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Marshall Cassidy-happy-as-a-wanna-be-lyrics

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Marshall Cassidy-happy-as-a-wanna-be-lyrics

  1. 1. Marshall Cassidy Songwriter, Composer, Singer, Manager : VOCALSpin Music Group Happy as a Wanna-Be M a r s h a l l C a s s i d I dont want to be a Star Dont want to be a Country Star Marshall Cassidy / Country Songs! I get car sick in the car With Lyrics. Marshall on Vocals! And being away from home LYRICS PAGES Boy thats too far My Dream Girl : Really deep down Written, Composed and Performed Im kind of shy by : Marshall Cassidy Im not that stand up Ugly Like Me : Partying guy Written, Composed and Performed I hate the thought of by : Marshall Cassidy Being in crowds And my ears hurt Happy as a Wanna-Be : When the musics too loud Written, Composed and Performed And all those girls by : Marshall Cassidy Would drive me crazy I might end up The Love Letter : Driving Miss Daisy Written, Composed and Performed by : Marshall Cassidy It aint me Sunny : It aint my show Written, Composed and Performed Not a chance by : Marshall Cassidy The Answer is No It aint me Beginner or Exp. Singer Wanted! It aint my show I wrote the Song. The Answer is No! No! No! I have the Lyrics. Id have to change out of I’ll sing it for You. My old clothes And for the Poppa-Tory Id have to pose And dressing real fancyGraphics & Designs by : And powder my nosePlease leave a message : 904-885-4672 All that get-up From my head to toesHappy as a Wanna-Be And all those girls Would drive me crazy Marshall Cassidy and … I might end up Driving Miss Daisy It aint me It aint my show Not a chance The Answer is No It aint me It aint my show The Answer is No! No! No! Yeah! The Sundance Kids! It just sounds like More work to me : I dont carePlease leave a message : 904-885-4672 What the pay would be New Country Instrumentals I just wanna be free Im happy as a wanna be 1 I dont like eating out for dinner2 Id much rather have My grub at home-Yeah3 The beeners and the weeners On the fire4 The maters and the taters In my new fryer And giving autographs5 Id get writers cramp Theres no place like home6 Here at the happy camp!7 Repeat Chorus x 28 … NO!9 Dont want to be a Star!!!10 gmail … in@ vocalsp By : Marshall Cassidy © 2012 Marshall Cassidy / VOCALSpin Music Group - All rights reserved.