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14 best places to visit in france outside of paris

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Paris is gorgeous, Paris is resplendent, Paris is an experience you’ll never forget.
But there’s just so much more to see and do in France. France will entice you and flirt with you and you will eventually give in to its persistence. Here’s a glimpse of what awaits you outside the city walls of Paris.

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14 best places to visit in france outside of paris

  1. 1. 14 Bewitching Places That Prove France Is So Much More Than Just Paris
  2. 2. Miles and miles of gorgeous lavender fields stretching to the horizon; you won’t find a sight like this in any city. The sun shines throughout the year and the breeze, always pleasant. THE LANDSCAPES COMMUNICATE THROUGH POETRY IN PROVENCE
  3. 3. An amazing example of precision engineering, this ancient Roman aqueduct dates back to the 1st century AD. WITNESS THE PONT DU GARD, THE LARGEST ROMAN STRUCTURE STILL IN EXISTENCE
  4. 4. The heart of wine country; luscious vineyards stretching out in all directions, a tradition of viticulture that is centuries old and a glass of the perfect red wine to accompany it all. TRULY UNDERSTAND THE MEANING OF OENOPHILIA IN BURGUNDY Read The Complete Article >
  5. 5. And then head off into the never ending night! It’s a thriving university town and big on drinking holes and clubbing scenes. Also look out for museums, great shopping and gastronomic delights. TAKE A SUNSET CRUISE DOWN THE SAONE AT LYON Read The Complete Article >
  6. 6. The Mediterranean lends its pristine blue glow to everything around these parts. Food, heritage, luxury, art, culture; everything is world class here! WHEN IT COMES TO GLITZ AND GLAMOUR, THERE’S NO PLACE ELSE ON EARTH LIKE THE FRENCH RIVIERA Read The Complete Article >
  7. 7. The world’s rich and famous tether their yachts not in Paris, but here in Monaco, where there are as many yachts in the ocean as stars in the sky! The hedonistic nightlights never go out. LIVE IT UP LIKE NOWHERE ELSE IN MONACO; BUMP INTO A CELEBRITY OR TWO Read The Complete Article >
  8. 8. Ski, walk, bicycle, drive; these slopes have something to offer everyone. Clear rivers and mountain lakes, craggy peaks and colossal glaciers, snow and sunshine! CUZ THERE’S NOTHING LIKE WATCHING THE SUN COME UP OVER THE FRENCH ALPS Read The Complete Article >
  9. 9. Or any other village in the south of France! They all come equipped with picture perfect landscapes and a mandatory bridge, church and river! GET HIGH ON THE GORGEOUS FRENCH COUNTRYSIDE IN ESPALION Read The Complete Article >
  10. 10. Perhaps these were the castles that inspired the Fairytales! So what if Prince Charming never turns up, I don’t mind staying here forever, Sigh! FEEL LIKE A FAIRY TALE PRINCESS IN THE LOIRE VALLEY Read The Complete Article >
  11. 11. The World War II memorials will take you back to the one of the most difficult times in the human story. Take in the coastal landscapes and enjoy the rich cuisine. RELIVE HISTORY AT THE D-DAY BEACHES OF NORMANDY Read The Complete Article >
  12. 12. Once the prestigious mustard capital of the world, Dijon has some seriously awesome sarson ke khet! A charmingly medieval and culturally enriching township. GET TO THE BOTTOM OF YOUR FAVOURITE DIJON MUSTARD Read The Complete Article >
  13. 13. The Canal du Midi and the River Garonne put up a gorgeous show of convergence here. It’s also home to the Airbus factory, a space museum and great food markets to stroll past. LA VILLE ROSE, TOULOUSE IS A CITY MADE OF DUSKY PINK BRICKS Read The Complete Article >
  14. 14. Each one more beautiful than the previous. This one, Chateau des milandes belonged to the infamous Josephine Baker during her glory days in France. Also lookout for France’s finest prehistoric cave art. OF CHATEAUS AND MORE CHATEAUS IN DORDOGNE Read The Complete Article >
  15. 15. This resort town is as heavy on your wallet as it is on glamour. While all the surfer watching can keep you busy, keep an eye out for pre-World War architectural awesomeness. MEET EUROPE’S BEST SURFERS AT BIARRITZ Read The Complete Article >
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