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The role of UX design in AI by Tom Woodel

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UXPAUK Event July 2017

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The role of UX design in AI by Tom Woodel

  1. 1. The role of UX Design in AI Tom Woodel UX Lead, Saberr @womtoodle Saberr
  2. 2. Agenda What we'll cover: Problems with AI How do we fix this? What is Saberr? How we design for AI What we've found so far Saberr @womtoodle Q&A
  3. 3. Problems with AI Saberr @womtoodle History repeats itself
  4. 4. History repeats itself Saberr @womtoodle
  5. 5. What was the problem? Saberr @womtoodle Experts design for experts
  6. 6. Microsoft's AI: TayTweets Saberr @womtoodle
  7. 7. Microsoft's AI: TayTweets Saberr @womtoodle The aim was to, “experiment and conduct research on conversational understanding”. Tay would learn from conversations she had with people on twitter and so become “smarter”.
  8. 8. Tay the Tormentor Saberr @womtoodle
  9. 9. Tay the Tormentor Saberr @womtoodle
  10. 10. Chatbots Saberr @womtoodle "You have high expectations. First they disappoint you, then they break." Alistair Shepherd, Founder of Saberr
  11. 11. How do we fix this? Saberr @womtoodle UX Design to the rescue!
  12. 12. How do we fix this? Saberr @womtoodle Designers need to be included much earlier in the design process Don't just design with Data, start with qualitative research Have a clear idea of tone of voice Have a clear idea of level of interaction
  13. 13. What is Saberr? Saberr @womtoodle Work well together
  14. 14. What is Saberr? Saberr @womtoodle Base
  15. 15. What is Saberr? Saberr @womtoodle Base CoachBot
  16. 16. The problem Saberr @womtoodle Large diagnostic surveys for both Base and CoachBot Current products rely heavily on Saberr team's facilitation Takes a lot to try out new features, a lot had to be written in code to test.
  17. 17. How to design for AI Saberr @womtoodle Prototyping CoachBot
  18. 18. Otherwise known as... Saberr @womtoodle Faking a bot
  19. 19. Faking a bot Saberr @womtoodle
  20. 20. CoachBot Slack Setup Saberr @womtoodle "Heavily supervised Bot" Mid size company 3 teams, to match our proto personas One channel for each team with CoachBot (Multi channel guest) added to each channel Saberr Buddy added as a multi channel guest
  21. 21. Bot Brain Saberr @womtoodle
  22. 22. Bot Brain Saberr @womtoodle Base CoachBot Contextual Toolkits Exercises Games Challenges Stage 1Questions Stage 2 Stage 3 Responses
  23. 23. Benefits of prototyping AI Saberr @womtoodle Responsive to needs of users Quickly test new ideas Not data driven, its qualitative. Saberr Buddy allows for on the fly interviews
  24. 24. CoachBot Drip Feed Saberr @womtoodle What we've found so far
  25. 25. Tone of Voice Saberr @womtoodle Avoid too much personality, especially to begin with Set expectations early Functional and Contextual Primers for why we are asking specific questions
  26. 26. Level of Interaction Saberr @womtoodle Offer the user the choice of interaction Make the interactions contextual not generic for more buy in Learn when the users preferred interacting Set expectations
  27. 27. Escalation Protocol Saberr @womtoodle What happens when something goes wrong? Have a way users can escape from error traps Having a buddy works for testing, interviews, and escalation
  28. 28. Q&A Tom Woodel UX Lead, Saberr @womtoodle Saberr The role of UX Design in AI