- education other performance covid-19 leadership security higher education knowledge effectiveness stress assess entrepreneurial orientation technology health supply chain management android e-commerce tourism rural development fly ash economy agricultural marketing bitumen trade balance applications material sciences graphene patient satisfaction 7ps marketing mix strategy brand image job satisfaction solar energy cellulase diabetes statcom mppt solar cells molecular docking awareness screening service quality big data green building logistic regression youth women approach agriculture integration eurasian economic union (eeu) engineering geology of loess soils massifs art methods motivation student competence education system creativity work-life balance academic performance blockchain environment information cooperative intelligence insulated gate bipolar transistor (igbt) pulse width modulation (pwm) global warming inventory methane deep learning python teacher quality characteristics organizational performance p-semi simple bcik-algebra design optimization biogas english as a foreign language (efl) lstm arima composite modulus discipline firm performance extraversion mobile payment incentives innovation business participation diagnosis entrepreneurship distance learning state database culture ecology people development decryption encryption cryptography face cosmetic hair cosmetic skin cosmetic cancer-active constituents adaptation uses of calotopris procera treatment review periodic paralyses dichlorphenamide channelopathies acetazolamide andersen-tawil syndrome thermal analysis cooling tower philippines struggles triumphs criminology educators ethno medicine skin diseases medicinal plant centrality wordnet fuzzy log information retrieval warning drivers automotive drowsiness aes algorithm e. coli phyllanthus niruri reform and professionalism internet addiction life satisfaction farmers turnover social media marketing efficiency in marketing mortality severity covid -19 factors influencing ndds advantages novel drug delivary system biometrics strategy mechanism for crypto digital currency cryptocurrency local error accuracy differential equations binder asphalt bituminous mix flexible pavement hot mix technique dbm coal ash e-recruitment process concept of e-recruitment material disclosure green accounting inflation monetary policy domestic income exchange rate service quality and price/cost customer patronage industrial policy industrialization growth 3 point bending test prosthetic feet medicine mis aroyltrifluoroacetylmethane benzoylhydrazone molecular bacillus pullulanase fruits pineapple spoilage health care machine learning simulation combat communication hr radio lan level of anxiety descriptive study solid waste management ngos synthesis rosmarinic acid central nervous system multiple sclerosis aspergillus flavipes potentials biodegradation supercapacitors electric vehicles picture of the dalits in odia poetry feminist voices in odia poetry postmodern aspects exerciser mlle printed module distribution and retrieval resources local government unit ecotourism unexplored beauty nature exclusion internal migration labour pain patterned breathing technique citizens fundamental rights constitution alkaline treatment cnsl resin natural fiber natural composite south nigeria brewing plants production cost quality higher education naac accredited colleges iqac rocking chair mechanism and ratchet and pawl mecha energy generation control power financial power allocation financial governance return on assets corporate performance sustainability reporting fiscal management eu-srip european union victims of land conflict communal land conflict dispute induced homicide land dispute economic well-being backwardness of economic progress weight energy human footstep energy resource enhancement factor absorber plate cfd analysis staff nurse safety measures chemotherapeutic agents solenoid valve embedded programme excavator abc analysis eoq analysis inventory management urban and rural area personal values loan repayment period amount of credit borrowed cost of credit writ and constitution judicially protected personal liberty climate change california wildfires sub modules (sms) modular multilevel converters (m2cs) optimized membership function dstatcom fuzzy logic controller(flc) base rule solid waste segregation r.a. 9003 ecological solid waste management act. o and return on assets environmental cost disclosure dental practice factors brand satisfaction corporate social responsibility (csr) branding organic product oral care product healthcare services word-of-mouth healthcare service research results commercialization technology transfer proactiveness jwara rasaushadhi dwibhuja rasa quality determinants export market fish quality stress management project lagsik school personnel cmc waste paper wheat bran isolation cellulose adolescent anemia personal information laws and regulations electronic commerce data privacy legal regulation data rights and interests e-commerce platform operator privacy protection e-commerce platform obligations consumer rights privacy data board independence board size corporate governance planned teaching programme milk collector financial statement ontology digital technology rewards intensification anti-inflammatory antioxidant phytochemical screening principal component analysis mushroom classification cooperative credit cassava production occupation working women work-family conflict patriotism children consumers purchasing decision sales promotion physical needs satisfaction cooperative membership cooperative societies cooperative performance management committee strength sovereignty wind speed and root mean square error sunshine hours solar radiation market orientation strategic orientation elderly healthcare tele-health peers bitcoins technology stress occupational stress teachers’ self-assessment higher education institution mild steel residual stresses resistance spot welding india’s look/act east policy northeast region informal sector tam first pass effect patient compliance bioavailability jharkhand co2 emission marwari demographics electronic banking perceived risk radiological parameters and legislation and regula natural radiation man-made radiation digital financial services digital financial inclusion fermentation watermelon pawpaw wine enzyme activity cassava fermentation herbal phytochemical and drug discovery rad-gtp ase enzymatic chicken feather o-phenylenediamine 5- benzodiazepines on page and off page optimization need of seo search engine optimization social media privacy strategic leadership maximum power point tracking hybrid simulation photovoltaic generation fpo ipo sebi judicial process in usa grundnorm freedom of liberty low mps poor retention rate practical research 2 learning competencies and unexpected core earnings of big 4 and non-big abnormal production expenditure quality abnormal operating cash flow quality testing methodologies pipeline data driven approach monitoring temperature soiling shading active techniques passive techniques buildings orientation nucleic acid (dna or rna) coronavirus (covid-19) service delivery development centres computing smart cities cloud computing continuous conduction mode bridge boost ac-dc converter about wireless and mobile application ici 182.780 ovariectomized estrogenic receptors pressure pistons aluminum scrap cloud analytics business intelligence data analytics analytical methods vildagliptin metformin hcl buccal drug delivery fast dissolving oral films astavarga gomutra green supply chain management supply chain management soil stabilization dolochar logistics management sustainable warehousing delivery head hydraulic ram pump hydram green house gases catia v5 r21 ansys 33kv/415v underground substation master plan smart village lockdown post pandemic covid 19 rotation outrigger depth couple shear wall core aquaporin 2 (4nef) cae cam and follower evaporation convection conduction science visualization poor families 4ps coping mechanisms faculty members climate change adaptation lcc-hvdc hvdc challenges hvdc transmission stream ordering sub-watershed watershed delineation global financial markets bernoulli vacation interruption working vacation set-up period gi/m/1 fuzzy logic feature extraction cbir spatial domain digital video watermarking watermarking upnaha agnikarma vatakantaka patra pottali sweda manyabasti cervical spondylosis personality traits individual differences the big five attitudes toward aging anxiety detection of plagiarism and plagiarism precaution and elimination of plagiarism planning and policy of plagiarism governance intervention scheme implementation public policy aushadhichikitsa arsha haemorrhoids vata yogaraja guggulu guggulu dnmt1 autodock vina economical administrative assistants record management practices assessment metamaterial lo rcs anova conformation dairy breed natural additives food additives : food preservatives multi-layer neural network multimodal search attitude prevention of covid 19 demonstration on covid-19 training women health problems cyber chain automation pentesting pproline analysis lablab purpureus cucumis sativus high availability cloud-provider cloud services language contact language development cover secret image digital image predictor location home intensive care you only live once (yolo) open computer vision (open cv) atm outcomes of nursing education future practice community-based care political socio-theological streetism bingo game access controls cbphr public service and performance workforce diversity location (x2) service quality (x1) social service information system recommendation system habits angiosperms floristic kathakali costumes type characters atmega8 and lcd display dht22 sri lanka hospitality knowledge etc preventive strategies choice of academic programs personality panchakarma kushtha psoriasis palliative care volunteerism brand trust product quality antiulcer activity hibiscus rosa sinesis online-voting-registration-voter-candidatesadmin prameha kwatha phalathrikadi kashaya knee kinematics /walking /running /male middle age accessibility availability malware organised crime digital compressed earthen block (ced) green haddop sql ns3 ns2 simulator network mvc model cloud artificial neural network artificial intelligence cross-cultural management romi kpi communication population mobile app person the human mind human national tradition customs advice lifestyle management polycystic ovary syndrome skill variety employee performance job design data volume employee resilience big data management secondary schools teaching practices remedial teaching aggression psycho-education female inmates compressive strength partial replacement plastic-sand fire outbreak natural disasters markov chain bricks architecture clay nutritional status nutrition social capital smess implementation of theories language items (vocabulary) instruction rajas satva chemical science atelectasis tracheostomy nosocomial locations different building materials nerv cells behaviours human brain remote learning covid-19 pandemic lane departure detection algorithms approximate computing work envoriment compotence porous concrete or pervious concrete metakaolin ui toolkit flutter fitness data analysis and visualization node js food recognition mri brain tumor segmentation image processing method material female and male factors endocrine infertility system qualification irrigation methods drip irrigation irrigation ability subsidence of loess soils ultrasound ablation prostatic hyperplasia cost of services work performed construction machinery gold-currency currency lending practice investment project media culture semiconducting compound cdse films of anomalous high photovoltage (apv) morals alcohol behavior food problem famine hunger nutrition deficiency international financial institutions asian development bank personal growth professional gdp human capital intellectual property thinking perception financial and economic security of the enterprise enterprise law globalization term grammatical gender sex gender methodology andragogic factor andragogy cardiomyocytes acute myocardial infarction audio text audio material out-of-school material listening skills internet resource english language teaching the impact of the pandemic financial incentives work or labor motivation concept language barriers and risk digitalization digital economy learning methods irrigation regime readily soluble salts phonon mechanism electrical conductivity thermal conductivity polymer matrix dispersed phase fluctuation filler polymer composite material (pcm) heat transfer mechanism the nature of the thermal movement thermophysical properties (tpp) powder cellulose microcrystalline cellulose bukhara and khorezm republics turkestan assr regionalization khiva khanate turkestan province young khiva party physical properties soil classification groundwater people life visual art feel physical education physical culture lesson state educational standard classification fairy tale motif function social services children's literature lexical-semantic and functional features scientific-pedagogical text lymphotropic therapy lymphatic system lymph creative learning debate household finance family household sustainable tourism greek wrestling competitiveness innovative active enterprises employee behaviour organization culture flavonoids parsley petroselinum crispum consumer customer online education e-learning covid19 vapt attack enterprise delisting text information superiority the science and technology innovation board attrition pantawid pamilyang pilipino program renewable energy sources electricity case fatality rate (cfr) small industries tqm recycled aggregate used aggregate concrete distributed ledger even-multiple national culture multi criteria decision making approach tourism workers tourist active voice webinar workshop communicative competence intuitionistic fuzzy transportation problems arduino uno social distancing addiction lifestyle teenagers ocr-easyocr-deep learning-text detection-text reco foreign-language groups russian language teaching semantic analysis phraseology antonym supply chain system blockchain technology hdfc bank sbi bank house asp- application service provider structured teaching module knowledge and practice school pupils kidnapping prognosis clinical triad wernicke encephalopathy water leakage water level menstruation impact paracetamol mitotic index malnutrition android real time application pay structure pay transparency block chain greenhouse affect combustion bio lantern fuzzy media and information literacy skills continuous improvement quality management challenges of iot iot asphalt concrete dust cement range technique fuzzy heptagonal number mortar fayalite slag cardanol obtained plastic research themes research fingerprinting chlorophytum aflp herdsmen farmers conflict carbon dioxide leadership styles reporting officer economic development rural areas cocosnucifera water pollution pashchat karma pradhan karma purva karma chair side tests permeable concrete silica fume incomplete foramen ovale carotid artery syndrome face recognition system military attacks impact strength front bumper high voltage boost converter facial emotion recognition keystroke dynamics mobility responsive modernization education policy covid-19 response model swot analysis quality management system human capital management aqi person with disabilities difficulties rfid reader arduino transfer learning edge detection opencv bisphenol a epoxy resin mixture compost water stress electrification stand-alone photovoltaic nutritional and therapeutic ability inulin polysaccharide portable radio emergency communication big number of yajurveda area of triangle design patterns website ecommerce plant germination medicines significance antibiotics lettuce urban agriculture heat exchanger waste heat recovery secondary school real-time stabilization motion estimation sunyani antenatal care investment hydrochloric acid zinc chloride adequate total viable bacterial count street foods particle size analysis microporous beads microsponge general knowledge neuroticism information and communication competence history national sport kurash hypertension hcq total quality management practices total quality management encumbrances in favor of the state artificial neuron bone cancer piroxicam nanolipid carrier supply network scm urban mass weighing machine for force measurement two blade vawt pupil teacher computer knowledge heat sink blockchains privacy preserving így clostridium difficile motivation and employee performance corporate vitality environmental dynamism logistics activities alternative dispute resolution (adr) leucorrhoea amaranthaceae structured teaching programme index system methodology course corona deaths corona cases fertilizer recommendation crop recommendation keyphrases text mining wind mill vertical axis nanotechnology hazardous kinetics alternative assessment molten salts nanofluids whistle blowing communication-oriented approach level of job satisfaction contextual teaching-learning approach science technology causes survey nutritional plantain flour capital formation deficit financing microcontroller control over the internet teachers sars-cov-2 cubic congruence chip tool face recognition face detection marketers discretionary accruals learning learners development indicators recogonization of text and object for blind people introvert extrovert kindness coronavirus pandemic workers welfare communism bureaucratic capitalism sandhivata laghumashadi taila vahni rasa soft set rough set corporate social responsibility utilize knowledge problem solving ability decision bank loan western desert great sand sea boys’ adjustment indigenous values indigenous knowledge elementary school education social media usage medical students online assessment cuo/di waternanofluids incentive labour system of garrett rating caterer river ecosystem behavioural intention effective constraint the quality of tourist services tourist products coal dust coal mine waste marble powder workability motivation and performance transport problems transport comparison of wind intensity wind load analysis & design jammu & kashmir emotion exhaustion emotional dissonance exemplar components national education policy decision-making processing expert systems transverse shear strength h.f.r.p. optimization transportation elementary teachers teaching competencies money ritual national security skip car blast furnace mains change-over leiomyoma leiomyosarcoma competency self-perceived attitudes functional food pdm (product data management) ethical leadership family motivation decision tree ada boost disclosure of revenue and cost creative accounting age of a bank financial reporting timeliness malaria rice husk ash emotional attitude literary hero cayenne jasmine pink periwinkle systemic approach subject educational activity tales fairy tales competitive personnel continuing education multimedia technology social conditions sociolinguistics spiritual values ecological worldview cognition averages function extremums disk bucket anatomical parameters irradiation language skills interactive methods stratified approach genetics stylistic agent figurative comparison pictograms visual capital psychology resource facial anthropometry anthropometry society thymus lymphocytes mentality national ideology format height folklore spiritual threat idea the khanate of kokand central asia choreographic terminology national color tradition language of maps geographical map socio-psychological training social training encyclopedia dictionary regression equation multifactorial empirical models complex modeling service sector macroeconomic modeling missing teeth interdisciplinary interaction ammonia carbon monoxide formation higher education system republic of uzbekistan digital technologies air traffic control flight safety physico-chemical brain lipid pathogen infectious diseases development economics financial inclusion financial untouchability swabhimaan pmjdy electronics & communication engineering implementation results tdes des
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