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Engage 2013 - Targeting and Delivering Content

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Engage 2013 - Targeting and Delivering Content

  1. 1. Targeting: Identifying Opportunities,Segmenting Visitors & Delivering Optimal Content Jason Miller, VP of Technology, Motorcycle Superstore Allen Harper, UI/UX Dept. Manager, Motorcycle Superstore Jay Sahourieh, Director of Sales – Optimize, Webtrends
  2. 2. Agenda•  Introducing Motorcycle Superstore•  Using Webtrends in innovative ways –  Testing and targeting today –  Putting segmentation to work•  Q&A
  3. 3. Introducing Motorcycle SuperstoreWHAT SUCCESS LOOKS LIKE Jay Sahourieh, Webtrends
  4. 4. Who is Motorcycle Superstore?•  Largest pure eCommerce player in space –  Founded 1997 –  Gear, apparel, parts, and accessories for motorsports –  Over 150,000 active SKU’s –  Top 10 of all sporting good sites –  #197 on Internet Retailer•  Early technology adopter
  5. 5. Staying Ahead of the Curve•  Visibility –  Knowing what’s working, what isn’t –  Taking appropriate action•  Enabling key technologies –  Advanced targeting –  Segmentation•  Better engagement –  Higher conversion –  Increased revenue
  6. 6. Evolving a Successful Online BusinessA CULTURE OF TESTING Jason Miller, Motorcycle Superstore
  7. 7. Changing HIPPO Culture•  Who drives decisions?
  8. 8. Testing: Know for Certain•  Best performance from all pages•  Facts, not opinions•  CTA buttons, colors, placement, content•  Test everything!
  9. 9. Test to Significance•  Winning content becomes obvious•  Deploy winner across platforms & devices
  10. 10. What did we test first? Shopping cart.•  Tactical tests•  Fast results•  Significant impact
  11. 11. Making Checkout Easier
  12. 12. Improving Delivery Date Visibility
  13. 13. Showing “Pay with Credit Card”
  14. 14. Removing Pre-Checkout Roadblocks
  15. 15. Maximize Your Marketing Spend•  It’s not all about the shopping cart•  Look for data points to improve customer experience –  Email campaigns –  SEM conversion
  16. 16. Mobile Detect and Redirect
  17. 17. Since Those Tests…•  Integrated testing into standard practices•  Agile, nimble, responsive•  Testing evolves with our business
  18. 18. New Addition: Webtrends Streams•  Browse 3 or more jackets, get promo for jackets—seizing the moment of interest
  19. 19. Putting Segments to WorkOPTIMIZING ALL CHANNELS Allen Harper, Motorcycle Superstore
  20. 20. Users On the Go Drive Multi-Channel Needs
  21. 21. Segments Within OptimizeEnsure We Hit Our Targets User Targeting •  Mobile Devices •  Geo-Location Targets •  Ride Style Utility Segmentation •  Sale/Non-Sale •  Marketing Channel Filtration
  22. 22. Webtrends Alerts… Something’s Amiss with the iPad Users
  23. 23. “Hovering” Blocks the FunnelNo-Hover State Hover State
  24. 24. Isolating the Problem
  25. 25. Throttling the Traffic•  Only iPad users•  100% iPad traffic
  26. 26. What We Tested: Finding an Optimal•  Variation 1: Display color options all the time•  Variation 2: Do not display color options
  27. 27. “Always Displayed” Creates Lift
  28. 28. Old Method
  29. 29. New Method: Across All Channels
  30. 30. “Always Be Testing”
  31. 31. In Conclusion…OPTIMIZATION DRIVESSUCCESS Jay Sahourieh, Webtrends
  32. 32. Data Driven Culture•  Test to determine what’s best for the user experience at an individual level –  Keep customers onsite –  Keep customers coming back•  Better data = better targeting –  Provides better customer experience –  Leads to increased revenue
  33. 33. Top 3 Take-Aways1.  Make testing part of your business2.  Optimize across channels3.  Use targeting to provide a better customer experience
  34. 34. Thank