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Engage 2013 - Optimizing Mobile + Social Channels

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Engage 2013 - Optimizing Mobile + Social Channels

  1. 1. Optimizing Mobile & Social Channels Shawn Kimsey - Manager, Optimization Consulting Karen Wood – Sr. Product Marketing Mgr.
  2. 2. Agenda•  Why Test & Target on Mobile?•  What to Test: the Low Hanging Fruit•  Mobile Segmentation & Targeting•  Social Optimization•  Top Four Take-Aways
  3. 3. Stop Leaving Money on the TableWHY TEST ON MOBILE?
  4. 4. Mobile Is Everywhere•  Consumers expect and demand an excellent experience on mobile
  5. 5. Mobile eCommerce is Growing•  From 2011 to 2012 (Forrester): –  129% YOY growth in sales on smartphones –  178% YOY growth in sales on tablets
  6. 6. Mobile Influences Conversion Across Channels
  7. 7. Showrooming: Part of Today’s Shopping Experience•  In competitor’s store; on your site•  In your store; on competitor’s site•  Deals sites; Amazon
  8. 8. Tablets: A Cash Cow•  Tablet adoption growth at 50%•  1/3rd Americans will own tablets by 2015•  Consumers twice as likely to purchase on tablets than smartphones•  AOV 19% higher than smartphones•  Tablets drive more impulse purchases than desktops
  9. 9. Your Competitors Are Investing•  91% of retailers have mobile strategy in place•  75% of marketers will include mobile in their marketing mix this year
  10. 10. Priority #2
  11. 11. What Does Mobile Optimization Mean? •  Formatting for mobile does NOT mean the site is optimized! •  Tablets commonly use standard desktop website – OUCH!
  12. 12. Why Test on Mobile?•  Increased mobile conversion•  Better customer experience•  Improved customer loyalty•  Increased down-funnel conversion•  Increased ROI of mobile investments
  13. 13. The low hanging fruitWHAT TO TEST ON MOBILE
  14. 14. Search and Navigation•  Make it finger friendly•  Keep it vertical•  Avoid clutter•  Prioritize
  15. 15. Example: Hotels4U
  16. 16. Function & Form•  Flash – doesn’t work on iPhones•  Video & interactive media•  “Hover” actions
  17. 17. Example: Motorcycle Superstore •  +4.10% Lift •  Applied across platforms
  18. 18. Size Appropriately•  Fat fingers, small devices•  Links too close together•  Small font sizes•  Clutter
  19. 19. Example: Big Buttons
  20. 20. Get Visual•  Visual elements attract the eye•  Not much real estate•  Be bold and simple
  21. 21. Example: Membership Offer
  22. 22. Optimize Form Fields for Mobile•  Minimize amount of fields•  Increase spacing and field size•  Use radios/dropdowns
  23. 23. Example: Increasing Mobile Booking Current Mobile Page Possible mobile page designs
  24. 24. Increase RelevanceSEGMENTING & TARGETING
  25. 25. Why Segment & Target?•  Increase relevance•  Improve: –  Customer experience –  Conversion –  ROI of mobile investments•  Leverage higher value demographics –  E.g. iPad customers
  26. 26. Geotargeting•  Different locations, different needs•  Offers differ based on location•  Increased relevance•  Better customer experience
  27. 27. Segmented by Geography
  28. 28. Device Targeting•  Different devices, different strengths•  Different user profiles•  Unique demographic data•  “Download the app” – device-specific offer
  29. 29. It’s not just hype anymoreSOCIAL OPTIMIZATION
  30. 30. Mobile Enables Social Enables Mobile •  Mobile users with social accounts: –  Check their phones frequently –  Spend time on social sites on their phones •  60% of smartphone users visit social sites daily •  Most engaged social users are mobile users
  31. 31. Facebook: A New Landing Page•  Testing within iFrames – what’s old is new again•  Increase ROI of social campaigns
  32. 32. The Ingredients Facebook App Optimize TestFacebook Page External Test Page Testing on Facebook!
  33. 33. How They Work Together <iframe …></iframe>We create anapp that addsa custom tab. This app creates an iframe in the Facebook page The iframe loads an external page, hosted by the client
  34. 34. Example: Kimberly Clark Control   Challenger  
  35. 35. IN CONCLUSION…
  36. 36. Top Four Take-Aways1.  Stop leaving money on the table2.  Test the low-hanging fruit3.  Segment & target on mobile4.  Improve the ROI of your social campaigns
  37. 37. Sessions You Must See•  Tues @ 3pm: Leveraging Mobile to Extend to the Social Enterprise –  Mike Ricci, VP Product Marketing, Webtrends•  Wed @10am: Panel: What to Measure in Social –  Susan Ettlinger – Altimeter –  John Lovett – Web Analytics Demystified•  Wed @11am: Panel: Facebook Campaign Optimization –  Eric Christopher. Vice President of Sales, Shoutlet Greg Gunn. Vice President Business Development, Hootsuite Merlyn Gordon. Senior Product Marketing Manager, Webtrends Jared Roy. Director Performance Marketing, Webtrends
  38. 38. Rate Session &Speakers/Panelists
  39. 39. Thank YouShawn Kimsey, Manager, Optimization Consulting Karen Wood, Sr. Product Marketing Manager Webtrends