introduction very helpful for bed first year students helpful for bed first year students flow chart of all the pathways alternative pathway introduction of clonal selection theory western blotting applications history types of vaccines advantages and disadvantages of brain storming brainstorming advantages and disadvntages of seminar method seminar method discussion methods of learning kinds of team teaching group discussion method tv or video presentations characterstics of teaching methods steps of team teaching methods team teaching method limitation of teaching methods advantages and disadvantages purpose of these methods basic feautres lecture method types of teaching methods parts of teaching methodologies objectives what is teaching methodology covid vaccine registeration covishield covaxin covid-19 vaccines introduction most important points of covid-19 some other consequences of covid-19 myths and facts of covid-19 spreading what not to do what to do prevention why covid-19 is said t be as the pandemic by who? people whi are at higher risk mode of transmission typical symptoms of covid-19 symptoms of covid-19 causes of coron virus structure of covid-19 origin of covid-19 introduction of covid-19 internal factors and external factors factors affecting rate of photosynthesis c3 and c4 plants crassulacean acid metabolism (cam) schematic presentation of light reaction mecahanism of atp synthesis cyclic and non-cyclic photophosporylation light reaction and dark reaction types of reactions chlorophyll leaves and leaf structure structural feature of leaf advantage for photosynt importance of photosynthesis what is photosynthesis? biological containments physical containments mechanism of implementation implementation of biosafety guidelines element of containments purpose of the containments levels of containments containments and its types ecgm committees impanted by dbt the r-dna biosafety guidelines in india aim of biosafety guidelines what is biosafety guidelines bsl-iv bsl-iii bsl-ii bsl-1 biosafety levels research activities and its categories recombinant dna guidelines defination summary of site directed mutagenesis pcr based mutagenesis steps involved in site directed mutagenesis oligonucleodtide directed mutagenesis application of site directed mutagenesis. pcr-sited directed mutagenesis casettee mutagenesis the single primer method method for site directed mutations basic mechanism of site directed mutagenesis directed mutagenesis mutation short answer questions ti and ri plasmids fosmid vectors shuttle vectors yeast plasmid vectors yeast artificial chromosome vectors bacterial chromosome vectors artificial vectors cosmid and phagemid vectors list of vectors bacteriophage vectors and its properties structure of plasmid vector properties vectors defination cloning vehicles drug industry to determine presence of illelgal dr toxicity of water used for testing water samples used in separation and identification of alkaloids serum plasma proteins from blood sample separation of blood clotting factors hemoglobin abnormalities paper electrophoresis is also used in study of sic biochemistry mapping of cellular components microbiology information about the organisms molecular biology dna fingerprinting forensics factors affecting separation of molecules visualisation procedure for paper electrophoresis working of paper electrophoresis our palnet consume with care how can we celebrted the day impact of environment in our health when it was set up first defination gift technique gametes intrafallopian transfer zygote intra fallopain transfer embryo transfer who are the patients required icsi procedure of icsi (icsi) intra cytoplasmic injecection transvaginal oocytes retrieval les commonly used techniques most commonly used techniques and its techniques invitrofertilization assisted reproductive technology the menstrual cycle parts and functions of female reproductive system female reproductive system parts and functions male reproductive organs classificatio of human reprodutive system human reproductive system types of reabsorption tubular reabsorption ultrafiltration distal convoluted tubule henles loop proximal convoluted tubule images of nephron selective reabsorption steps involved in formation of urine mechanism of formation of urine significance of ornithine cycle orntithine arginine cycle disposal of ammonia difference between ammonotelic and ureotelic formation of uric acid types of excretion respiratory waste products nitrogenous waste producst human excretion iii ii category-1 types of risk categories categories research based activities dlc sbcc geac rcgm ibsc rdac competent authorities rules for gmos rh antibodies rh antigens characterstics of bomabay blood group bomaby blood group the rh system abo markers blood compatibility and transfusions the families of blood bllod groups and blood typing discovery of blood group system? how to do blood group determination? some proteins therapeutics made by biotechnology xenotransplantation? what are vaccines? what is tissue engineering? what are stem cells? chronic granulomatus disorder? gene therapy to treat diseases? what is gene therapy? biotechnology? applications of medica classification of medical biotechnology? what is medical biotechnology? genetically engineered products? methods of gene transfer? what are transgenic animals? what are gmos/ what are transgenic plants? applications of pcr advanatges of pcr time taken in pcr stpes tricks to follow if pcr not works aspects of pcr instrumentation of pcr purpose of pcr chemical components of pcr principle of pcr short history of pcr what is pcr risk for agriculture risk for environments risk for animal & human health biosafety guidelines for laboratories s release issues in gmo biosafety guidelines types of biosafety levels biosaftey levels types of containments containments and its purpose containments advantages of monoclonal antibodies invivo & invitro uses of hybridoma technology screnning of hybridoma cells hat medium procedure of hybridoma technology what are monoclonal antonodies flow diagram of hybridoma technology principle of hybridoma technology history of hybridoma technology what is hybridoma technology lectin pathway or embl pathway classical pathay types of complement system biological function of complement system basic principle weismann experiment theory evaluation about weismann mbl or lectin pathway classical pathway pathways of complement system biological function of complement system with diag history of complement system functions of immune system defination of complement system applications of embryo splitting methods of embryo splitting biotechnology in mammalian clonning techniques of embryo splitting what is embryo splitting theories supported clonal selection theory new organisms creation by cloning clonning poduction of antibodies from b cell history of clonal selection theory slide agglitination test elisa and its types complement fixation test types of antigen & antibody interaction properties of ag & ab interaction strength of ag & ab interaction binding force of ag & ab interaction binding site of an antigen amd antibody interactio salient feautres of ag & ab interaction contents defination of ag & ab interaction history of ivf first test tube steps involved in test tube production in lab steps involved in ivf application of ivf test tube baby principle of ivf what is ivf disadvantages of tissue engineering advantages of tissue engineering main role of tissue engineering what is tissue engineering history of ria applications of ria process of ria methods of steps involved in ria principle of ria what is ria techniques of immunoelectrophoresis what is immunoelectrophoresis conclusion of gene therapy vectors in gene therapy key aspects of gene therapy parkinson disease blindness success of gene therapy physical methods of gene transfer virus as vector mediated gene transfer advantages & disadvantages application of gene therapy in-vivo therapy ex vivo therapy types of gene therapy what is gene therapy turbidostat type chemostat continuous type open and closed cultre model curve of batch culture types of cell suspension culture principle of cell suspension culture cell suspension culture metal as a substrates plastics as a substrates most commonly used substrates types of substrates what is sustrate applications of western blotting steps involved in western blotting applications of northern blotting steps involved in northern blotting northern blotting application of southern blotting steps involved in southeren blotting southern blotting tehniques of bloting types of blotting what is blotting biotechnology companies in stem cell field immunomarkers for stem cells sources of stem cells what are adult stem cells embryonic stem cell challenges what embryonic stem cells can do isolation of embryonic stem cells classification of stem cells characteristics of stem cell history of stem cells application od stem cells. stem cell transfer technology stem cell transfer from hematopoietic stem cells what is hematopoietic stem cells were we find stem cells methods types of stem cells defintions stem cells introduction uses types treatment classification of immunosuppresive drugs immunosuppresive drugs autoimmunity origins normal and autoimmune response hla and its related diseases types of auto immune diseases autoimmunity auto immune diseases vaccine introduction hepful for bed first year students mid day meal rules 2015 ssa implemented by shri atal bihari vajpayee measures of u.e.e problems in u.e.e significance and importance factors affecting causes wastage and stagnation important topic for bed first year students kothari commission 1964- 1966 dna fingerprinting was also called as dn profiling helpful for biotechnology student and plant biotec learn basics of national educational policy hartog commiteee 1929 wood despatch for british indin education vedic period belongs to the age of 2500 bc helpful for bsc biotechnology students bsc 1st year bio-physics topic chirality and its p suitable for ccs university biotechnology syllabus suitable for bsc biotechnology students pppt of pernicious anemia for bsc biotechnology st
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