners, but need more Co-Marketing
  11. 11. Developing Team Leader  What They Need:  Need help growing their business – hands on coaching.  Tools that attract agents to their team.  Tools that help them make more informed growth decisions  Ability to see and manage agent & LO activity
  12. 12. The Mega Team  Who They Are:  The most successful agents – established and experienced  Working with a handful of effective tools which they are comfortable with  Currently tracking ROI in some fashion  Engaged with one lending partner and actively Co-Marketing
  13. 13. The Mega Team  What They Need:  Consolidate their current platforms – One Login  Improve ROI Tracking on marketing  Speed up Co-Marketing compliance approvals  Higher levels of engagement from lenders  Assistance creating a road map for success
  14. 14. Total Expert Fits The Mold Note: Optional Slide – “TE caters to each unique type of agent’s needs”
  15. 15. Be An Indispensible Partner  Give your agents tools to capture more leads from at their Open House  Drive Traffic to the open house by new advertising techniques  Provide pre approval on site  Develop an open house dialog
  16. 16. Open House  Drive additional traffic by promoting your open house  Advertise your open house online in a radius around the location to drive awareness.
  17. 17. Open House  Work with your Agents to Make your Open House irresistible  Offer your services on site  Connect with buyers while they are actively searching
  18. 18. Open House  Work with your agent to create an irresistible open house dialog  Actively engage all visitors  Offer your service as helpful resource
  19. 19. Open House  Lead Capture Landing Pages  Easily import all their new contacts into a CRM
  20. 20. Develop An Action Plan  Grow Your Purchase Business Each Month With a Dedicated Daily Action Plan
  21. 21. Daily Action Plan  Grow your social presence  Build your email list  Add value and showcase your knowledge  Schedule appointments
  22. 22. Daily Action Plan  Grow Your Social Presence  Make 5 new connections on LinkedIn or Facebook Each Day  Post 5 new comments on targeted Agent or Team social profiles
  23. 23. Daily Action Plan  Build Your Email List  Research the big portals and agent sites to find active agents.  Look for a high volume of transactions as well as recent transactions.
  24. 24. Daily Action Plan  Add Value and Showcase Your Knowledge  Share one piece of helpful content on each of your social profiles.  Provide value for your existing Realtor Partners  Print Open House Flyers  Build Single Property Sites  Assign Email Campaigns
  25. 25. Daily Action Plan  Schedule Appointments!!  Shoot for Three Meetings a Week  Follow up with your “Hot Agents” and get an appointment on the books  Offer your services for free in your invitation  Showcase your tools.
  26. 26. Summary  Adjust your value proposition based on the type of agent you work with.  Showcase your value at Agent Open Houses.  Develop a Daily Action Plan that builds awareness and demonstrate your value.
  27. 27. How Total Expert Fits
  28. 28. Questions?
  29. 29. Thank You ! Joe Welu CEO Total Expert Inc