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VTT solutions for healthy food and beverages. Your partner in concept and technology development. Technology for business.

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Vtt healthy food_and_beverages_1.1

  1. 1. Healthy food and beverages Better food for the people and the planet VTT TECHNICAL RESEARCH CENTRE OF FINLAND LTD
  2. 2. 210/06/2016 2 Dietary fibre and protein are essential parts of a healthy diet, but even healthy food needs to be appealing and tasty! Health and wellness is one of the main food trends of our age
  3. 3. 310/06/2016 3 Trends and drivers in the food industry Consoli- dation Safety and security Sustain- ability Respons- ibility Cost efficiency GLOBALISATION SHAPES THE MARKET CONSUMER NEEDS ARE INCREASINGLY DIVERSIFIED* Aging population Free from Rich in The story behind Health and wellness Natural *Top ten food trends for 2015, Innova market insights; 10 key trends in food, nutrition & health 2015, New Nutrition business
  4. 4. 410/06/2016 4 A world leading RTO in biomass and food science and technology We have a strong track record in high dietary fibre and protein systems, especially in cereal and dairy processing. VTT has shown academic excellence and developed proprietary technologies.
  5. 5. 510/06/2016 5 Challenges  Demand for healthy and sustainable solutions  Combining tasty, healthy and convenient  Integration of new plant based ingredients as part of the diet  Development of cost- efficient food processes  Ensured food process hygiene and product safety
  6. 6. 610/06/2016 6 Our solutions for healthy food and beverages Novel protein and fibre ingredients » Enjoyable beverages » Appealing and healthy food » Safety throughout the food chain » Smart use of resources »
  7. 7. 710/06/2016 7 Safety throughout the food chain Planning of processes that address food safety, reliability and resource efficiency. Your comprehensive R&D partner in healthy food and beverages Raw material competence Expertise in grains, pulses, berries, milk and various agro-biomass side streams. Novel protein and fibre ingredients Development of novel plant-based proteins and natural dietary fibre ingredients. Appealing and healthy food Design of new food products with excellent mouth feel and nutritional properties. Enjoyable beverages Solutions to improve the performance of yeast strains and to produce and enjoyable beverages. BACK TO SOLUTIONS >>
  9. 9. 9 Novel protein and fibre ingredients
  10. 10. 1010/06/2016 10 New protein and fibre ingredients with clean label Source:1 ”Alternative Proteins to Claim a Third of the Market by 2054; 2 Outlook of the Global food and beverage market, Frost and Sullivan, 2015 Health ingredients ~50% of the global ingredient market2 Dietary fibre has well demonstrated health benefits Global protein consumption will double by year 20541 BACK TO SOLUTIONS >>
  11. 11. 1110/06/2016 11 Pathway to novel protein and fibre ingredients Enrichment and modification technologies Up-scaling in our food and brewing pilot Chemical, physical properties, physiological response Techno-economical evaluation of the concept New sources of protein and fibre ingredients Functional ingredients designed for your specific needs Applicability in food products BACK TO SOLUTIONS >>
  12. 12. 121210/06/2016 Plant based ingredients using proprietary technologies Food grade pilot facilities (milling, dry fractionation, bioprocessing…) Analysis of the technological and physiological functionality of food ingredients Lab scale facilities for new ingredient technology development BACK TO SOLUTIONS >>
  13. 13. 1310/06/2016 13 Develop your ingredients with top experts  VTT has strong track record in dietary fibre and cereal processing  Extensive know-how in food processing for targeting new, high quality food ingredients  VTT combines development of ingredients with predicted physiological functionality to food prototype design  IPR on plant protein ingredients Plant based ingredients with excellent technological properties Minimized waste formation by valorization of side streams BACK TO SOLUTIONS >>
  14. 14. 1410/06/2016 14 Emilia Nordlund Research Team Leader Tel. +358 40 5042963 Annika Wilhelmson Key Account Manager Tel. +358 44 5557913 Ask us more! BACK TO SOLUTIONS >>
  15. 15. 15 Appealing and healthy food
  16. 16. 1610/06/2016 16 Clean label Good food in every possible way - Good for the people, good for the planet , good for the business Source: 1Mintel, 2012. Attributes that matter with packaged foods by household income, March 2012, 2 Outlook of the Global food and beverage market, Frost and Sullivan, 2015 Freedom food 500 billion $ market2 65% of consumers choose food product based on high fibre or high protein content1 Health and wellness trend drives the growth BACK TO SOLUTIONS >>
  17. 17. 1710/06/2016 17 Steps in designing appealing and healthy food Process and product development Assessment of food structure properties Techno-economical evaluation of the concept Assessment of sensory properties Sophisticated ingredient selection Food products with • improved flavour, texture, shelflife • high fibre or protein content • reduced fat, salt or suga content • functional properties • clean label, natural processing, no E-codes Consumer behaviour and acceptance BACK TO SOLUTIONS >>
  18. 18. 1810/06/2016 18 All the way from ingredients to consumer understanding Food grade pilot facilities (beverages, baking, extrusion…) Product quality analysis, sensory analysis and consumer perception Lab scale facilities for food models from liquid to solid prototypes BACK TO SOLUTIONS >>
  19. 19. 1910/06/2016 19 New solutions for healthy and appealing food • VTT has strong track record in dietary fibre and development of high fibre and protein containing food products • VTT has extensive know-how in food processing, for targeting new healthy and appealing food products • VTT combines food prototype design to sensory evaluation and understanding of consumer perception Tasty, stable, healthy food products from high performance ingredients BACK TO SOLUTIONS >>
  20. 20. 10/06/2016 20 A new, healthy rye snack product with high consumer acceptance Customer: Ruislandia Choosing the right type of equipment and raw materials.  Process optimisation before investing in new equipment  A new rye snack with high fiber and protein content Broadened product portfolio VTT introduced extrusion as a potential production technology, and helped Ruislandia choose the right type of equipment and start the new process. “At VTT, high technological competence is combined with an enthusiastic attitude. VTT has helped us broaden our product portfolio and enter new markets.” Eero Koivisto CEO Ruislandia BACK TO SOLUTIONS >>
  21. 21. 10/06/2016 21 Healthy and tasty seafood products Customer: Hätälä Oy To develop healthy and tasty seafood products with decreased salt content and high consumer acceptance.  The novel product has improved, juicy texture, appealing taste and decreased salt content  Result: a juicier fish product with better taste and texture Improved texture and taste VTT optimised the seafood product recipe by studying the effect of different ingredients and processing parameters on the taste and texture of the products. “Long-term fruitful cooperation with VTT has had a great impact on improving our product portfolio.” Riku Isohätälä Hätälä Oy BACK TO SOLUTIONS >>
  22. 22. 10/06/2016 22 Improvement of satiety-promoting properties Customer: Mondelēz International Improvement of satiety-promoting properties of healthy biscuits using oat fibre  Recipe and prototype for satiety-promoting healthy biscuits  Satiating effects were demonstrated in postprandial setting Improved satiety properties VTT tested the satiety properties and further developed the product by comparing raw materials and developing recipes and production methods. BACK TO SOLUTIONS >>
  23. 23. 2310/06/2016 23 Emilia Nordlund Research Team Leader Tel. +358 40 5042963 Annika Wilhelmson Key Account Manager Tel. +358 44 5557913 Ask us more! BACK TO SOLUTIONS >>
  24. 24. Click to edit Master title style  Click to edit Master text styles  Second level  Third level  Fourth level  Fifth level 24 Enjoyable beverages
  25. 25. 2510/06/2016 25 Competitive edge through product diversity and cost efficiency Product diversification, beer for all tastes *Source: 1Guide to energy efficiency opportunities in the Canadian Brewing Industry, 2011; Mintel GNPD Over 11 000 new healthy beverage launches year 20132 Cost efficiency prerequisite for survival1 BACK TO SOLUTIONS >>
  26. 26. 2610/06/2016 26 Yeast strain development Malting and brewing Healthy beverages Technologies for efficient processes and enjoyable beverages BACK TO SOLUTIONS >>
  27. 27. 2710/06/2016 27 Research and development for malting, brewing and beverages Pilot facilities for malting, brewing, fermentation and ingredient development Natural strain development tools for improved yeast strains Raw material quality assessment and processing technologies BACK TO SOLUTIONS >>
  28. 28. 2810/06/2016 28 • International reputation in research in the barley to beer chain • Many decades of research into the molecular and physiological mechanism governing industrial yeast strains Improved yeast stress tolerance and functional diversity Natural ingredients Efficient processes Over five decades of research from field to consumer BACK TO SOLUTIONS >>
  29. 29. 10/06/2016 29 Strategic research partnership Customer: PBL Brewing Laboratory is an enterprise owned by five Nordic malting and brewing companies PBL aims to improve shareholders’ competitive edge through product and technology innovation.  Improved microbiological risk management  Promoted efficiency and sustainability in the production chain  New tools for quality management  Access to multidisciplinary expertise and versatile pilot plant facilities  Access to national and international research network Ensured technological leadership VTT is the strategic research partner of PBL. VTT helps PBL shareholders to improve production efficiency, product quality and sustainability in malt, beer and beverage production. “VTT has been our strategic research partner since 1959. They keep us up to date with the newest developments in science, which ensures our position as technology pioneers.” Rauno Sillanpää, Chairman of the Board BACK TO SOLUTIONS >>
  30. 30. 3010/06/2016 30 Brian Gibson Senior Scientist Tel. +358 40 7609291 Annika Wilhelmson Key Account Manager Tel. +358 44 5557913 Ask us more! BACK TO SOLUTIONS >>
  31. 31. Click to edit Master title style  Click to edit Master text styles  Second level  Third level  Fourth level  Fifth level 31 Safety throughout the food chain
  32. 32. 3210/06/2016 32 Identify and control your microbiological risks to ensure consumer safety 1/3 of produced food is wasted* Brand image is priceless Traceable is trust- worthy *FAO 2011, Global food losses and food waste. Extent, causes, and prevention. BACK TO SOLUTIONS >>
  33. 33. 3310/06/2016 33 Identification of microbial spoilage and safety risks Characterization of microbiota and microbial metabolites Prevention of microbial biofilm formation Technologies for management of harmful microbes Packaging solutions Safe food processes and products with  improved shelf life  reduced salt or sugar content  natural processing, no E-codes Tailor-made concepts to measure, understand and control microbes and their interactions BACK TO SOLUTIONS >> X
  34. 34. 3410/06/2016 34 VTT facilities for ensuring food microbial safety Biofilm reactors and pilot equipment for cleanability studies Up-to-date molecular analytical equipment Pathogen laboratory (Level 2) and anaerobic facilities BACK TO SOLUTIONS >>
  35. 35. 3510/06/2016 35 • VTT is an internationally recognised research partner to provide tailor-made concepts to measure, understand and control microbes and their interactions • VTT has special expertise in biofilms and microbial cross-talk, anaerobic microbiology, mycology and cereal microbiology • VTT Culture Collection provides strains and identification services for the food and biotechnological sectors worldwide. Tools for microbial management Improved process efficiency and safety Consumer and end product safety Food safety with VTT BACK TO SOLUTIONS >>
  36. 36. 3610/06/2016 36 Johanna Maukonen Research Team Leader Tel. +358 40 5184971 Annika Wilhelmson Key Account Manager Tel. +358 44 5557913 Ask us more! BACK TO SOLUTIONS >>
  37. 37. 37 Smart use of resources
  38. 38. 3810/06/2016 38 Higher profit from your raw material Tigthening landfilling regulations 15% increase in resource productivity needed by 2030 *Source: EU Commission communication COM(2014) 398 Towards a circular economy: A zero waste programme for Europe Zero waste 1/3 of food is wasted BACK TO SOLUTIONS >>
  39. 39. 3910/06/2016 39 VTT smart use of resources Development of process concepts Evaluation of suitability in end-use applications Chemical, structural and physical characterization Techno-economical evaluation of the concept Identification of raw material sources Efficient use of side-streams Wider product possibilities Higher profit from raw materials New raw material sources Identification of potential end-uses BACK TO SOLUTIONS >>
  40. 40. 4010/06/2016 40 VTT facilities for raw material value assessment Assessment of applicability in different end use applications Reactors and refiners for processing and fractionation of biomass Analysis of chemical and physical characteristics PILOTING CENTRE BACK TO SOLUTIONS >>
  41. 41. 4110/06/2016 41 Full potential out of your raw material • VTT has a comprehensive overview on different raw materials, including side- streams, their composition and potential end-uses. • VTT has special expertise in forest based raw materials and food and forest industry side- streams. Efficient use of side- streams Widen your product possibilities Higher profit from your raw material BACK TO SOLUTIONS >>
  42. 42. 4210/06/2016 42 Tiina Liitiä Research Team Leader Tel. +358 40 7552387 Laura Kela Key Account Manager Tel. +358 40 5442741 Ask us more! BACK TO SOLUTIONS >>