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VTT Wireless access - More radio capacity with less energy

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VTT Wireless access - More radio capacity with less energy

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VTT Wireless access - More radio capacity with less energy

  1. 1. Wireless access More radio capacity with less energy
  2. 2. 229/05/2015 2 The market for wireless technology is growing rapidly By the year 2020 volume of wireless data communication will be over 1000 times bigger and there will be at least 100 times more wireless devices than today.
  3. 3. 329/05/2015 3 Major challenges Major challenges are caused by capacity demand, increasing complexity and energy consumption. Also critical infrastructure is increasingly dependable on wireless communication systems. VTT offers wide range of solutions to overcome these challenges. Typical application areas are 5G/LTE/3G/WiFi systems.
  4. 4. 429/05/2015 4 New challenges Handling the capacity need of the radio systems without major increase in energy consumption Ensuring needed HW performance Verifying and improving SW performance Designing antenna and other RF components for complex radio systems Information security
  5. 5. 529/05/2015 5 Our solutions for wireless access Radio systems Hardware performance Software performance Smart antennae and RF modules Security solutions
  6. 6. 629/05/2015 6 Radio systems Cognitive radio systems » Air interfaces » Radio system design and prototyping » Future radio research »
  7. 7. 729/05/2015 7 HW performance Multicore architectures » HW/SW exploration »
  8. 8. 829/05/2015 8 SW performance Communication system performance testing » SW testing tools and automation » Energy optimisation »
  9. 9. 929/05/2015 9 Smart antennae and RF modules Antenna solutions » RF front-end R&D » Micro- and millimetre wave modules »
  10. 10. 1029/05/2015 10 Smart antennae and RF modules Radiation pattern measurement services » On-wafer and antenna characterisation services »
  11. 11. 1129/05/2015 11 Security solutions Security testing and analyses » Security solutions for embedded systems »
  12. 12. 1229/05/2015 12 VTT – intellectual property and commercialisation VTT offers a reliable and direct channel for acquiring protected technology. We offer our customers access to a portfolio of more than 300 patent families. There are various ways to exploit these off-the-shelf technologies  Exclusive or non-exclusive licensing  IP transfer as a sales transaction  IP transfer as part of an interlinked research project
  13. 13. 1329/05/2015 13 More radio capacity with less energy for wireless data communication
  14. 14. 1429/05/2015 14 Cognitive radio systems Value proposition: Increased capacity in radio systems, efficient use of power and radio spectrum, reduced interference. Competitive edge: Advanced solutions for radio and network resource usage sensing and flexible management, machine learning, optimisation and intelligent decision making and spectrum regulation. Development phase: Several demonstrations done. IP status: Several patents filed. Offering:  Arrangement for model-based learning in cognitive radio systems  Reciprocal learning for efficient channel selection in cognitive radio networks  Multi-criteria decision-making for dynamic spectrum sharing in a hybrid cooperative wireless network, ASA/LSA concept  Method for data gathering and analysis in dynamic spectrum access systems R&D infrastructure: Converged network lab, 4G test lab, LSA test bed, 5G test bed. « BACK
  15. 15. 1529/05/2015 15 Air interfaces Value proposition: Optimal solutions mean less interference and energy losses. Competitive edge: Solutions providing increased performance, joint optimisation of performance and implementation complexity. Development phase: Simulation models and proof of concepts. Offering:  Optimal nonlinearity compensations  Robust, reliable solutions for energy aware communications  Interference mitigation techniques  Physical layer techniques for compensation of wide delay spread and rapid channel variation R&D infrastructure: link and system level simulation models, radio link prototyping environment, 4G test lab, 5G test bed. « BACK
  16. 16. 1629/05/2015 16 Radio system design and prototyping Value proposition: Speed up and increase quality of product and system development. Right radio solution to right place. Competitive edge: Front-line knowledge of modern radio system design principles. Integration of cognitive network, test automation and flexible HW/SW technologies and competencies. Development phase: Demonstrations and pilot systems. Offering:  OFDM systems  Active/Adaptive antennas, beamforming  UWB and other new concepts with possibly new frequencies  An integrated, adaptive and intelligent multi-technology testing environment with configurable platforms for prototyping R&D infrastructure: 4G lab, 5G testbed, configurable trial environment. « BACK
  17. 17. 1729/05/2015 17 Future radio research Value proposition: Solution providing 5G level performance. Competitive edge: Proven ability to create methods to increase capacity in communication systems. Joint optimisation of performance and implementation complexity, performance assessment in realistic environment, close operation with regulation bodies. IP status: Concepts and invention reports, publications in top level scientific conferences and journals. Ability to create IP. Offering:  Air interface, radio resource management, prototyping and testing technologies, enabling 10000x capacity increase of mobile communication systems (5G) in energy efficient way.  IoT/M2M communication technologies to achieve 10ximproved energy efficiency.  Technologies enabling wireless communication use in critical infrastructures.  Models about energy consumption and energy efficiency. « BACK
  18. 18. 1829/05/2015 18 HW/SW exploration Value proposition: System-level modelling and simulation approach of application workload and platform capacity models providing faster development time with optimal cost effective solution (Absolut tool). Competitive edge: Absolut is not limited to a specific application field and it supports the modelling of large many–core systems. It does not require final SW or HW for modelling or simulation. Absolut has very easy modelling effort:  No instruction set simulation  Tools for creating application models from various sources of information  Tools for creating platform models from components in a model library Development phase: Several real use cases implemented. IP status: VTT’s proprietary tool. Offering: Absolut modelling tool and performance analyses. « BACK
  19. 19. 1929/05/2015 19 Multicore architectures Value proposition: Removing performance and programmability limitations of Chip Multiprocessor Architectures. Competitive edge: Radically easier programming and higher performance. Development phase: Demonstrations available. IP status: Patent pending. Offering:  Replica architecture model  Profound experience in processor, multi-/many-core, system-on-chip and network-on-chip architectures  Extensive knowledge of both sequential and parallel programming techniques. « BACK
  20. 20. 2029/05/2015 20 Communication system performance testing Value proposition: Find out bottlenecks, improve performance. Competitive edge: Novel equipment base, latest knowledge. Market opportunity: For communication system integrators. Development phase: System available. IP status: Patents pending. Offering:  Testing automation  Test environment for novel and special cases R&D infrastructure: LTE eNb Wrap-around testing environment. « BACK
  21. 21. 2129/05/2015 21 Software testing tools and automation Value proposition: Increase testing coverage and shorten the testing time. Competitive edge: Holistic approach and model based testing. Development phase: Proven methods by several customers. IP status: OSMO Model Based Testing tool, RCA tool, GUIDriver Graphical User. Interface Testing tool, Qosmet and Moset QoS measurement tools. Offering: Holistic test automation development service, utilising VTT’s model based testing, data fusion, management, analysing and visualisation tools and methods. Testing services with support of LTE eNb Wrap-around testing environment. « BACK
  22. 22. 2229/05/2015 22 Energy optimisation Value proposition: Hard control of battery use. Competitive edge: Excellent knowledge of energy consuming processes in devices. Market opportunity: Number of battery operated components increase all the time. Development phase: Concepts and methods available. IP status: Patents. Offering:  DVFS – Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Sharing  Monitoring and predicting capacity requirements  Monitoring and controlling core usage in multi-core systems. « BACK
  23. 23. 2329/05/2015 23 Antenna solutions Value proposition: First class design and prototyping of small antennae and antenna arrays for small devices. Competitive edge: Miniaturisation, integration, manufacturing processes. Development phase: Several solutions implemented to customers. IP status: Several patented solutions. Offering: Design of small antennae and antenna arrays. R&D infrastructure: 2 anechoic chambers, test equipment for antenna and material parameter measurements, SW: HFSS, CST, IE3D, WIPL-D, AWR and Matlab. « BACK
  24. 24. 2429/05/2015 24 RF front-end components and modules Value proposition: First class design and prototyping of small RF front-end components and modules. Competitive edge: Unique design and integration capability of antennae, RF front-ends and DSP, which all must go hand-in-hand. Development phase: Several customer projects done. IP status: Several patented solutions. Offering: Services from design and fabrication to characterisation  Technologies: RF MEMS, ferroelectric varactors, BAW resonators, CMOS, InP GaAs, SiGe, IPD, LTCC, bolometers, heterogeneous integration, TSV  Sub-systems: handsets, RFID, MMID, short range communication, sensing, imaging, radars, point-to-point, test systems, low power wireless electronics  Circuits: receivers, transmitters, tunable/switchable phase shifters, filters, tuners, matching networks, amplifiers, switch networks  Components: antennas, switches, transistors, varactors, mixers, multipliers, inductors, baluns  R&D infrastructure: Testing facilities at VTT and MilliLab. « BACK
  25. 25. 2529/05/2015 25 Micro and millimetre wave modules Value proposition: First class design and prototyping of microwave and millimetre wave modules. Competitive edge: Substantial amount of experience in the field of microwave and millimetre wave antennae, components, and systems. The space related activities include ESA-projects. Offering: Design of millimetre wave components, circuits, and sub-systems. Experience includes technologies such as, CMOS, SiGe, GaAs, InP and RF MEMS. R&D infrastructure: MilliLab; Measurement capabilities span from 30 GHz to 300 GHz, in addition to specialised measurement capabilities up to 2 THz. « BACK
  26. 26. 2629/05/2015 26 On-wafer and antenna characterisation services Transmission and reflection measurements of planar samples:  Sample inside a transmission line (coaxial or waveguide)  Whole frequency band of the transmission line available  Free space measurement setup  Two free space measurements setups  Frequency ranges: 5-8.6, 8-12, 10-18, 26-40, 50-75, 75-110 GHz  Both electric and magnetic parameters of the sample can be calculated  Best suitable for materials with high or medium losses TM010 resonators:  Measurement frequencies: 1, 2, 3 and 5 GHz  Cylindrical or planar samples  Calculation of material electric parameters  Accurate method for low-loss materials « BACK
  27. 27. 2729/05/2015 27 For radiation pattern measurements VTT has two anechoic test chambers:  The larger one (dimensions of 12m*12m*17m) operates in the frequency range of 100 MHz - 200 GHz.  The smaller one (dimensions of 4.4m*4.6m*8 m) is electromagnetically shielded and it operates from 500 MHz upwards. In the measurement of a small antenna the antenna feed cable forms easily a part of the radiating system. In order to get rid of this harmful effect an opto-electronic transmit / receive link has been developed in-house. Radiation pattern measurement services « BACK
  28. 28. 2829/05/2015 28 Security testing and analyses Value proposition: Ensure and verify information security in product design process. Competitive edge: Holistic approach and competence for security testing and analyses. Development phase: Continuous activity in contract projects in the various topics of cyber security. Offering: Various information security testing and analysis services:  System penetration testing  Robustness testing  Source code analysis  Analysis of programming habits, assistance for secure programming guidelines  Architectural security analysis of systems  Usability analysis in relation to information security issues  Security testing automation « BACK
  29. 29. 2929/05/2015 29 Security solutions for embedded systems Value proposition: Trustworthy platforms for embedded systems. Competitive edge: Research and implementation experience of security in embedded communication devices and systems. Development phase: Several confidential customer projects done. Offering: Design of customer specific security solutions for embedded systems:  OnBoard Credentials Platform Design and Implementation  On board platform for management of passwords and certificates in mobile terminal  Secured and trusted environments for ubiquitous and embedded systems.  Software and infrastructure for authentication, authorization and cryptography in networked embedded systems  Security and privacy solutions for Internet of Things (IoT) « BACK
  30. 30. 3029/05/2015 30 Dr. Tapio Rauma Key Account Manager VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Tel. +358 40 5268231