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Ushahidi personas scenarios

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Ushahidi is incorporating user feedback as we plan for our next stages of the software development.

Gabriel White of Small Surfaces has prepared these User Personas and Scenarios

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Ushahidi personas scenarios

  1. 1. Personas & ScenariosUshahidi Design Framework ProjectCreated by Small Surfaces for Ushahidi14 June 2012
  2. 2. Guillermo // News Gatherer"I work for a large news organisation, and we want to find new ways to source and tell stories.Crowdsourcing helps us get a better understanding of big events as they unfold. Publishing reportsfrom citizens also helps us differentiate ourselves competitively." machinator ( Satisfiers Usage scenariosGuillermos job is focused on utilising Getting a deployment up and running Configure deployment to have the right Technical literacysocial media for his news organisation. He quickly. categories, verification schema, visualuses social media to gather information presentation. Customisation needsabout emerging events. Making sure the deployment is visually compelling and professional. Set up users with different editingHis goal is both help journalists source permissions, and permissions to seenew and different stories, and also help Making it easy for citizens to submit different levels of information.connect the outlet better with its reports of all different media types. Deployment team 20-30audience. Define report structure and permissions. Reporters 500-1000 Quick and accurate report verification.He uses Ushahidi on occasions when Coordinate with verification andthere is a big event, such as civil unrest or Making it easy for journalists to uncover geolocation volunteer team managers toa natural disaster. interesting and useful content. make sure the flow of reports are being processed. Report volume 100 per dayWith this focus, he is prepared to investtime in getting to know Ushahidi. While Share sample outputs with management Deployment duration 2 monthshed prefer everything to work perfectly Frustraters and journalists to help them start usingright out of the box, he knows that its Quality of reports is often low; poor the platform.important to customise things so its descriptions or highly opinionated.more effective. Periodically review the reports and Journalists are often not interested in outputs to make sure that everything isHes not a technical person, and so relies using Ushahidi to help source their running correctly.on the IT people at his office a lot to get stories; they sometimes dont see thethe software up and running as he needs They can be slow sometimes, so hedrather not depend on them.
  3. 3. Rachel // Election Monitor"Theres an election coming soon, and our small NGO wants to create a site that allows people toeasily share stories about problems in the electoral process. We want to make fraud and corruptionmore visible to the public, government officials, news media and the outside world." advocacy_project ( Satisfiers UsageRachel works for a small NGO that Getting Ushahidi up and running with Install Ushahidi, connect to an SMS Technical literacyfocuses on helping improve electoral minimum fuss. gateway and allow call-in voice reports.processes in Central Africa. Customisation needs Being confident that the data that is Review reports once each day (andRachels got some basic skills when it being received in the system is secure transcribe calls), and then follow up bycomes to doing things on the internet and private, and that only the correct phone with both the reporter and the(she set up her organisations web site on information is being published. local authorities.Google Sites), but doesnt feel confident Deployment team 2-3when it comes to doing more Being able to get her team up and Sanitise and publish verified reports, so Reporters 50-100complicated things. running quickly to review the incoming no personal information is disclosed. report stream.The NGO mostly focuses on advocacy, Ensure that reports are correctlyand this year they have decided to create Being able to easily see the reports on a associated with a town & district.a site that allows citizens to report map grouped in different ways. Report volume 10 per daymalfeasance in the run up to (and on the Group reports that all relate to the sameday of ) local government elections. To be able to easily see how reporting incident, and add any follow-up Deployment duration 8 months volumes change over time. information (such as news reports) to theRachel has connected with community incident.groups in 5 districts they are piloting with Being able to use the data for analysisthis year to help get the word out that and reporting. Identify reports that should becitizens can submit reports by SMS or investigated further.calling a phone number. Frustraters Review and moderate comments.She hopes that Ushahidi can allow her to Getting users to submit quality reports.easily gather reports through the election Review the work of other people tocycle and then organise and publish ensure that everything is operating Sometimes difficult to understand thethem in a way that will help keep the properly. map.broader community informed about theprocess. Analyse data every week to understand trends and to publish blog summary.
  4. 4. Ahmed // Facility Tracker"My organisation is helping the regional government create a system that maps the number ofdoctors and beds available at hospitals. We want to use this information to help make the public moreaware of the improving availability of medical care in the region." arabspring ( Satisfiers UsageAhmed is a project manager who works To be able to customise the presentation Install Ushahidi on department server. Technical literacyfor the Ministry of Health in a country in of the map so that public servants andthe Middle East. the public can easily understand what is Mark each of the hospitals on the map, Customisation needs happening. and add them as locations.The ministry recently decided that itwants to make it easier for citizens to Being able to easily visualise the status of Configure report structure / data model,understand the improvements the individual hospitals on a map in a way and define aggregate analysis structure.government is making to hospitals thats easily understandable. Deployment team 3-4throughout the country. Upload initial baseline data about Reporters 60-90 To be able to show trends over time for all hospital statistics.The team working on the project hospitals in the region.identified Ushahidi as a good solution: it Create user accounts for individuals atwould allow them to easily get updates To make it as easy as possible for staff in each of the hospitals.about the number of doctors and individual hospitals to provide updates of Report volume 60-90 per weekavailable beds directly from the hospitals their data. Review reports on a weekly basis to checkand display the data in a visually whether all the hospitals have provided Deployment duration 4 yearsinteresting way to the regions residents. Easily export data and visualisations for updates and that the provided data is use in presentations and reports. correct.Ahmed studied computer science as anundergraduate, and is responsible for Being able to easily upgrade Ushahidi to Work with Ministry of Health IT staff togetting Ushahidi up and running, the latest version. have the map published on thecustomising it so that its easy for departmental web site.hospitals to update their current situationevery week, and ensuring that the system Frustraters Review problematic reports and followcan show the current status of hospitals up with hospital staff. Having to chase people down for theas well as changes to the facilities over latest data.time. Incorrect data in reports.
  5. 5. Davi // Concerned Citizen"My son was assaulted by the police a couple of months ago, and was in hospital for two days. I foundout about a site that lets you report police violence like this; I reported my sons case, and I now checkthe site every couple of weeks to understand what is happening in my city." tbsmith ( Satisfiers UsageDavi lives in South East Asia, and owns a Being able to quickly understand the Understanding purpose of web site. Technical literacystore that sells childrens clothes. Over purpose of a map.the last 12 months shed heard more Reviewing map to understand patterns of Motivationabout incidents of police violence from To understand the meaning of data thats violence in different parts of the country,friends, but wasnt sure what to believe. represented on the map, and understand and the reasons for the different reports. how the reports relate to related events inTwo months ago, though, her son was the city. Understanding what violent incidentsassaulted as he was walking near a group have been happening in her city. Usage frequency 2 times per monthof protestors. To have confidence in the data thats Submission volume 1-2 times total being shown on the map. Submitting a report of violence withDavi was furious about what had confidence that her information will behappened, and found out about a web To know that her information will be kept that lets you report incidents of private.violence, and so went to check it out. Sharing reports she sees with her friends. To feel confident of what information toShe wanted to make sure that the site provide when submitting a report.was safe (she didnt want more troublefrom the police), and then reported theincident with her son. A couple of dayslater someone called her to check on her Frustratersstory. Not sure what happens after a report is submitted.She trusts the site, and now checks itevery couple of weeks to find out whats The map can sometimes be hard tobeen happening in her city. understand with lots of reports.
  6. 6. Francios // Journalist"My news channel has started using Ushahidi to help get stories from citizens in big events. In therush of the new cycle I want to use it to quickly help give me ideas for new stories, and insights for thestories Im already working on" guillaumelemoine ( Satisfiers UsageFrancois has been working as a journalist Being able to easily see whats changing Visit the Ushahidi instance a couple of Technical literacyfor almost 8 years now. He files reports on the map. times each day and identify if there areboth for television and web. He is based any notable changes to the situation. Motivationin Dakar, Senegal and is responsible for Being easily able to identify clusters ofcovering the entire West African region. related reports. Identify interesting stories that are emerging.Just a few days ago citizen protests Being able to easily export data andstarted to break out in a neighbouring media from the system for use in reports. For interesting items, review what has Usage frequency 2 times per daycountry. It hasnt been possible for him to happened to the reports since they were Submission volume Noneget close to the unrest because the originally submitted, to establish howgovernment is not letting journalists in, confident he is in the he has been doing his best using Frustraterstelephone calls with his contacts to find Lack of detail or context in individual Identify interesting quotes or mediaout what is happening. reports can sometimes make them hard assets that could be used in a story that to understand. was started outside the system.People from the main office of the newsoutlet got Ushahidi up and running so Overwhelmed by the volume of Collect reports that look interesting andthat citizens could post information, uninteresting or useless reports. could be useful later.images and videos about whats beengoing on.He has been dipping in to the Ushahidideployment to help get leads for newstories and also to help identify mediathat he could add to his televisionreports.
  7. 7. Alamby // Report Verifier"When theres a big event, I work with a team of people to help verify reports that are coming into anUshahidi deployment thats being used to capturing and share information about the event. I need tobe confident that the report is accurate before its shared with the public." joming ( Satisfiers UsageAlamby is a student at the University of Easy to identify what needs her attention. Identifying new reports that have not yet Technical literacyWashington. She heard about Ushahidi been translated and verified.from some friends almost a year ago, and Easy to know what steps need to be Motivationdecided to offer her time to help support taken in order to complete the Check-out individual reports for workthe work of people in emergencies. verification of a report. while she translates and verifies the report.She works with a distributed team of Easy to coordinate with other peoplepeople who verify and geo-locate reports reviewing reports in the system. Adding translations of reports. Usage frequency 4 hours per daywhen a big event occurs. Submission volume 20-40 per day Sense of accomplishment after Calling reporters to verify the report.Just recently civil unrest erupted in a completing a few hours work. Noting conversations in the system.West African country, and she was askedto help support the work of a news Easy to review work before finalising. Marking the level of confidence in theorganisation that had created an report.Ushahidi map to cover the unrest. Easy to correct errors after the fact. Group reports together into events whereShe needs to use her French skills to first there are multiple reports about the sametranslate the reports into English, and topic.then follow up with the reporter (by Frustraterscalling them through Skype) to ask Identifying an error in a previously Poor report quality making it difficult toquestions about the report. Based on this translated report, and returning to re- follow up on.she rates the report for veracity. translate the report.She wants to be able to do her workeasily and quickly, and to be sure thatnobody else is working on the samereports as she is.
  8. 8. Gabriel White, June