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Canterbury Councils Working Together

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Infrastructure Strategies Forum, March 2017, Wellington

Presented by Ross Waugh.
Co-presenter - Ashley Harper, Timaru District Council, was unable to attend due to weather conditions.

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Canterbury Councils Working Together

  1. 1. Presented by: Ashley Harper – Timaru District Council Ross Waugh – Waugh Infrastructure
  2. 2. Regional Collaboration  Mayoral Forum  Chief Executives Forum o Canterbury Engineering Managers Group o Canterbury Finance Managers o Canterbury Policy Managers Forum o Canterbury Planning Managers
  3. 3.  Engineering Managers Group o Infrastructure Strategy o Section 17a Reviews o Preparation of Draft Submissions for Chief Executive Group o Shared Services/Collaboration o Water NZ Benchmarking o Canterbury Stormwater Forum Overview o Climate Change o Drinking Water Quality
  4. 4.  Infrastructure Strategy 2015 o Waugh Infrastructure Template: 8 Canterbury TLA’s  Land Transport  3 Waters  Common Approach – very helpful  Flood Protection excluded – Ecan role
  5. 5.  Timaru District Council Infrastructure Strategy o Followed Template o Shared Water Scheme? o NZTA FAR Share o Identification and allocation of Growth o LoS o Renewal o LoS Statement
  6. 6.  Canterbury Infrastructure Strategy Template o Good take up in Canterbury, plus some other areas o Provided good basis for development of Strategies o Timaru and Waimakariri adapted further o Provided good value for money for Councils o Further analysis of results in subsequent Canterbury IS Review o October 2016 update analysis in preparation for 2017 work, will incorporate this Forum’s perspectives
  7. 7.  Canterbury Infrastructure Strategy Review o Review initiated by Canterbury CE forum o A range of assumptions were found across Canterbury, these were highlighted o Issues and key strategies were recapped o Review identified peaks in planned infrastructure procurement o Canterbury IS Review provides information to feed into the individual council IS updates
  8. 8. Office of Auditor General Matters Arising Report  Infrastructure Strategy Expectation  Visionary  Telling the story where are, where expecting to be, how intending to get there  Realistic  Relevant assumptions and disclosures  Relational  Right Debate  Credible links to Financial Strategies, demographic change, other influences
  9. 9. Canterbury Template Review – October 2016  Typical Engineers template  Achieved required objective – 2015 LTP support  Did not fully cover OAG Visionary, Realistic, Relational statements  IS template read as summary of AMP’s  Template requires updating: o Strategic Thinking, Telling Story o Examination of issues, sustainability of services o Interactive, with improved linkages o Looking beyond 30 year minimum
  10. 10. Canterbury Template Review – Next steps / other issues Next Steps  Update template following this Forum  Include Service Level scenario planning, analysis  Include long term sustainability analysis in conjunction with Financial Strategy (s101A/s101B) Other Issues  ISO 55000 SAMP linkages  NZ growth and demographic change dynamics are ‘interesting’ and may require change to lead infrastructure development  30 years+ indicative rather than absolute