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Far Away from Eden, Ep.8.3.: Change & Betrayal

  1. Far Away from Eden, Ep.8.3.: Change & Betrayal Description: Chapter 8.3. of my Apocalegacy: Sticks and Stones and broken Bones - prepare to get flushed! Family Name: De'Ville Lot Name: Mad Scientist's Castle Categories: Action/Abenteuer,Komödie,Lebensgeschichten der Sims
  2. Hehehehe... Hello and Welcome to a new episode of the Far away from Eden - Apocalegacy. First, I'm sorry for the long wait, but... I got into a car accident. Even worse, I broke my left hand and the right forearm, which made it difficult to write and nearly impossible to shoot all the necessary pictures - therefore, I also apologize for the varying picture quality and the lack of giving appropiate credit to the CC Creators for this episode... Anyway, in case you forgot :) : this is an apocalegacy (see and, where the Eden family tries to reverse the effects of an apocalypse caused by a massive strike of the vampires of this neighborhood. But not only vampires, also zombies, werewolfs, Simselfs and an Iceage are a plague as well... and on top of that, the evil Uranium Apocalypso from Ephemeraltoast's apo challenge tries to gain advantage of the situation - but now she's in trouble herself, because her granddaughter Bethany seems to have different plans...
  3. ... Oh, come on Granny, don't just stand there, mouth gaping open, say something! I really put a lot of work into this, roaming the whole SapphireSims Site to get all the nice clothes and accessoires for this - thanks to great Creators like LadyTurqoise, BlackDragonLady and a lot of other folks - so, do you like it? Don't be shy, I'd really like an honest opinion... NOT, Lol! Just worship me, okay?
  4. " Wooa... now this is, what I call an ego... but nice outfit, I must say." " I agree, Mr. Vetinary... My dear, I see you are becoming an impressive scholar of the dark side, even more powerful than your grandmother..." - awww, that's s sweet, Impi... now, granny, what'd you say? " What I say? WHAT I SAY?! I say: What the... are you doing there?! Dressing like you're some kind of evil mastermind, waltzing in with a horde of Simself zombies... have you lost your mind? What do you want to accomplish with that?!"
  5. Oh Granny, please... isn't it obvious? I'm taking over! " You what??!" Look, I already said it before, and I'm saying it again: you suck! None of your plans have worked, you've done nothing to avoid it, and now look at me: I've just killed all the Simselfs in the neighborhood, then I've revived all of them plus the evil guys you called but couldn't hold... " Where did you get the money for that? Even Zombies aren't for free..." Well, I've revived Malcolm Landgrabb first... I bet, you never thought of that, right...?
  6. ... Anyway, as you can see, they make an interesting horde, and once I got a hold of the remaining zombies of this neighborhood... " What makes you so sure, you'll succeed with that? And don't forget, that it's the vampires, who are still in control of this neighborhood..." Hello-ho! I just killed all these guys here, what do you think, will a few more deaths...
  7. ...Hey,'re not dead, aren't you? " Ehr, no, we're not... we've just arrived here a short while before, to... visit the Simself Lair in this neighborhood... by the way, I'm Dunner, and these are DocGirl and..." " WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH... *Sniff*.... AAAAAAAAHHH..." " Shh, Sh... Vampy, don't cry, it will be okay... see, I know how much the Grilled Cheese Deity means to you, but see, she isn't really dead... look, over there she is, the zombie with the..." " WAAAAH....!" ...I see. Oh well, no problem, I'll just make you zombies too and... "Eh, about that... couldn't you just let us go? See, I'm not even doing an apocalypse challenge anymore and..." -- Note: Since I forgot last time, three new additions to the Simselfs in my hood: Dunner(oonie), who wrote the amazing Wolfe apocalypse, but sadly stopped and deleted it...*sniff*, DocGirlP, who writes the wonderful Bohemian Legacy, and Vampy a.k.a. Vampire3218, who writes the super ultra random mania hyper (or so) Legacy.
  8. Bah, humbug, just hold still and... voila! I See, I didn't even need to kill you, Grimmy gave me a discount last time... "Burgglglgl..." "EEEEEEEK!" "HAHAHAHAHAHA... that's funny! DO IT AGAIN! DO IT AGAIN!"
  9. "RRRRRH... you spoiled brat! When it's the GCD, you're totally down, but now..." Hehehe, yeah, that was fun... but you know, as much as I enjoy killing and zombifying people, it's time to move on... after all, I want to conquer and not just kill this whole neighborhood... and then I still want to rule the world... okay, world domination is an old cliche, but hey, you'll never know, unless you've tried...
  10. ...well, let's get started: first, as much as this factory here is amazing and awesome and great and... I'll need an even more impressive Hideout, a castle or a fortress or... oh, yes, I think, that will do... ---- Just to remind you: the place we're currently looking at is the inside of the Gates factory by V1nd1care at - download it!
  11. ... I just need to.. 'redecorate' a bit... Abracadaver... " AAAAAIEEEH! " " IT BURNS, IT BURNS..."
  12. *insert evil, mystical, bone-crunching, wallbreaking, fire-raging, earthshaking, flashing, uprising, bewildering, eardeafening, astonishing, nonstopping... sounds and effects here *
  13. meanwhile: " Hfff... Hfff...*cough**cough*..." " Oh, my feet are killing me... " " my...hfff... resurrect-thingie..." " Come on, come on, we have to go after her... my baby..." " Liz, dear, we've lost her already an... how long was that...?... and I still can't believe, that it was Beth..." " Ma, it was her! And we could have caught up with her, if we hadn't stopped so often on the route for these guys..." " Well, they aren't vampires like us... and even we couldn't outrun her... if it was Beth, someone just crossed her with a racehorse..." "Anyway, let's get on, her footprints are still visible in the snow and..." "Liz, we've lost her, and her footprints aren't visible anymore..., I'm sorry, dear, but..."
  14. *...flashing, uprising, bewildering, eardeafening, astonishing, nonstopping...* "AAAAAYYYYH" " The Sun! Damn, and we have no coffin..." " No, this can't be the sun, it's too early in the morning..." " But what...?"
  15. " *Gasp* " " What? What is it, Bea, what do you see? Ow, my eyes... the light..." " Ma? I think, I know, where my sister is..." " What? Where?" " Well Ma, in a story, where you chase after someone dear to you, story logic dictates, that the search for him or her usually ends up at an extraordinary- slash-mysterious-slash-frightening looking place... like for example..."
  16. "... this gigantic, breathtaking, just spontaneously emerged evil tower over there!!!" " HOLY... I mean: WOW!" *atheist*, *atheist* " She makes a valid point... okay, let's go..." " Do you really think, that's a good idea? After all, it's an 'evil'-looking..." " Since it's already part of this story, do you really think, we can avoid it?" "... let's go..." --- Note: the Dark Tower, by Lady Darkfire from - I have to say it: THIS - IS - THE - MOST - AMAZING - LOT - I'VE - EVER - SEEN !!!!!!!!! DOWNLOAD, DOWNLOAD, DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!!
  17. ... mmh, yes, that's exactly, what I wanted... or in other words: DUN-
  18. ... - DUN-...
  19. ... DUN-DUN! --- Note: as mentioned, it took a bit redecoration of Darkfire's original design, but then it looked great - at least on the actual game screen... it lost a bit by the camera angle...
  20. " Wow... Ma, that looks... it looks..." " Oh, shut your mouth, Plutonium... I have eyes myself..." " Ma, she just transformed the factory into... into... and just by sheer force...!" " Oh yes, the force is strong with that one..."
  21. Hehehe... guess, nobody thought, that was possible... and now for the finishing touch...
  22. ...I shall put my sign on the wall, so that everyone knows who's boss here, to strike fear in the hearts of everyone who recognizes it and.. oh, just look for yourself...
  23. ... TA-DA! Well, what do you say?
  24. " ...your sign is an octopus?" It's not an octopus, it's a symbolized version of me... see, the top represents my tiara and my clothing's back...thingie... while the parts at the bottom represent my wings, and the middle my outstretched arms to... " It still looks like an octopus... or Cthulhu, for that matter..." Okay, so it looks like an octopus or Cthulhu, they're frightening too... anyway, it's still impressive, right? " If you say so..." ... you're no fun, Granny... --- Note: 'Octopus' was the first reaction I got, when I showed it to others... oh well...
  25. "... and you think, you're the joker, or what?" Well, Granny, without dancing on Heath's grave... yes, I am! But of course, I'm also 'dead' serious - get it? 'Dead' serious, hehehe...
  26. " Well, to quote your own words: you suck!" HEY! " I don't care about your little show - your fancy clothes, the impressive castle, the Zombies... okay, perhaps I care a bit - but if you think, you can put me into second place as the main villainess here, you're even dumber than your father!"
  27. Now just hold the press, Granny... "STOP CALLING ME 'GRANNY', YOU BRAT!" Pfft, as if I'd care... besides, you should be grateful, that I still consider you family... otherwise I'd already killed you too...
  28. " Ooh, really? Well, just too remind you, little girl, but you're dealing here with: URANIUM - frigging - APOCALYPSO!! I'm evil incarnate! The Alien Spawn from outer space! The nightmare before and after Christmas! I've already terrorized neighborhoods, when your genetical data wasn't even written! I'm the highest representative of the mighty potty god, a succubus and femme fatale of extraordinary proportions, I eat evil masterminds for breakfast - and you think, you can kill me, you little twerp, sprung from my useless son's loins, outcast of a do-gooder family of non-believers??! You really think that??!!!" ... woah, Granny, think of your blood pressure...
  29. "FOR THE LAST TIME: I'M NOT YOUR 'GRANNY'!!" *slap*slap*slap* Oweeey!
  30. *thump* Owww... that was totally unfair, attacking someone from the front... " Oh, shut up and die, you little twerp..."
  31. " ...but now back to business: since 'I' have now control over this castle and it's zombies, I say we..."
  32. "..eeeEEEAAAARRRRRRGGGGGG!!!! " *smellofrottencheese -emitting flashes*
  33. *thump* " Owww... that was totally unfair, attacking someone from be... oh, forget it..."
  34. Hehehe... guess, you didn't expect that, Granny? It's always good, to still have an ace - or in this case, the powers of a zombiefied grilled cheese deity - up one's sleeve, right?
  35. " Ma, are you al...?" " Yes, yes [ow], everything okay, only my pride is hurt... but how...?"
  36. Well, as I said, it's always good to... " You're an atheist! Your whole family are atheist's! How can an atheist control a divine being *cough*evenifweakerthenthemightyp ottygod*cough* ?! It's a contradiction in itself!" Good point, Granny, and you're right, it doesn't make really sense. In fact, I don't care, where the GCD gets her powers, and I'm not really interested into it either, but I know someone, who has mastered control over her - that's why we joined forces...
  37. ...remember her? --- Note: to refresh your memory: this is Julia Caesar, daughter of Cowforbrains in Blite27's 'Ten Caesars Legacy' (sadly not updated for nearly a whole year now... *sniff*), whose intrigues among her own family are almost legendary - for example, in exchange for destroying(!) her hated family she supported Rubbersushi to become the Grilled Cheese Deity, manipulating her in the most sinister ways before she finally got rid of her - Oh, and Bethany just killed her last chapter - what the heck??!
  38. ...yes Granny, it was a setup last time - or at least, almost a setup. I killed Julia indeed, thereby destroying any suspicions about her helping me - and about her resurrection... after all, you're currently surrounded by dead people, Granny, so no big deal... " And now you're both allied? I thought, you said, you hated Goth's like her for destroying Rome etc., Julia?" " Oh, I do, Uranium, but after all, I hated my family as well, tried to destroy them - oh, you know the story. Besides, unlike you, you self- centered moron, I saw Bethan... I mean Bethoria's true potential. The minion role you wanted her to play doesn't suit her, she's destined to rule, right, Bethoria?" *Giggle* Right, 'Coach'! " And what's in for you, Julia? What do you expect to gain from this?!"
  39. " Oh, being an advisor for the next ruler of the world is a prize I can live with." She thought me in fact a lot, Granny - I'd never thought of betraying you, if she hadn't insisted... " Potty God help - you are really your retarded fathers daughter, Beth - don't you see, that she's using you, you idiot?!" Oh please, Granny, how can you say that. Me and Julia would never betray each other. we are like.. like sisters, aren't we? " Oh yes, we are - like a big happy family... Hail to the new Roman-Goth- Alliance!" Yes, our alliance, just the two of us...
  40. Hey, wait a minute... what do you mean, just 'the two' of you?
  41. ... after all, we planned this all together! ---- Note: again to refresh the memory (sorry, it's such a long time since last chapter): this is Larsee Malin, main villainess of Pettech's Fire Valley Apocalypse (already completed - and she started after me... I'm so sloooooow... *sniff*), always identifiable by her trademark to speak in cursive letters - and no, no, Bethoria's 'bold' language wasn't inspired at all by her, no no *whistles innocently*
  42. " What the... I thought you were dead!" So were you - and why didn't you revive me as planned... no, don't say it, let me guess - you tried to doublecross me, you manipulating b.. "You... how are you even alive, then?" Well, thankfully, two can play this game - but as far as I remember, you weren't invited to play, roman. So how come, that she's here now, Bethoria - care to explain?! groan... couldn't you just wait a bit longer before ruining the show, Larsee...?
  43. " What?! You mean, you... plotted behind my back, you...?!" Yes, as did you, you treacherous, slimy...! " Oh, stop the flattery, you stupid alien vampire with your stupid speech handicap - what are you good for anyway? I brought in all the experience, the cunningness, the power of the GCD..." Oh yeah? Without my ability to control bigger hordes of zombies, your plans would be doomed before you even started, plus I was the one, who gave Bethoria the ability to become a vampire - saw her fangs? - who can survive even daylight, and without that, you'll never be able to control the vampires... and the GCD is a retarded idiot, even a bigger moron than you could...
  44. " OKAY, THAT'S IT! DIE - again...!" OH, yeah? Bring it, you roman b...
  46. "No, no, no, you will die! You will both die!" YEEEHAAAW! That was perfect Impie... I mean... 'Master'! " Didn't I tell you, my apprentice? Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen." Yes, you did, master, but... could you please stop quoting all your old movie lines?
  47. *dies* *dies* "Ooookay... now I'm seriously disturbed... you not only doublecrossed me with them and then both with each other, you even... triple- or quadruplecrossed them with Palpatine?" Brilliant analysis, Granny! That's exactly what I did. They were so eager to plot against you and betraing each other, they never saw, who really pulled the strings... " Indeed... 'Soon the Alliance will be crushed and Skywalker will be one of u'..."
  48. " ... uUrrglll..." " Okay, that's enough, this guy is even worse than old Shinra, I'm putting an end to this..." Pffft, thanks, General, I think, I couldn't have survived another one of these 'Star Wars' quotes from Impie... " You... you..." To answer your Question, Granny: Yes, I did! Hey, Impie had it coming, betraying each other is a way of life for the Sith after all... and besides, Sephie is hotter then old Wrinkleface here any day...
  49. "...but not for long, when I'm done with him!" " YAAAARGGG!!! MY FACE, MY BEAUTYFUL FACE! YOU SON OF A..." "To be precise, my Mom was a Nun, and now hold still, normally I prefer to slay teens, but hey, me and the babe had a deal, and you japanese action figures look all alike anyway..." " Hey, do you have something against japanese action figures, you ugly fleshling?" "Woaah, put the cannon away, Metalhead... and aren't you American, after all?" "I'm actually from outer space, but japanese-american at heart... I mean, plastic, no, metal, I mean metal... oh screw this, die, pizzaface!" " Oh, now I get it, you both sold me out... okay, now you'll eat dirt, you...!"
  50. " What? You plotted behind my back with her?! Therefore, I'll kill you!" "No, I kill you, you deceiving..." " I betrayed you all, now die all!" " No, I..!" Grooan... couldn't they just hold out a few minutes longer, but noo... *sigh*, now I have to revive them all over again... " ... et tu, Plutonium?" " M... Ma, how can you think, that I... I'd never betray you, I...!" " Great, so everyone in this room plotted behind my back, but my own stupid doesn't have the guts to..."
  51. OKAY, STOP IT, WILL YA?! You're right: I betrayed you, all of you! And why not, you were all more than eager to get behind each other backs... now stop killing each other again, I'm not made of money... "She's got a point... why do we kill each other... we should KILL HER!" Ah, ah, ah, nice try, but sadly, it wont work - or do you think, I just revived you out of kindness? No, I did it to gain your trust, made you believe, that I was easy to manipulate, so you never realized, what I was really up to - your evil powers! I learned everything about you, the secrets of the forces you control, the brilliance of your cunning intellects and evil minds - though a lot of you lack in this part -, not to forget the desires and expectations that drive you, so I could control in short, I know now everything about you, perhaps even more than you know yourself... oh, well, let me just demonstrate this...
  52. ...for example, I've mastered the secrets of the dark side of the force... " AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGHH! "IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEHHHH!
  53. ... or how to use the power of the earth's lifestream or whatever and order meteorites to crash down to earth... okay, these are just small parts, I don't want to destroy my tower, after all... *sounds of crashing meteorites*
  54. ...or Freddies ability to enter the dreams of people and kill them in their sleep... " EEEEKKS! But... I'm not dreaming, am I ?!" Sorry Dad, but I guess, one of the meteorites hit you and you passed out... so wake up Dad, or... " WAAAAH..." ...hehehe...
  55. ...or how to multply myself, like Agent Smith in the Matrix... or was Cloning Sephiroth's power.?..*sigh* should keep track of these powers... …anyway, feel free to try to kill all of me before I kill you, hehehe…
  56. ... but now, the one thing I really, really want to know, is: What do you think now, Granny, who is the greater evil of us both, hmm? The one, who sucked at everything and was betrayed by everyone in this room - Dad excluded - or the now all- powerful one, who betrayed and manipulated everyone here? Hm?
  57. "... could you give me a minute?" All the time in the world Granny, just don'tdo something stupid... " What I'll do now,will be stupid, but I have to do it... Plutonium?" " M... Ma..?"
  58. " Come her, let me hug you!" " M... Ma, what..."
  59. "... I never thought, I'd say that, but... *sniff* I'm so proud!" " Mother, why..?" " I... I always thought, you were the biggest mistake I've ever made, a worthless piece of... but... but your daughter..., she's perfect! Evil to the bone, treacherous as anyone I'd ever seen, powerful... you did a wonderful job by procreating her, son, just perfect... *sniff*" " Oh... Ma, I ... thank you, I..." " And with that's said, there's something else I want to tell you, son..."
  60. "... THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!" *slap*slap*slap* " OWEEH...!.. Ma, why...?" " WHY? You're even asking why?? I'm dethroned, dishonored, put into second place, just because of you and your... stupid black sheep obsession! Otherwise she'd never become evil, otherwise... and everything else is also your fault somehow, you...!" *slap*slap*slap*
  61. " OWww... no Ma, please... please, not the nose, not the..!" ... Ahhh, that was refreshing...nothing beats humiliating your evil family relatives...
  62. ... okay, but back to the plan... let's see: kill and zombify people, check, get amazing costume, check, build new,impressive hideout, check, betray everone and steal their powers,check, annoy Granny... yup, everything's worked so far, now the next step... create impressive army... oh, right, totally forgot... zombies are fun, but world domination needs a strict military order... hm, I think I'll need a commander or general for that first... perhaps I could use Sephiroth... ah no, he's too notorious for going AWOL, better someone else...hmmmm... oh, to hell with it, I just choose randomly... Ene-mene- moo, my new general is...
  63. ... you! Okay, you'll be my new general! " Arrooh?" Exactly! But first, we'll need to...upgrade you a bit...Abracadaver... ---- Note: Another memory refreshment: our lucky(?) winner here is Dutchess_Axel a.k.a Carrjoshua 1991, who wrote stories like: The apocalypse legacy, apogaypto, the weird name legacy, the Stefani Apocalypse, Dueling Legacies etc. - and asked me, to become part of 'Team Evil', which I did, by making him one of the zombies. Since he's still not satisfied with that, I hope this promotion will do the trick... ;)
  64. " Urgllorg...?" *horngrow*horngrow*
  65. ".... Oglargla- AAAAARRRRRGGHHHHHH...!!!" *morehorngrow*morehorngrow* *clawgrow*
  66. "...ARGgggmmmpphhhlrg...!" *horngrow*winggrow*accessorize*
  67. ... Oh,yesssss.... that's exactly, what I wanted... *winggrow*accessorize*accessorize*
  68. "....mrprhlrgrrrrRRRRRROAAAARRR RRH!!!!" *accessorize*winggrow*eyesglow*
  69. *Ding* Purrrrrfect, just, Dutchie - may I call you Dutchie? - you'll be a good general, won't you? -- Note: Most of the CC (wings,horns, etc.) is from Q3tbo from, the sword is from, the armour is from Oat at, the helmet is standard maxi... I like him! ;)
  70. " I'LL LIVE TO SERVE YOUR WISHES, EMPRESS!" OooOh, thank you, Dutchie...even your tone is perfect, devote and daring at the same time, *giggle*... " WHAT DOES MY EMPRESS WANT ME TO DO?" ...and even eager to work, fabolous...!
  71. Okay,Dutchie, your first task will be... well... right now,I can't think of anything necessary... oh, just go outside, guard the tower and kill everyone daring to enter, while I make your... soldiers ready for duty, understood? " I'LL DO, AS THE EMPRESS COMMANDS!" ...he's even following orders, isn't that sweet?
  72. *wingsunfold*wingsunfold* " THE ORDER OF EMPRESS BETHORIA IS ABSOLUTE!I WILL GUARD THE TOWER WITH MY LIFE! I WILL SLAUGHTER ANYONE ENTERING IT, I..." Woh, Woh, Dutchie, careful with the wings, you will never fit through the door... " AS THE EMPRESS COMMANDS!"
  73. *whoosh*defying gravity* Hey wait a minute, I only said, you wont fit through the door, I never said... no, not through the...
  74. *CRRRRRRRAAAAAAASSSSSSSHHH HHHH!!!!!!!!!* ...ceiling...
  75. *groan*... oh well, every army needs air support, I would have needed an entrance there sooner or later anyway....
  76. ... okay, where was I ?... ah yes, the army thing... okay, I'll make the airforce later, right now, I rather need infantery and artillery...
  77. ... let's start with you first... you'll be an archer, and you... stop fidgeting, I need to concentrate... --- Note: The viking helmet without horns is from... sorry, I forgot, credits to him/her anyway, the bow and arrow mesh is from rosesims and the color - well, that's from me, my first recoloring ever, applause, applause... *crickets chirping*... okay, then not...
  78. meanwhile, somewhere else: " Aaah, that was good... nothing refreshes you like a good day sleep..." " COUNT!" " Oh, Oh... coming, my love..."
  79. " Stone, scissor... HAHA, won again, mate!" "Oooh... how come, that you always win, Captain?" " Well, probably because I have hands, and you don't, mate." " Oooh..." --- Note: and another sticky note (I need them myself to remember everything) - while Bethoria was rising her army, her family searching for her and Uranium beating up her son - another party made her way through the neighborhood, consisting of Captain Jack Sparrow, Frank the Stilt and the Count, lead by Agent Snuggles with the license to squeal, created by Blueberrypie360, Writer of the Bearly alive apocalypse, searching for clues to find the creator of this neighborhood, me - I mean, the real Nemo, I'm just it's clone, and by the way, I'm dead, because... oh the hell, just read the former chapters...
  80. " What is it, my love, why so angry, did someone upset you?" "YES, YOU! And spare me your stupid 'my love' speech, I'm sick of it! Now: where is Nemo?! You told me, Uranium told you, where he was, but all we'd done, was walking through the neighborhood without the slightest clue! Honestly, do you even have the slightest clue?!" " My... my love, I'd never..." " As I feared, this was pointless - Adios, Count!" " W... WAIT, MY LOVE, I...!"
  81. "... I just remembered exactly, how to find him!" " ... how?!" " Don't worry, my love, I'll let directly you directly to him, just follow me!"
  82. *Puff*transform* "H... Hey, wait, tell me first... oh you...!" " Oh, oh, come on mate, time to set sails again!" " Oooh, captain, my captain, do you think, we'll finally reach Tortuga?" " Dunno, but better than stay here, savvy?"
  83. a few miles later "... TADA, here we are!" " OH NO... *sob* not again... this idiot..." " Hey, hey, princess, what's the matter, why the long face...?" "Because... because, that's where I started off with this whole mission..."
  84. "... at the counts manor! Count, you douchebag, you..."
  85. " No, no, no, my Love, you have it all wrong! We will soon know now, where this Mr. Nemo is.." "HOW?! FOR THE LAST TIME, HOW?!" " Well, by asking the servants, of course!" " The... servants?!" " Yes, my both trusted servants, Mr. PiffPaff and Mrs. Purple - come on, everone knows, that the servants know everything about their masters, so they know everything, Uranium knows, too..." "...okay, I'm giving you a chance. Ask them, where he is, and let's get over with that..." " Immediately, my love...!"
  86. "... Ah hello, Mrs. Purple, Mr. PiffPaff..." "..." "..." "... a wonderful night, isn't it?" "..." "... what do you want?" " Well, I... was just thinking, if you... by any means... well, did Uranium ever mention something about a Mr. Nemo, perhaps...?"
  87. "...forget it." " Ehr, I beg your pardon?" " We don't know anything, period." " Aw, please, just a bit, just a..." "No, and to be precise, we're not holding information back, we really don't know."
  88. " But... but..." " Look, I don't know, who created the myth, that the servants know everything, but we - don't - know anything about this Nemo-Guy, you're on your own!" " But, but my Love over there, she'll leave me, of I don't..." " Not my problem." " I... I... *sniff* *sob*... " " Oh great, why are all masters such whiny sissies...?" "..."
  89. "... Oh the heck, tell him, brother..." " What?" " You know what I mean... at least it's better then to see this idiot breaking into tears..." " Pffft... okay, we might be able to help you..." " YEESSS! YAHOO! I'M SAVED! DOUBIDOUBIDOUDOUA...!" "... tell me again, why didn't we want to see him cry?" "..."
  90. soon: " Follow me..." " I hope, it's worth this time, Count..."
  91. "...these are the answers to all your problems." " What, what is it?"
  93. " A... toilet?! A toilet is the answers to all our problems? Are you insane? What's a stupid toilet has to do with... finding Nemo?"
  94. RRRRRAAAAAAARRRRHHHH! INSOLENT HUMAN! HOW DARE YOU TO CALL THE GREAT POTTY GOD A 'STUPID TOILET'??!! I'M BURRRRRRNUNG WITH RRRRRAAAAGGGGEEEE! ---- Note: The Potty god is trademark by Ephemeraltoast. See the Potty Gods last appearance in this legacy in chapter... drat, forgot it myself...
  95. " The... Potty God?" YEEEESSSS... YESSS I'M THE MIGHTY POTTY GOD, THE UNLIMITED MASTER OF ALL TOILET, SAVIOR OF DIARRHEA, BEARER OF THE ANSWERS TO ALL QUESTIONS, LIKE WHERE YOU LOST YOUR CAR KEYS, I'M... " Okay, okay, understood... so, um, mighty potty god, forgive my earlier behavior please, and... well, could I ask you a question?"
  97. "Okay, okay, sooo... you don't know by any means, where the creator of this neighborhood, Mr. Nemo, could be?"
  98. INDEED, I KNOW, WHERE HE IS! " Great! So, tell me, where is...?" BUT I WONT TELL YOU! "What? WHY?" SORRY, TOOTS, BUT IT WOULD CAST A POOR LIGHT ON MY PROPHET URANIUM, IF I TOLD YOU, WHERE... DAMN IT, I DIDN'T WANT TO SAY THAT... " Well, I already suspected, that Uranium was behind this... so, just tell me, where he is, and I won't tell anybody...." ...HMMM... NOPE, NO CAN DO! UGH, I HAVE SPOKEN!
  99. " Ah, come on, don't be ridiculous! After all, holding a person against his will is a crime, and not at all godlike - what kind of god are you?!"
  100. RAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRHHHHH, YOOOOOUUUUU INNNNSOLLLLENT... BAH, WHY SHOULD I ARGUE WITH YOU, I'M THE POTTY GOD, I FLUSH IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS AND ALL THAT STUFF, I DON'T NEED TO TELL YOU ANYTHING!!! "... and that's all you have to say, when your.. Prophet Uranium commits crimes in your name..." ..WELL, I... I MEAN, SHE DID A GOOD JOB SPREADING MY WORD... I DON'T WANT TO BE UNGRATEFUL... AND THIS NEMO- GUY IS OKAY, NOTHING TO WORRY.. " But you're still holding him Custody, right?" ONLY TEMPORARY... ONCE WE CONVERT EVERYONE IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD... " So that's all about? Controlling the vampires, then the evil guys, then... just to get more followers...?"
  101. WELL... YEAH, I MEAN... VAMPIRES DON'T AGE, SO I WOULDN'T HAVE TO WORRY, THAT MY CULT DIES, AND THE EVIL GUYS... AFTER ALL, THERE CAN'T BE A POTTY HEAVEN WITHOUT HELL... " Okay, I'm beginning to understand... say, Potty God, are you sure, that... Uranium was honest with you?" OF... OF COURSE, SHE'S MY PROPHET, SHE'D NEVER... " Well then, mighty Potty God, answer me this: Sim Vampires don't need any food or even Blood, and they can easily refill their needs by dating, snapdragons, learning witchcraft etc. - why would they need a toilet?"
  102. '... ...' "See? That's why I don't think, that Uranium was totally honest with you." ... I ... I HAVE TO ADMIT, I NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT...
  103. " Aw, don't worry, even a god can have a bad day sometimes... so, just let Mr. Nemo free, call back Uranium, and we're all happy..."
  105. " Wooo, hey, wait, , what do you mean... flush? Judge? You don't mean..." UGH! I HAVE SPOKEN! YOU AND YOUR 6 COMRADES WILL MAKE THE CLAIM! " Uh, oh... and I've just bathed last century..." " Wait a moment! Me and my Sis don't belong to this guys, we won't..." "Uh, captain... what are we going to do now?" " I... don't know mate, but...better hold your breath..."
  107. "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" to be continued... meanwhile...
  108. ... at Empress Bethoria's Tower of Darkness: " Hfff... hfff... Oh man, it took forever to get here... but wow, that's the second biggest tower I've ever seen..." " My neck goes stiff, just by looking to the third floor..." " Oh, stop gossiping guys, let's get rescue Beth..."
  109. " Hooo... Hold it here, Liz... What do you mean, 'rescue Beth'?" " Well, what do you think Ma? We get in, get Bethany out and..." " First, remember how we get here? We followed someone, who 'you', dear, claimed to be Beth - so why do you think, she needs rescuing? " " Ma, come on, this whole Tower screams: Help me, I'm trapped her!" " If she's here..." " We already established the power of story logic, remember?" " Still doesn't explain seeing her running around freely..." " Well, she's probably under some sort of mind control, amnesia, magic spell... whatever!" " Okay, you've got a point - now, if I might remind you about what I said about having a 'B-plan'...?" " Yes, I know, the whole, 'Dad-and-Alex- trapped-thing' - sorry Mom, but this time we're doing it my way, I don't want my daughter to suffer any longer from... from... whatever it is, we..."
  110. *KA-BLAMM!* " UFFF!" " UGGGH!"
  112. " What the...?" " WHAT... WHAT IS THAT THING?!" " EEEKS !" "Oh Boy, Oh Boy, a big evil Monsterknight - me wanna, me wanna - hey, you, evil Monsterguy, I'm the mighty Sonicdude, would you like to work for me?" " ROOOOAAAARRRRH!" " Okay, just a question..."
  113. " Unngh.." " You okay, Ma?" " Nothing a good chiropracter next generation can’t heal... who is that guy?" " Don't know, but I swear, he'll regret the day attacking us... okay, Ma, here's Plan B: 'You' and the others get Bethany out, while I tackle Mr. Big and Ugly here..." " Liz..." "We can continue this discussion later, Mom, now.. JUST -GO !" " ... take care, dear..." " I try, Mom..."
  114. " Okay, you pile of scrap, bring it!" " GRAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRHHHH HH!" insert sounds of gunfire and crunching metal here!
  115. " Come on, come on, every second counts..." " Hfff, hfff... running, always running... why did I even come here, all I wanted, was my Resurrect-o- nomitron back...Hfff."
  116. "...hfff... okay, where is this girl now...?" " Story logic would dictate..." " No, don't say it... highest floor, right?!... well better start running again..."
  117. third floor: " 176, 77,78 stairs..."
  118. sixth floor: "Hhff... how many... how many more stairs... I hate this tower..." " 204, 5, 6..."
  119. thirteenth floor (no, not really, but it sounds more impressive... :) ) " I think, we almost made it to the top...!" " 998... 9... finally, I thought, these stairs would never you see Bethany anywhere?" " I... *GASP*" " What, what is it, do you...?"
  120. " *GASP* " " As I said: *GASP* " " WOOOOOOOOOOPEEEEEHH!!! That's like Christmas and Easter at the same time! I love this tower!"
  121. Ooh, look who's there... Hi, Sis! " Be... Bethany?" It's Empress Bethoria now, but yes, it's me, Bea! Actually, it’s all me, but let’s not quarrel over Semantics… " W... why... how...?" One question at a time, Sis... by the way, you haven't, by any means, seen my General? He was supposed to kill anyone who dared to enter the tower... since you're here, it seems, that he didn't really succeed with that... oh well. never mind... I'd rather like your opinion on a complete different topic now - what do you say to...
  122. - Army of Doom?! Hehehe... to be continued...
  123. Epilogue: "Zzzza-Ssssa-Zzzza-Dam-Dam- Dam..."
  124. "... well, what do you think, Maxssswell?" " Hmm...A bit retro, and unlike your usual style... you sure, you don't want the fork?" " No, not zzzis time - I want to sssshow her, that I've ccchanged, but ssstill be the ssssame..." " You're the boss, boss."
  125. " Zzzzanks Maxssswell - by the way, howsss your family?" " Who...?...oh, you mean the Sonic- chick? Dunno, she never called." " Ah, thatssss too bad - at leassst ssseeing the boy?"
  126. " Boss, I'm not really into kids... too much trouble..." " Don't remind me... jussst make sssure, it doesssn't do ssssomething ssstupid.." " Easy, boss - I gave her the number for a babysitter, no problemo..."
  127. Home of the all-powerful, yet merciful Sonicdude: " N'evening, I'm Lilith. You've called for a demonic bab... hey, I know you, you were with that Sonic-Guy, who my Ex-boyfriend..." " EEEEEHHH!... Do something, he won't....OoOoOH, Damien, please stop, Mommy's Tummy doesn't like tha... WAAAAAAAAH...!" to be... or not to be ;)