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Young Lions CZ 2023 | MEDIA 26

  1. Team 26 for
  2. Children are born with a superpower: optimism. Children bring joy, positivity and simple answers to our seemingly complicated problems.
  3. Eventually some of them will lose it. „Whilst children learn when something good happens, they tend to ignore when things are not as good as they hoped.“ – Medical Research Foundation „Up to 20% of children and adolescents will experience some form of mental illness.“ – NUDZ „There are only 180 child psychologists in the country, and 47% are over 65 years old.“ – Kapka Naděje
  4. Motivating them to choose child psychiatry as their future specialization. Medical students For a real systemic change we have to reach: Creating public discussion and changing perspective on the topic. Raising financial support for modernisation of the mental health care facilities. General public (pretty much everyone) (19-26 y.o.) Not only But also
  5. We let the children solve adult problems with their superpower. How?
  6. …so we all fully understand the importance of protecting it.
  7. Step 1: Creating buzz We leave special notes in places where people are under a lot of stress and pressure. Like office buildings, hospitals, tram stops... and of course schools and medical centres. People find handwritten words of wisdom from children with a link to a mysterious countdown website. No one knows what's going on. But everyone's talking about it. ⏰ 1.-6. 6. 2023 📍Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Plzeň
  8. Step 2: Reveal & media campaign The buzz is real now. We reach as many people as possible through OOH and media coverage. Leading straight to the website. See OOH partnership with Plakátov Earned media & PR partners 7.-21. 6. 2023 Pro bono partnership Prague + medical schools in CR Influencers So-me content & video interviews Famous parents focusing on health and charity ask their children for life advices and open the discussion. Also, Kovy interviews kids in funny and viral way on TikTok. 7.-21. 6. 2023 100 000 CZK Nikol Štíbrová, Tomáš Šebek, Dva tátové Discuss Help Educational and fundraising website in partnership with Cesko.Digital People have to be well informed to take actions. On landing page we can touch both sides, general public and students as well. Launch 6. 6. 2023 Pro bono partnership „What do you like about life?“ „Frogs.“
  9. Raised via microsite for the modernisation of mental health facilities. 10 mil. CZK And the results? Increased consideration to study child psychiatry (e.g. medical students). From 5% to 10%. 100% Reach of people changing the public perception of children's mental health. 800k+
  10. 1 | Insight Kids are naturally optimistic and positive. They see the world in a better light and can help adults to do the same. Unfortunately 1 of 5 children and adolescents will suffer from some form of mental health disorder and lose their unique positive way of seeing the world. 2 | Strategy Children's mental health care is in urgent need of systemic change. There are not enough child psychiatrists and funding is lacking. We will target medical students (19-26 y.o.) and the general public. Our aim is to raise awareness, change perceptions and motivate people to get involved. Either by donating or by studying child psychiatry. 3 | Creative idea We use children's superpower of optimism to solve problems for the target audience, giving them new perspectives and uplifting messages. So that they fully understand the importance of protecting children's mental health. 4 | Media We start with guerrilla activation through sharing children's chalk notes and handwritten letters around major cities and university campuses. Then we unveil a microsite and follow up with OOH, PR, social media and influencers to spread awareness, start conversations and drive engagement. Key visual: