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Cloud security ppt

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A detailed market research of Cloud Security.

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Cloud security ppt

  1. 1. Cloud Security Group Assignment Venkatesh Chary Arun Krishna
  2. 2. What is Cloud Security? Cloud Security • Agility • Gate-keeper • Self-service • Standards • Scale • Control • Automation • CentralizedCloud Security is security principles applied to protect data,applications and infrastructure associated within the CloudComputing technology.
  3. 3. Market AnalysisWhat market size are we talking aboutMarket Size: 2012 : US $425.4 Million 2013 : US $629.6 Million 2014 : US $963.4 Million
  4. 4. Global Cloud Security Market Growth Analysis 2012-2014 (US$ million)1200 41.4% Compound annual growth1000800600 963.4400 629.6200 425.4 0 2012 2013 2014
  5. 5. Global Geographies• The Americas• Europe, the Middle East and Africa; European Medicines Evaluation Agency. (EMEA)• Asia Pacific (APAC)
  6. 6. Global Cloud Security Market in Percentage 2012 2014 2.5 4 Global Global Cloud Cloud Security Security Market Market Global Global Security Security97.5 Market Market 96
  7. 7. End-Users/Customers• Large Enterprises• Government Agencies• Cloud Service Providers (CSPs)• Medium-sized Enterprises
  8. 8. Global Cloud Security Market by End- User Segmentation 5 Large Enterprises 9 Government Agencies 38 17 Cloud Service Providers Medium Enterprises Other/Third Party Vendors 31
  9. 9. Trends associated with Cloud Security• Increasing Partnerships between CSPs and Security Solution Providers Expected• Increasing Emergence of Cloud Service-specific Security Solution Providers• Identity Management and Encryption to Remain the Top Cloud Security Solutions Offered• Increasing Availability of Cloud Security Solutions for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs)• Emergence of Strong Cloud Security Standard and Guidelines
  10. 10. Why is Cloud Security Important• Increasing Usage of Cloud Services in Non- traditional Sectors• Growing Adoption of Cloud Services in Government Departments• Rise in Cloud Service-specific Attacks• Growing Usage of Cloud Services for Critical Data Storage• Rise in Employee Mobility
  11. 11. What are the challenges?• CSPs believe that Security is End-users’ Issue• Lack of Awareness about Cloud Security• Inconsistent Network Connection Issues• Lack of Proper Cloud Security Standards
  12. 12. What End-users/customers expect from Cloud Security• Strong Overall Security Offered• Suite of Security Solutions Offered• Encryption Key Management Features Offered• Availability of Fine Granular Control
  13. 13. McAfee Inc.• McAfee Inc., founded in 1987, is a leading provider of network security solutions. The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and is based in California, US. The company provides security services across the globe. The company’s security products are for sectors such as Data Protection, Email and Web Security, Endpoint Protection, Mobile Security, Network Security, Risk and Compliance, Security Software as a Service (Security SaaS), and Security Management.
  14. 14. McAfee acquired by Intel• On August 19, 2010 Intel acquired McAfee for $7.68 billion in a cash deal. In FY2010, the company reported total revenue of US$2.1 billion. However, in FY2010, the revenue from the Cloud Security segment was low, at only around US$25 million.
  15. 15. McAfee Cloud Security ProgramMcAfee Security-as-a-Service deliverscomplete endpoint, email, web, and networkprotection through the cloud, saving your ITdepartment time, effort, and costs. As part ofour Security Connected framework thatdelivers comprehensive security andintegrated management, McAfee SecuritySaaS leverages the power of the cloud to helporganizations realize faster time-to-protectionto secure their business.
  16. 16. McAfee SaaS Includes• McAfee SaaS Email Protection• McAfee SaaS Integrated Suites• McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection• McAfee SaaS Vulnerability Management• McAfee SaaS Web Protection
  17. 17. SWOT AnalysisStrengths Weakness• The company’s cloud access control • Despite being an established solution allows control over the traditional security solution entire lifecycle of cloud access provider with a wide geographic security, providing solutions such presence, the company is slow to as SSO, provisioning, strong gain share in the cloud security authentication and audit. space• Its solution helps in auto- • Some pure-play companies such as synchronization of identity data Symplified are witnessing much between enterprise and cloud higher growth in the Cloud Identity applications for change Management market management scenarios • Some of its competitors, such as• Centralized management and Trend Micro, provides better key reporting are provided through management options/features integration with the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator platform
  18. 18. SWOT AnalysisOpportunities Threats• The company has a very long • Threat from pure-play vendors list of partners from various such as Zscaler, Vshield from geographic locations, which it VMware and Symplified that can leverage to expand have high growth rates• It recently launched its cloud • Threat to its market share security platform, which from other traditional security secures all content and data solution providers that are traffic including email, web expected to aggressively push and identity traffic; for expansion in this market thus, providing a unified solution
  19. 19. Some Key Competitors• Trend Micro SecureCloud, and Trend Micro Deep Security• CA Access Control, and CA Identity Manager• Symplified Mobile Edition, Symplified Access Manager, and Symplified Identity Manager• CloudPassage cloud server exposure management• Okta Cloud Services Platform• GuardTime Keyless Signature Server• CipherCloud Data Protection for Salesforce
  20. 20. Major Customers• AT&T Global Network Services Client• Citrix• Microsoft VPN• Juniper Networks• Verizon Other Information Knowledge base Website Security as a service by Mcafee service/index.aspx
  21. 21. NetflixNetflix is a commercial entertainment web based company, by online subscriptions they provide website TV shows and movies to subscribers with the online streaming technology and also send DVD’s using US mail service.In 2010, Netflix started migrating its infrastructure to Amazon EC2. At present Netflix has over 1 Petabyte of data stored on Amazon, and the data are sent to content delivery networks such as Akamai, Limelight etc., that feed the content to local ISPs.
  22. 22. What Netflix is now?• 24+ million members globally• Streaming in 47 countries• Watch on more than 700 Devices• 33% of US peak evening Internet traffic
  23. 23. Why Did Netflix moved to Cloud• Netflix is growing and adding subscribers at an unprecedented rate. The company is expanding into global markets, and an ever-growing array of Netflix-ready devices is spurring streaming service to even faster growth. At the heart of Netflix technology is the Cloud Computing platform, which serves as the distributed systems foundation for Netflix application development, and powers the movie viewing experience for millions of customers every day.
  24. 24. Netflix Cloud Security Strategy• New deployments and upgrades• Capacity planning & procurement• Key management• Detecting instance changes• Application ownership, management• Patching, updating• Availability, in a failure-prone environment• Embedding security controls• Least privilege enforcement• Testing/auditing for conformance• Consistency, conformity in build and launch• Continuous, aggressive monitoring, testing
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